Is female pedophilia really that bad?

Am I the only one here who doesn't have a problem with straight female pedophile that only like younger boys? I remember being 10 years old and I wanted to get molested by a sexy older women.

Here's the thing, I don't see female pedophiles as being bad like lesbian or male pedophiles mainly because female pedophiles don't harm boys since the female pedophile is the one getting penetrated by the younger male and I would imagine she would be rather more nurturing and caring and somewhat motherly to the boy.

I think it's wrong if a man or a lesbian are pedophiles because with a man fucking a younger person he could prolapse a younger person rectum and cause death and most girls and especially boys are not okay with this and lesbian are abusive as fuck so I have no problem with them being lynched or sent to a brazen bull and burned to death.

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what if the boy doesn't like it tho

Fucking retard

Well here's the thing, most boys hit puberty at least around 10 to 13 and their hormones and sex cells are released making them proclitive to sexual activity such as masturbating, I would assume that boys would naturally accept or at incline a sexual offer from a sexy older woman. A boy who denies sex with older women is most likely a faggot.

What if the boy is openly a faggot and doesn't like it tho

Wanting to be ruled over by a woman makes you gay. Female pedophiles are pathetic because they admit they can't get a man

Boys aren't faggots unless they've been abused their whole childhood

That's the unfortunate part and yes there are boys that are like this. Luckily most boys aren't like this and boys that become faggots that don't want to get older pussy I presume are the result of poor parenting.

I had that fantasy too.


It's not gay. Also Why should a guy have to be a fucking hulk Hogan or marine soldier looking mother fucker who is in his 30's getting that pussy when a 12 year old boy can get older pussy as well? I don't think it's even healthy for men to be masculine or let have an aggressive toxic masculine attitude that makes the stereotype of a meat head. At least with small and nikble not getting molested by older women, the female pedophile doesn't have to worry about getting cheated on or abused or anything she can just treat her boy boyfriend as a sort of some she can be partners.

Sexy is only in the eyes of the beholder

>>>Holla Forums

Wanting to be controlled by a woman absolutely does make you gay. Female pedophiles aren't looking for boyfriends, they're looking for victims

They aren't though, if they were they would already have a man

So would you rather a female get with an older Chad meat head with a body like a marine soldier that can abuse the shit out of her? That's how it is in Muslim countries.

Women don't need men, women need boys.

The only reason you think female pedophiles are okay is because you were raised in the perspective of a boy and understand that you would have consented to an older woman fucking you at that age.
Just like If you were a woman raised in the perspective of a girl who wanted an older man to fuck them then you'd be okay with male pedophiles.
Or if you're a faggot like milo yiannopoulos raised in the perspective of a gay boy who wanted their pastor to fuck them in the ass you would be okay with gay pedophiles.
If you'd look outside your own perspective you'd see that the only thing that really matters is consent.

But if a man fucking a little girl runs a severe risk of aggressiveness that can cause her to have injuries or prolapse and possibly die, same thing with pederasts. A female straight pedophile cannot hurt a boy sexually unless she was a quarter ton.

Wrong. I remember being 12 and jacking off to older guys molesting me. Somehow I made it out of Catholic school and church without getting molested. I like to think that my life would have panned out better if I had gotten molested. Maybe if that cute Vietnamese twink priest had made a move on me I'd be in Berkley or MIT right now instead of in my mom's basement.

You would've had your asshole potentially pink socked

No one cares about faggots since they need to hang

You've just described a fantasy that has no basis in reality, aside from Muslim countries of course. Seriously, who let you out of >>>/tumblr/
I guess you're the sort who thinks women should rule the world. The fact is that women are even worse at being in charge than they think men are

Not from a Vietnamese priest. Maybe if I had went to Southern Baptist black church.

Theres a significant risk of getting an incurable sexually transmitted disease any time you have sex with someone, does that mean we should make having sex illegal because theres a risk involved?
No you idiot because theres plenty of ways to avoid that risk, just like theres plenty of ways to have sex without harming someone physically.

Same-sex "parents" detected


Nope. Retired military man and a housewife.

Although I'll give you that he was an asshole when I was growing up and she was and is overbearing.

A man can't be a housewife faggot

But most women and I'd presume most if not all straight female pedophiles don't have sexually trasnmitted diseases.

