Do you want to change the world? this is where to start

this is a boycott/support guide. I'm sure alot of you will agree with alot of the points that I make. no doubt this thread will attract some salt from shills.


responsible for xbox one/kinect/windows10, part of prism, ruining halo, taking over minecraft, xbox online shop overflowing with indishit games (last checked over a year ago)

helps the nsa backdoor everyone's computers along with microsoft

ask Holla Forums (unless they ban you instantly for no reason at all for talking about Holla Forumsnology just like /a/ for talking about /a/nime)

forcibly inserted into many different linux operating systems that would otherwise be 8/10 as some kind of linux coup.

responsible for iphones, part of prism

took over and discontinued countless video game companies, microtransactions, dlc, season passes, full of sjw's who claim sexism and muhsoggyknees because people don't buy the game when really the reason is because the game is broken and low quality and they don't want to take responsibility for that.

gives ea whatever they want. ruined knights of the old republic, ruined every mass effect after ME1

responsible for battlefield

does similar things to ea and activision

microtransactions, dlc, some of the first people to release the cancer of microtransactions and dlc into the video game world.

responsible for leaving microsoft because they didn't like what they were doing to halo, and then doing the same things as them by making destiny

really dumb customer support, not a whole lot of good games, added paid online to ps4, online shop overflowing with indishit games (last checked over a year ago)

very small amount of games worth playing not counting old eshop titles, added paid online to the switch, eshop is overflowing with indishit games (last checked over a year ago), eshop lacking some of the best old titles from n64, gamecube, and so on. infuriating artificial difficulty in some games.

responsible for gta5, microtransactions, dlc, shark cards

responsible for skyrim

microtransactions, dlc, digital rights management hell, always online, get banned and lose everything you paid for

responsible for borderlands2, microtransactions, dlc, season passes



owned by someone who used to do things that would make you feel unsafe using duckduckgo

spying on users

Other urls found in this thread:

heavily shilled everywhere (always use an alternative)

Popular Science
and one of the 20 best Firefox add-ons by
lets you visualize and block the otherwise invisible websites that track your search and browsing history.
former Google engineer

owned by microsoft

obvious, but for those who are uninformed or very stupid: lies, fake news, massive bias on whatever issues the globalists command them to have. (all tv, movies, newspapers, media etc. all owned by 6 corporations), anti trump out the ass since he's a nationalist that loves his country and wants to make it a better place and protect it.

brainwashing children, withholding information that would be useful to growing minds, student debt, punishing wrong think, zero tolerance policies, gun free zones that ensure the slaughter of all teachers and children,

antibully double standards that result in people being singled out like that movie with nicholas cage and the bees (wicker man?) and inadvertantly create psychopaths who shoot up the school, and then they create awareness campaigns to spot suspicious students before they flip out to prevent school shootings, instead of preventing problems by saving innocent children from being bullied in the first place.

insane overwhelming workloads in school, insane overwhelming workloads at home with homework that invades your personal free time where you find joyful activities, eating, sleeping, socializing, thinking freely, more brainwashing, schools operate like jails, turning parents against children, cruel and/or unusual punishments, "school to prison pipleline" "school to mental hospital pipeline"

remember, vaccines are good and very helpful, it's how they are made and what's put inside of them that is bad.

(corporation or company or group of people says "hey look at us! we have equality!" meanwhile they are 99% women and one or two lonely guys. or a corporation or company or group of people says "look at us! we have diversity!" meanwhile they are 99% gay black muslims and one or two lonely white girls. even if these people are nice, and hey, they probably are- this is not diversity. this is not equality. diversity means a little of everything, not a ton of one thing and that's it. equality means 50/50, not 99/1 )

open gates

diversity for everyone, except for israel

We're not sorry

it's okay to be polite, but when talking politics one must always tell the truth no matter how much the truth may hurt someone else's feelings. no more holding back human civilization over petty bullshit. we must change, we must grow. no more behaving like bad children.

mysterious but not exciting individuals or groups who roam the internet paid or for free with the intention of appearing as normal unbiased people who then push an agenda. (99% of all shilling is globalist agenda in bias or something distantly, but definitely connected to politics. the rest is people trying to get you to buy something, or globalists trying to convince you that their predator multinational corporations are somehow safe to buy food from. ask yourself why so many countries reject food shipments from the us.

really obvious, do your research. they want you to be exposed to their products. they don't want a world where you are able to avoid them.

putting words in the mouth of people with autism, trying to make people with autism fit the mold of normal people instead of embracing how special they are

who and what to support

solved more problems than any president in many years and has pissed off more globalists that anyone in history. exposed tons of corruption and brings the truth to the light on a daily basis.

while it is okay to support good Holla Forums companies by purchasing their games, it's extremely important to support
supporting free open source software on linux is a very good thing to do because it's synonymous with freedom to have operating systems that focus on security and ease of use that people can use for free all over the world.

must be unrelated to the mainstream adblock and heavily shilled ublock. only then can you even begin to start making good choices in terms of adblock software.

free open source hardware and 3d printing

free open decentralized internet. information wants to be free.
basically free high speed uncensorable internet/phone/video/audio/data transfer for everyone, everywhere. systems in place to stop and catch sexual predators from outside the internet, but rules on the internet preserve the anonimity of everyone else.

that one bear always said "Only YOU can choose to be offended."

