Anyone here consider themselves to be part of the alt-right? I heard from 4chan that 8ch is the new place to be.

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fbi pls kys

fuck all you niggers

i just want the holy land

I'm just trying really really hard not to kill myself every day and the only thing that keeps me going is this board. Politics don't matter when I'm fighting my brain demons.

You need to get right with God son.

the alt right is controlled opposition

more like controleld

yeeeessssss, I think it's very important that we remove all brown people

Here let me help you along.

Don't come back.

sage denied

no, I believe that technology is the best chance we have for a better future. This shit about family, and nationalism aren't the way to a better future, however multiculturalism, and dragging IQ down with welfare and niggers aren't going to be a way for a better future either, and the left is affluence, so I am with you for as long as it takes for us to maintain civilization for us to get this technology to a level, where we can overcome our biology, and make the roles of past truly obsolete.

we can't even make spaceships capable of going to our moon but you suggest defending europa

defend against what?



not really against it, just don't think it should be treated as the sacred thing. Will make it harder to replace once the technology is there.


Not at all, I'm actually quite leftist. I just despise echochambers, and conservatives are much funnier online.

But yeah, Holla Forums is definitely a hub for the "alt-right".

I can never tell if posts like this are b8 or not.

it never ceases me how easily leftists manage to hold two contradictory viewpoints

I'm not quite sure what you mean. Perhaps if you tried making actual arguments, you'd be a little more coherent.

I despise echochambers, because I prefer to not have my own opinions simply reinforced, repackaged and regurgitated. It's not contradictory at all.

technology will not be so important once the collapse happens

and I said, " I will support you for as long as we don't have the technology to maintain civilization without these roles"
however after, you can fuck off


you'll understand when you're older

Very low energy, user

Worst case scenario, jews win and suffocate in their own shit soon thereafter.

to the victor goes the spoils

hahaha free kekistan am i right fellow frogs lol so memed

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I have no affiliation with the alt-kike.