A grown man cock is huge and sticking that into a child's pussy or asshole is painful and hazardous and can prolapse.

So was correct then if you aren't just lying on the internet

Irrelevant and pulled straight out of your ass
Only without preparation, anyone trying to lose their anal virginity and not preparing for it are going to be physically injured if their partner just goes balls deep on them right away, yet sodomy is still legal because its a risk that can be averted with proper preparation.

Is this your only argument?

How the fuck do you prepare to stick in your dick in a tiny and underdeveloped anal or vaginal hole without causing intense pain?

Building up to the size and girth of your partners dick with smaller things. The same way anyone prepares for having anal sex for the first time.
Vaginas are even better equipped for this since they're actually made to be fucked, thats why if your partner has a loose vagina you can guarantee they've been with someone that has a dick bigger than yours.

stop having double-standard. I wanna fuck 10yo girls too

Don't expect that to become as acceptable as a female pedophile, ever.

But the asshole is not a sex organ, it is not made for insertion.

Even if her tiny vagina can take a grown man cock, the man is still more likely to be aggressive to her since males are naturally more aggressive and violent.

Is your dream world a world in which its illegal for men to have sex with anyone?

time t eliminate all, who disagree, then

Female pedos are never acceptable

Nice bias there Tumblr

I would prefer it if men were more smaller and nimbler like in Japan and weren't as aggressive as they are now as you see in the middle East and Africa and Latin America where they aren't doing anything productive. I'd also prefer it if men only fucked women older than them.

I don't give about 3DPD. 3DPD don't give a shit about you, either. All they care about is what you can do for them. The Chad meat head that treats them like the shit they are CAN do more for them, can the keyword there then you can, that is why they will always do for them.

I don't give a shit about*

Not unless people simply realize that a woman doesn't have an appendage to hurt a boy with.

Well then I must first the first time understand Tumblr then.

Then why do women lead in abusing children physically?

I'm glad your fetishes and jealousy don't dictate reality.

That's only mother's that physically abuse *their children

Used-up roastie detected

Or step mothers that physically abuse their partners children, or babysitters and teachers that physically abuse strangers children.
Doesn't matter really, the point is women are more physically abusive to children than men are and just because you don't have a big dick to stir up a childs insides with doesn't mean you're all perfectly harmless womyn who dindu nuffin.

But those abuses aren't sexual in nature

I would like women to make a virus, that turns men into little docile boys, and 3DPD into attractive super humans, with a burning desire to find one mate to love, and take care of.
also the birth rate will be 5 females to every male.


get out of here with your microdick

The least convincing part of that post is that women would make it.

Oh great, it's this faggot. Wanting to be ruled by women makes you gay, there's no two ways about it

okay, beta males make it.

it isn't 3DPD as they are shit, and useless and the birth rate will make up for male disposablely

You are an embarrassment. Neck yourself as soon as possible


As a 16 year old I don't understand why I can have sex with a 22 year old qt


Because you are an attention seeking faggot. Wanting to be ruled by women makes you gay

shiggy my niggy

if going by Rome's rules, I guess

younger males using older 3DPD for money isn't that uncommon

It's not painful or uncomfortable

/ss/ is just another form of giantess fetish

Much more uncommon when compared to younger girls using older men for money thats for sure.

Last time I checked being beaten by an authority figure is painful and uncomfortable regardless of what genitals they have.

I actually would love that kind of world.

yeah, but be warned. Men do it because they want to fuck young 3DPD, 3DPD do it because they want power over the male they are dating

But American law defines a grown woman molesting a young boy as sexual abuse when neither are getting hurt.

/ss/ is garbage

So you're a faggot as well then?

Same with a grown man molesting a young girl when neither are getting hurt, what is your point?

But I'm pretty sure a grown man dick going into a little girls pussy would cause pain, if I remember correctly didn't muhammeds 9 year old wife coming about the sex she received from that fucking warlord pedophile?

Most girls my age aren't waifu material at all, it's why I'm prone to getting super extended oneitis really easily.


What if she ogre beast and likes putting her fingers in yo boys butts?

No? Girls can have been known to safely take vaginal sex at the age of 9


That's not a sexual activity, I would consider that to be abuse.