everyone should get guns, less criminals will try to hurt or steal from others because everyone is packing. no criminal ever listened to a "this is a gun-free-zone" sticker.

gumballs immigration (really makes you realize how much of a minority white people actually are on planet earth! meanwhile we must feel bad for everyone else!)

http s:// or http s:// (both are the same I think) (after customizing settings so you don't have to save cookies) is kinda nice.
for emails there are a few (but not many) free options although http s:// or http s:// are really nice. (both are the same I think)
this is about duckduckgo: http s://
(I don't reccomend searx though.)

be careful that you don't buy from a local monsanto farm.

also possibly worth checking out and and other similar websites. after making it past some of the more bullshit items and overpriced products, there are some genuinely great deals on certain foods they offer that just blow wholefood and trader joes out of the water.

smoking anything is bad for your lungs and is stupid, pointless, and unhealthy.

give me suggestions so that I may improve the guide

Well I don't disagree with a lot of what you've written here user but you've made a lot of claims with zero evidence so your posts are fucking worthless

Not denying the fake news and biases but
Unless "his country" you're referring to is Israel that just isn't true

I don't see you making any argument or disproving anything. I smell bullshit on you.

Trump has done more for this country in the months leading up before the election than bush and obama have done in their 16 years in the white house. what Trump has done for the united states of america after winning the election, and the degree at which he has kept his promises is astounding and overwhelmingly great.


Burden of proof, shit-for-brains. You've posted no argument to counter, just a lot of silly assertions.

Stop right there. We caught you looking at a woman the other day, you sexual predator. You're under arrest, scum.

But I like my things.

Hey look at me I'm a total shitlord and I just walk into threads and don't read a damn thing and instantly claim everything is fake and run away really fast. there, now nobody will read the thread. haha!

blocking the thread slide. Holla Forums is a turbo slow board compared to its more speedy seasons and yet only when unkosher threads such as these are on the board do they suddenly sink like rocks.


I was reading until:
Nah bro, get your fanboy shit outta here. Nintendo might be somewhat questionable ethically, and I mean what company at the top of the industry DOESN'T try to kill competition, but Sony hasn't done anything terrible in the video game sphere. I have some words to say to their music label, but the video game portion of the company seems pretty bro-tier.

user I understand you point of view, but it's the reasons that are important, the facts. not simply my opinion. I really had high hopes for the PS4, and the WiiU, and even the switch after so many of my friends and family were disappointed by the WiiU. I will say that sony is better than microsoft by miles and miles, however they have many of the same flaws. their customer support is awful and they blame anyone but themselves to avoid helping a customer solve their problem. also, paid subscription fees (new to the nintendo switch as well) added to the PS4 infuriate me. nobody should have to pay to use their internet to connect to online multiplayer that they are already fucking paying for.

all things said and done after playing the PS4 and WiiU on many different occasions, I and all my friends are disappointed. I used to scoff at the "no gaems" meme for the ps4 but now I know that it wasn't a joke. I really regret that I didn't trust them sooner even though I never bought the actual console. they were always right all along. xbox one is such a piece of shit that I barely even need mention it. the PS4 had a small amount of barely enjoyable games and most of them were free to play, or rather pay to win. the WiiU had some fun games but after playing them for a few hours you get so sick of them that you never want to play them ever again.

here's what you were replying to for reference.

Nigga, literally everything else in the list is borderline crimes. Making a console that, again, YOU DON'T LIKE (I agree, but still) is not a reason for a fucking boycott. Get a grip. We're trying to get rid of cancer, not the common cold.

your comment doesn't make any sense. what you're saying is like

stupid cuck

I'd much rather be a cuck than a shill.

congratulations, you're both.

…or I just bought a PC, so I think that all the new-gen consoles are equally shit?
The last piece of hardware I bought was a PS3, and I can't even dust that thing off to finish Persona 5.

wow user, you really didn't read the thread at all did you.

Again, I read the OP, and saw a long list of shit worth boycotting, then some fanboying near the end.

A bit too tinfoil-y for me but I do want to change the world. Next post will detail my plan

before this list, long ago… maybe I was a fanboy. but then we all got screwed by this piece of shit corporations. I then realized I was no longer a fanboy. so I wrote this guide. it's about facts.

I now equally dislike

which is why near the end I ask people to support free open source software and linux gaming.

Glad this caught my eye early, saves me the time from reading the rest of this shit.

your privacy, your security, your risk.

do your research m8.

even doing just a few of these can help to make everything just a little nicer.

wtf now i hate things

that made me laugh very hard

If by shills you mean people with common sense who think that if you really want to boycott all of those places perhaps the internet is not the place for you and that you would be better off just turning off your connected devices altogether. It woudl be more efficient, and have the added bonus of not supporting entities which do support the ones you want to boycott.

so you don't like the guide because you assume I might have a bluetooth device or something?

that's a pretty dumb non-argument.


there is no good reason to not follow this guide.


you sound like child throwing a tantrum, most of your complaints are about goddamn video games

if you have 'your own computer' AND it has internet service (if you paid for it or not) you are already wealthier than most of the people on the planet.
you have a loooonnng list of advantages that they can only dream of–and yet you whine about even more stuff that isn't being given to you for nothing

you wanna change the world, how about throwing away the nose ring and ear plugs and getting a job you lazy faggot