North Korean WarPlans

Apparently North Korea has been thinking of attacking Guam.
You think they'll go through with it? Do you think that this could lead to World War 3?

I don't think it'll be more than a proxy war tbh, with the united states losing because south koreans are weakened (Park situation) and also shitty allies. Our proxy guys aren't good tbh




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To bad that the people of Guam have to suffer based on the United States stupidity.

If I were the proxy president of Guam I would secede to save my own arse, people and island country.

If the people of Guam don't realize this then they are fools.

Either that or the US will deploy anti ballistic missiles to the country

No, they haven't been. They say that so they can look strong when they just lost 1/3 of their export economy to sanctions.

No. Besides, do you know how small Guam is? It's doubtful they could even hit it.

Many of their missiles go off course or just fail on the launchpad.

No. China will not go to war with the US for North Korea.

This isn't the first time NK has threatened to attack guam. This is probably nothing more than the typical NK posturing we've been dealing with for many years.

At this point, the biggest concern is whether our volitile, manbaby of a president takes the b8. You know he's itching for an opportunity to flex military muscle and show everyone what a big tuff guy he is–it would also probably give his approval ratings a boost.

kek there's nothing in NK worth controlling. What little wealth there is goes straight to the Dear Leaders wallet. This is some meta level shilling.

Oh come the fuck on. You know what else is free of Jewish influence? Random fucking African villages in the middle of nowhere. But if random African villagers waged nuclear war with us, they'd be gone, it doesn't matter.

If that's his motivation, he'll wait until 2020 when it becomes clear that he will lose reelection.

Or possibly earlier if the Democrats sweep Congress in the midterm elections and it looks like he's close to impeachment.

all africa is controlled by jews

No, I mean literally, in an unexplored rainforest that no fucking airplane has even bothered to fly over. The MIDDLE of nowhere.
That's North Korea. Jews don't care because there's no money there, no prosperity, no national pride. Why install Judaism in a country that already has a worse religion?

How convient, truly NK is just crazy, and this is in no way US gov fuckery

north korea has more national pride and culture then almost all of europe

Yeah, because they're arrested and put into concentration camps if they don't.

jewish lies tbh

In the media. Which, granted, is pretty cool, I'll give you that.
99% of the population is either being shoa'd, or is subject to the closest thing the modern world has to slavery. While Nazi Germany was butter and guns, North Korea is literally just nukes and nothing else.

Yes, must be Jooz. Couldn't possibly be the fact that key US allies in the region are constantly threatened by them. Couldn't possibly be their abhorrent human rights violations. Couldn't be their pathological hatred for the US. Nope… Jooz.

This is barely worth a response, but I'd suggest doing a bit more research on the subject… or you could just blame Jooz.

Join the (((world bank))) or die Kimmy

Nukes aren't even an offensive threat, they're defensive. That's why the government chimps out about them, it makes invasion a lot more complicated.

ive already done my research ulike you that you just trust the (((media)))


Well, first of all, read the statements, they ARE strictly offensive threats.
But I do get what you're saying. Russia says the same shit honestly, about how bases are always creeping closer. Difference being that Russia quietly moved troops without making noise, and North Korea does nothing but publicly state "look at us the wrong way and we'll kill you"

Nope. It's just silly sabre-rattling and tub-thumping for domestic consumption, a means for Kim to show the NK people, and those of his generals who might be entertaining the notion of ousting him, how tough he is.

The only time it ever leads to anything is when those who the sabres are being rattled at pretend to take it seriously for their own cynical reasons.

Yeah, I trust the numerous documentaries that have shown their fascist propaganda tactics, and the detailed accounts by NK defectors, and the satellite images of the labor camps, and the US citizens who've been held captive for highly dubious "crimes against the state".

But no, you're probably right… Joozandstuff.

They're economically isolated because they've been ruled by insane God-figure dictators for many years.

Well no, they are defensive due to MAD. You launch so much as an irradiated bottle rocket at a city and your ass is glass. No government is going to choose to launch the first nuke unless they know they can't be nuked back.

And at least Russia stays in it's own sandbox. America feels the needs to autisticaly throw bases everywhere "but we're not an empire or anything because muh democracy".


…so if North Korea wasn't aggressive, wouldn't they just, I dunno, LEAK reports of their nuclear program? Why would they threaten everything that moves when the fact that they POSSES nukes is the only threat they need?

No, I fell for the "North Koreans are literally brainwashed by some of the most intense propaganda the world has ever seen fact."

Anyway, you're not worth any more of my time. Bye.

Jacking off to stupid bullshit on youtube and believing every word of it without question while ignoring any fact and reasoning that contradicts your delusional worldview does not constitute research you fucking mongoloid.

What rock are you living under? America doesn't go a day without it being discussed on TV how we're gonna overthrow/subert Iran/Russia/Syria/NK.

Guam has one of the US's 2 biggest navy bases in that hemisphere along with Diego Garcia. No way the US gives up their foothold in Guam.