Then maybe guys like Muhammed probably had micro dicks

See I'm against that, the only asshole that should get played with is a woman's asshole because grown women are meant to be penetrated.

yes it is. i began masturbating at the age of 3. bad.

they don't even a prostate tho

So what? They're still tight

Thus ends another shitty thread on Holla Forums

I think it should go both ways

No, only the boy should be penetrating and only the female should be penetrated.

Your opinion has its roots in a long since debunked ideal that naturally women are compassionate and harmless in nature and even in severe cases such as rape it is just gentle penetration.

I assure you that women are neither inherently compassionate or harmless, just because they have a different way of manifesting malevolence due to their inferiority doesn't mean that no form exists at all. There have been cases in which women have beat, burned, drown, tortured, disfigured, gored, and killed their rape victims. The rape itself is often not gentle, either. There have been instances in which the usage of drugs such as viagra are involved to forcibly give an erection, a victim can be strangled, cut, bruised, etc. as it is happening. If the rapist is not searching for the boys penis in order to satisfy her, she may look towards brutal and sometimes deadly instances of sodomy.

If you truly believe that women raping boys is some gentle process in which the victims health is somehow taken into consideration, you must be the biggest fucking idiot on this board if not the most apparent submissive drone cuck i've seen in a very long time.

If a teen high-schooler female pedophile is only interested in boys of an age group that has not developed feelings of sexual attraction yet, such as 4-10 years old, has gained access to the boy by being his babysitter, and is not interested in the boy's butt, and is in fact, interested in being dominated by the boy during sex, which she'd have to teach him to do, given his age range, would it then be considered child abuse or rape?

On one hand, the boy is not sexually interested in the opposite sex,and does not know what is going on, making it rape.

On the other hand, the boy is unlikely to be physically harmed, given that his ass is safe from her fingers or tongue, and again, he does not know what is going on, instead seeing it as a "game" proposed by his babysitter, but then you'd also ave to factor in all the things she'd ave to do to make sure he keeps the "game" a secret (maybe bribery?).

but the shota has a prostate she can simulate

Nobody is trying to justify rape though.

Prostates aren't meant to be stimulated and the asshole is not meant to be penetrated.

I could assure you that most straight and nimble boys would enjoy getting raped by an older woman as long as she doesn't stick anything up their asses.

but that means the 3DPD's ass is off limits too

Well all rape is is just sex you didn't agree to, you could still enjoy the action and love every second of it.

Okay I stand corrected someone is retarded enough to try and justify rape my mistake.

What is it then? There is a very good reason why we call sexual pedophilic activity rape, because more often then not it has nothing to do with consent on part of the boy or child, but the manipulation of the individual capable of understanding the inability for children to comprehend the consequences of said action. Its not exactly like a 12 year old or younger can forcibly fight off a pedophile either, in most instances at least. Children can often be intimidated into saying it was consensual too.

Someone already said this, but it needs to be restated. A pedophile is not looking for a romantic relationship with these children with their well being involved. They are looking for a victim to toy with for sexual gratification. What do we call that? Rape.

Spoken like someone whos drank the koolaid, why don't you tell me about your knowledge of the wacky tobacky that you learned from watching reefer madness next?

No, they aren't. You are now just trying to hypersexualize post pubescent boys, painting them as these wild sex machines that would totally not mind getting pinned down forcibly by an aggressive woman they dont know. Its like when sluts have fantasies about being raped, a fantasy and reality are two extremely different things, something that is lost upon the pedophiles and you.

In fact, you only serve to prove my point. The women who partake in this horrid act think just as you do. These boys are horny and want to be fucked, throw everything else about them such as their mental health, confidence, experience, etc. out the window. You look at post pubescent boys like cocks with legs, too much so that it makes me wonder where your morals stand and your value of other people.

In fact, i'm suspicious of your intention on this board.


Says the person who uses reefer madness tier propaganda like its an argument.
Kindly go fuck yourself.

Why dont you stop acting like an overgrown manchild that just had his pathetic obsession with children which he made a statement of his life and personality demolished. Keep running around telling yourself that you have nothing to feel guilty for and that children who are still developing mentally are just as capable of making sexual decisions as a grown adult.

I was a young boy once and all I was thinking about was cream pieing into an older woman pussy. Why do you think alot of pre teen boys go on porn hub and shit? Because they want to fuck older women who are the porn actresses, same thing with me I wanted to lose my virginity with an older woman. It's nature.

Until you prove otherwise I will, thanks.



It is because sex is kept a secret from children that they could be abused. Child abusers are kept secret. Rape is kept secret. As simple as that.

You are not every man on the planet

this shit again


Wow its almost like propaganda tries to reshape what you think reality is to the point where you can't tell whats real and whats not anymore and just have to put faith in the propagandists to tell you the truth or something, weird.
I'm sure all the people who believed reefer madness reflected reality were just as steadfast in their objection to smoking weed as you are to having sex with someone under 18.


There is precedent.

Nope women r cool and little boys are great for women to fuck your dum

Then we should have the state pay child support


The burden of proof isnt on me you moronic imbecile, Im not the one that made the claim that goes against a great deal of research suggesting that everything you said is false. That job is on you to thoroughly debunk what the majority of people have already agreed is true proven through hard evidence. Which I guarantee to a 100 percentile that you have not a shred of evidence that goes against the status quo. Unless you start pulling vague and awfully constructed anecdotals out of your ass that I can probably destroy within a short amount of time

Ok, taht actually makes sense. I support woman on child sex now.

I'm not pedo but this "research" is more controversial than Gamergate journalistic coverage.

Why do you keep going back to reefer madness? Is that your only argument?

You mean taxpayers should pay for a stupid woman's decisions. Once upon a time bastards could be put down and their mothers were forced into prostitution

If theres solid research and everyones in agreement then why is the age of consent different country to country to the point where all I have to do is cross the mexican border and I can legally have sex with girls 6 years younger than I can legally have sex with on the other side?
Its almost like there is no research and there is no agreement and its all completely fucking arbitrary.

Dude, give up women won. You are second class citizen now.

I keep going back to reefer madness because its the perfect example of the same type of propaganda thats used against pedophiles today.

Can it get any worse than this anons.

Women mature at different rates depending on which country or state they are in. In Mexico girls brains are ready to comprehend sex by 12, that's why they have a lower aoc law.

You know, on some level I agree with this. We have the wage gape "studies" as proof. However, I strongly doubt that with as much research has gone into this unreasonable question that its all just some big lie. If your comment didn't smell of the flat earther rebuttal which is to question the validity of the evidence without outright proving it wrong, i'd say you are one of the only thinking people here

Is that supposed to be a joke? Don't tell me you're serious.

Smells like a joke to me

What about pro-pedo propaganda, how do you explain that?

This article used to be way bigger. I guess you can't trust wiki these days.

Its not "pro-pedo propaganda" its just the truth.
Pedophiles actually are just people like you and me that need help, they aren't sadistic savages that abduct and rape kids purely because they feel like getting their dick wet without a care for the childs wellbeing.
The latter is what the propaganda would have to believe, the former is the reality of the situation.

A simple google search will tell you that in mexico although the age of consent is twelve, sex can be prosecutable upwards of 18 years of age. You aren't even trying to look for truth here or an honest answer to tbe question, you are throwing shit at the wall to see what validates your mindset and helps you not feel guilty.

You failed to take into account that in places like mexico there is a traditional and cultural justification for such things. Girls are married off young under the supervision of the parents, they are also catholics and have ideals about sex and its purpose. You want to argue the cultural traditions of a country versus verified facts? We can, but you need to first acknowledge that you are arguing the validity of superstition versus what has been tested.

In case that flew over your head, just because some shithole says it ok doesn't make it accurate or right.

Don't worry, I know just how to help you

Read the wiki article I linked. A result from giant 58 study metastudy concluded:
"The results of the meta-analysis indicated that college students who had experienced CSA were slightly less well-adjusted compared to other students who had not experienced CSA, but that family environment was a significant confound that may be responsible for the association between CSA and harm. Intense, pervasive harm and long-term maladjustment were due to confounding variables in most studies rather than to the sexual abuse itself (though exceptions were noted for abuse accompanied by force or incest)".

If it was a verified fact that having sex under a certain age is harmful then the age of consent around the world would be that age.
There is no verified facts for what age you have to be to consent to sex because there is no set age, its all arbitrary.
Using your own logic, just because the shithole you were raised in taught you that having sex with someone under 18 is haram doesn't make it accurate or right and you have yet to show why your country got it right and every other country has it wrong.

"Numerous studies and professional clinical experience in the field of psychology, both before and after Rind et al.'s publications, have long supported the stance that children cannot consent to sexual activity and that child and adolescent sexual abuse cause harm. "

Its literally in the the wiki article. Just because a controversy happened doesn't mean that what was revealed is incorrect, people still say that the hillary clinton email bullshit was a Russian government plot, it doesnt take away from the fact that Hillary is a proven shady and perhaps criminal cunt.

I can't comprehend your post. Do you support the findings of the study or not? Read further. A subsequent study was made with the intend to disprove the first one. even those biased researchers largely found the same results.

Naturally, teens that have reached puberty are good for sex. You talk about KIDS though, < 10-13 years of age. That is not naturally. It is twisted and sick. No exceptions, not even if you have a vagina. You know what female on male rape is like? They hold a knife or gun to your throat or head, telling you to pull your pants down and pop a boner. They might have some viagra they force you to ingest, might not and just do it the hard way. ONCE YOU GET A BONER, they try to make you keep it. Some girls even stick pencils in your dick so you can't get soft. They don't care if it stabs anything important. They ride you, get off, and then they either kill you or knock you out and dump you somewhere. A lot of women don't rape men because men literally chase them around, all they have to do is undress to get some dick. But some of the more sick ones like a fight, so this is what they do. If you're dense enough to say that these women should be trusted with kids, i hope you get what you ask for and either you get raped or your shitty fantasy fucks you over, faggot.

You aren't very good at arguing buddy.

We can say that what we are doing is right versus what other countries say is wrong because we have psychological data obtained through study and testing shit before sayings its true.


That is not rape that is torture shit

You're not grasping the bigger picture that whenever a study that disagrees with the already established notion that children cannot consent and sex is objectively harmful to them pops up it gets buried and never sees the light of day.
They're actively trying to stifle any evidence to the contrary while holding up any study that agrees with them as gospel truth no matter how flawed it is.
What about these numerous studies that show the western view is completely full of shit and when taken out of a society that shames you for having sex "too young" the harm magically disappears almost like its societies shaming that causes the harm and not that sex is inherently harmful.
Have fun skimming the first few lines before giving up and continuing to believe the same line of shit while still claiming theres no evidence to the contrary.

I want this feministic cuck.

The study that suggested that CSA causes both short and long term mental health issues along with the supporting studies that came after the controversy is agreed upon to be fact. This is the point I have been arguing, yes.

Thanks for covering the fact that rape is bad, hear that guys, rape is bad okay?
I don't think you guys understand, RAPE IS BAD.


yeah, it would be nice.

You know who else can rape people? Men.
You know whos stronger than women? Men.
You know who I still trust to have sex with women even though they have the capability to rape them?
Go on take a guess.

Men aren't allowed sex with kids though. Men aren't allowed near kids though.

Which one is that? I looked in the wiki and your quote is in relation to several letters to congress not actual studies.

So? What justification is there to allow men to have sex with women that can't also be used to have sex with children?

Society keeps sex secret from children. Which is why they are easy prey. This is ofcoarse absolute bullshit but it is how it is and I don't see society changing any way soon.

Jokes aside, you're a gynocentric cuck.

If female pedophilia happens then the kid will grow up to be a male pedophile. Such is the way of fetishes.

Or maybe he would love 40 years older women(grannies)? Yeah, nah, you're retarded.

So according to you the reason kids are easier to rape compared to women is because society keeps them in the dark about sex, so don't you think the wisest course of action would be to stop thinking of children as being incapable of understanding sex and just educate them about it instead of waiting until they're already impregnating eachother to tell them what they're doing?

Absolutely. I'm just realistic and don't see this happening. Especially noting that keeping kinds in the dark is a worldwide phenomenon except for some remote tribes.

Nah, I'd make a counter-virus that makes men even bigger and stronger and turns them into neanderthals who are completely immune to xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens and produce their own steroids naturally, so that a ton of men become a bunch of terrifying monsters who could rip your head off in seconds. This can also turn little boys into scary men too.

Now what are you gonna do?

Not even gonna touch it. Not going to waste my time on some bullshit. You know why? I assure you that there is plenty of shit that YOU wont read that disproves everything those two links have to offer. So what is the point in going in circles arguing with fucking idiots. Don't get me wrong, I can sit here, examine that clickbait level bullshit word for word, and you will still be wrong. I've frankly tired of arguing facts against skeptical paranoia, im sorry.

There isnt just one study!po=61.9403

Link provided, thats just an overview. Also many sources at the bottom if you are actually interested, which I don't expect you to be if i've learned from having these types of arguments.

your brain will be too small for you to smart enough to make that counter-virus, and you aren't going to be free to do whatever, now that women would have to protect men, keep them subservient, and happy

Why don't you see it happening? If anything its more likely to happen now than ever when you consider the internet.
Kids can just go online and educate themselves about sex instead of having to rely on their prudish parents and schools to do so.
Hell these days most of the child pornography produced is by the children themselves thanks to the internet.

You say you're arguing facts against skeptical paranoia and then the second you're shown some facts you run away like a bitch without even giving it a glance.
The strength of your side of the argument is self evident.

Too bad, I'll inject myself with steroids and other men with steroids, and then hold a bunch of women captive, and then force them to make the counter-virus or else die. I'll be free to do whatever due to the fact that no woman can touch me without getting a blow to the face.


The day that happens is the same day humanity fucking dies out.

Penetration is a heteronormative meme. Most pedophiles aren't particularly interested in penetration, and those who are typically defer it for the benefit of the younger partner.

Then it would be rape. Rape is bad.

Girls also reach puberty around this age. Can you think of a reason they wouldn't be similarly inclined to seek out sex? I'm assuming you're OP, sorry if my samefag detector is miscalibrated.

While this is normally a horribly flawed argument, in this case it's actually sort of true. Female sexuality is more fluid than male, so women can be attracted to nearly anything depending on the availability of mates

First, abuse has nothing to do with it. Second, just because they're gay doesn't mean they can't enjoy sexual activity with a woman. This is before the age at which sexual imprinting is finalized, so beys are more open to other partners. This is actually kind of a big deal for pedophiles.

In general, most (male) boy lovers understand than the boys they love are more often than not destined to become heterosexual, so they're more willing to let their young lovers go. Meanwhile, girl lovers tend to assume that their relationship will roll over into an adult relationship, which is how we end up with child marriage. This often causes problems when the girl grows up and becomes exposed to a much larger pool of potential mates.

You know what I'm actually going to study your link. Just to have the moral high ground.

okay, so you have the IQ of a 10 year old, are hyper emotional due the the virus and the steroids, and you are up against super humans with super human strength and intelligence, and you think you can beat them.

you wouldn't have an old person's face, guys aren't have any options besides submitting and being taken care of, and the birth rates and women being super humans is to take care of males being slaves, and gynocentrism

Y'know, i'm not a fan of "submitting" to the most inferior sex. In Roman times, eating pussy was gayer than fucking men. Women will have no power if these 40 yo boys just go gay. Even superhuman roasties can be replaced.

they are the inferior sex now, but I was talking about a virus that would make that not the case.

Your link does nothing but establish prevalence of CSA. It does not address harm.

Don't lie to me, Satan. Even if men become smaller and weaker than women, we will still continue to excel in STEM fields, be less prone to betrayal, and tend to put facts before feelings.

Its not like those studies will do anything but teach you that rape is bad anyway.
Wow they interviewed a bunch of people who were victims of rape when they were younger and it turns out that they're fucked up mentally and physically because of it, who would have thought that rape is bad?

Was going to type this but there is a table with adverse effects and right now I'm going through the the specific references. Until now 1 behind paywall. 2 I couldn't find. Right now reading the indian study but found no stats on the subject, perhaps it was mentioned somewhere(it's not in chapters or tables) but there's no way I'm reading the whole 200 page study.

Superior also means smarter. I mean, I am already changing their brain to make them caring and motherly to their husband, might as well make them all have IQs of 200+

It's table 3, but the problem here is it lumps together all age groups, all cultures, and all degrees of consent.

IQ doesn't mean shit when your unable to act on it. Throw the smartest man ever in the middle of nowhere with nature up against him. Will he be able to defeat a bear?

Also, what happens if a boy infects himself with the woman virus and turns himself into a big-ass woman? What if he becomes one of the ladies and then uses her high IQ to make the counter virus?

So he might have a point. I found this study from one of the references which quotes a shitton of other studies. The rabbit hole goes very deep. This would take me weeks.

Nice try, femanon. No sane person will buy this retarded double-standard. You should be interested in men, not boys.


maybe, I just said that women won't be the hyper-feeling retards that they are now.
the virus makes men submissive shotas, it males 3DPD into super human women with a momdom fetish

What if in a planet not too far away, the opposite happened? Then one day the superhuman women and men met eachother?

Then he is probably an homo, and that's bad.
Also, here's the thing, what if he wanted to do it but after doing it he doesn't like it? It's important to difference those because if he wanted to do it then it's not rape, no matter what he thinks about it later.

Then it's rape.

That's retarded. It might be a sign of weakness but it's not literally gay. Get your shit together. Also, an adult woman fucking you wouldn't be different than having a female tutor or teacher, she is most probably teaching you while, maybe,not giving a shit about you. Nothing wrong with that.

I know that female pedos, while not feeling anything with penetration, still do it for the fuck of it. As long as it doesn't damage any party there's nothing wrong with that either.

Sounds a lot like svartalfir

pretty sure nothing would come it. The women would like males that are weak, and blank-minded, and the males would like females that are subservient.

Sure, because those women have internalized social norms and they're getting off on the idea of having sex with a child more than the sex itself. That's not actually pedophilia, that's child fetishism. The difference is status of the child as a sexual object to a fetishist, compared to a sexual subject to a pedophile. As I noted earlier, true pedophilia is rare in women, because their sexual preferences are dependent on their environment instead of becoming rigid during puberty as with men.

They're dead, get over it. Take your degeneracy elsewhere, like a gallows or electric chair

You're pathetic, not even worthy of being called a man, but you already know this. Why else would you want to be a second-class citizen to women?

What if a pro-masculine culture of women arose, similar to modern-day feminism except for men? What if they brought back men?

These faggots are already at the lowest. They are weak numales who wish other men were at their level too.

This would be a great post to use in a game of "tumblr or Holla Forums".

You are a raging closet homo

the males would be dumb, weak, and submissive by nature, and would depend on the females, but to go ever further, the females would give addictive breast milk that also had all the nutrients a male would need.

I don't think any male would have been on this level ever. Given that females are the inferior sex, and are hypergamous to boot, so they wouldn't and couldn't do this for any male.

This is probably more common than most ppl think.

You're already dumb, weak and submissive. Why should the rest of us be like you?

Says the faggot so far gone that he thinks everyone is gay

wasn't talking to you, faggot.
I misquoted

You can answer the question anyway.

well, I don't want men to have to be disposable utilities anymore, plus I have a fetish, and I don't want tards, like you, fucking it up because muh manhood

For sure. 83+% of convicted child molesters show a greater level of sexual arousal to adults than to children. Pedophiles are actually slightly less likely to commit sex offences against children than non-pedophiles.

I still can't believe the character designer for Kanokon, Ladies Vs. Butlers, and Maken Ki! finally did a hardcore hentai. I would have thought this would have generated more buzz but this is the one of the first threads I have seen even referencing it and it's full of Holla Forums shit goddammit.


Wikipedia is full of shit and academia is just a bunch of political shills at this point. Anyone who followed GamerGate saw the bullshit that happened with feminists controlling the GamerGate Wikipedia article.

Too bad they made it /ss/. /ss/ is garbage which tends to attract those with shit taste

Hey Fug, what's poppin?
All of Wikipedia is a battleground between one side and the other, except for articles on pedophilia, which are a battleground between one side and slightly more moderate proponents of the same side.

hahahahahahah lol what the fuck how does anyone believe anything they say what a fucking joke

A grown man having sex with a little girl is fine.
A grown woman having sex with a little boy is not okay, doesn't get any more simple

Women are similar, but they still managed to get a lot of social power anyway. Couldn't the same be true for the males, which are pretty much just like females but weaker now? Because in a scenario like this, women would become the new men, only a bit weaker and softer and with a vagina.

What the actual fuck


no, the system we have now has come about due to our biology, and the system is set to use males being disposable, under this system neither gender would be disposable, and women would be able to do all the things that keep civilization running with ease due to being super humans.

Nobody in here should be surprised at this. The academic community in the US has been censoring people who tell the truth for decades, so why would Wikipedia be any different? Many of the editors on these articles are those same feminist academics. This is the same academic community that gave us social justice and all the idiocy that involves. It's about time someone went after academia in earnest, like on the scale of GamerGate going after the media and all the anti-media sentiment that followed. Somebody needs to take down those fucking hack frauds for all their lies.

Jordan Peterson is doing this RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

That just makes them even more disposable. Who the hell is gonna keep things running, the now weak and useless males or the able females?

that is what the birth rate is for. 1 male for every 5 females should be enough. Maybe males can be adopt a male, and he can be cared for everyone in the family.
as I said the now super human females will be more then able to keep civilization running with little risk to themselves.


I like women and I actually don't believe is equal treatment so it's ok for them to fuck kids as a method of teaching unlike men.

There is literally NOTHING wrong with it





Someone who remembers his name can post it

you might think its hot I do too
but it produces men who become deranged like Dazai Osamu and Lord Byron
both of them got molested by their maids when they were boys

A man can be attracted to a FERTILE young girl, one that will be expected to bear his children and help maintain his home. The expectation for the man is that in exchange for taking the girl as his own, he will provide for her, protect her, and by extension do so for their children. But a woman cannot do that with a young boy, because there exists no way for the boy to provide for the woman. It is rank gratification, a perversion of ideal sexual union. For this reason, the taboo may be a turn-on in fantasy or in sexual roleplay, but in reality it is unwise.

this stop treating whores like they are not just as sex driven because of some deep seeded "woman are ladies angels and proper" They are just as lusty up as boys at that age.


Yeah it's bad because, like adoption, it screws with a kid's mind and they have issues when they get older and piss a lot of people off/become gay/torture their own children.


You're still fucked up roastie

It does, but that does not change my view. Recreational sex is an abomination, a mistake in the culture that prizes cummies and free love over fulfillment and long-term commitments to the imperative. Young children should have no part in that culture, and adults should be weaned off of it and brought into the real world.

Can't there be both?


nope, not with our current biology



They are the antithesis of each other, they cannot coexist together. They can only exist together in fantasy, because reality is so much messier and corrupt.

Which brings me back to one of my original points: there is a sharp divide between what is WANTED and what is BEST. What is best is what has worked for centuries and spawned the greatest forces of human civilization in our known history: long-term, carefully selected partnerships between a man and a woman of breeding age and high genetic stock. Sexuality is also ultimately about legacy and furthering it as far as it can for what limited time we have on this Earth before we go to…wherever we go. We can spend that time chasing the orgasmic dragons, or we can settle into a peace and attempt to make the best marks that we can.

Perhaps in the future we will have a means of bridging the two worlds, but for now it cannot be done, there are problems that need to be fixed first.

Those aren't traps user, they don't have tits and aren't mentally ill (except maybe the 3d in the gif i don't know him). They're just guys. Also you have a habit of replying multiple timea to old posts, stop it. Gays are the future whether you like it or not /ss/ fetishist


Same post

"Then it's rape rape is bad" same thing
I can't see anything resembling eachother aside from those four posts. Honestly can't be bothered to argue about something so unimportant as repeat posts though.

At that point, females would be men with vaginas and males would be lolis with cocks.

I don't understand why women would want tiny dicks that can't even produce any cum when adult dicks hits all their g-spots.
Seriously, they're either gonna bust instantly or not even cum, what's the appeal?

The better question is… Why should I care about if a woman cums or not?

Bonobo monkeys screw around indiscriminately. They're the most similar to us genetically. Monkeys don't have culture. Therefore, it's okay for women to have sex with little boys.


Her body, her choice. What she chooses to do with her hands and what she chooses to let inside of her are not for a man to decide.

Check your privilege.




also, no. Neither of them would be disposable.


Stop having the government raise kids instead of the parents. It should not have that power.


isn't this the philosophy of the 2010's? and it will probably be the philosophy of the 2020's too.

oh i see, you're not in the berenstain or berenstein universe.

you're actually from the niatsnereb timeline, everything is backwards! permanent OPPOSITE DAY!

i bet the police and military and doctors and the greatest scientific minds of your timeline are all female while the men are parasitic alimony leeches who spent their entire day grooming themselves so that women will try to hit on them at clubs and buy them things!



Are those water balloons?