Gift ideas for older brother?

My brother's birthday is coming up on the 25th, I can't think of anything good to get him. I've tried repeatedly over the past several years, but he never seems too thrilled by what I end up getting him. Every other person in my life, I excel at getting gifts for.

A few years back he took me to Home Depot and showed me this workbench he really wanted. He said it was what he needed above all else. Me and our mom pooled our money, I said I didn't need a gift from her that christmas, and we got him a deluxe workbench. Not sure what he thought it was going to be, but after he got it, he never mentioned it again. Not so much as a thanks.

I tried this really sentimental thing after that involving a card, some mugs from our grandfather, some stuff he ate, it's personal so I won't get into it, but my mom said he was really touched by the present, but he never mentioned it to me.

Most recently I tried getting him a massage chair, he returned it.

I'm trying a different tact this time. I figure I'll limit it to 100 total or under. My brother has always been obsessed with Star Wars, he's in his 40's. He also collects watches. Particularly he's obsessed with Boba Fett and I'm pretty sure every star wars fan loves Han Solo. For the record, while I've seen all the movies, I've never been that into Star Wars. I was thinking I could get him a display Boba Fett helmet, but I don't know how thrilled he'd be about it. I could get him a Boba Fett or Han Solo mug, a watch referencing Boba Fett in some way, or get him like a functional vest or belt like Han Solo wore.

What do you think? Got any suggestions?

he sounds like a dick. tell him you donated his gift to Doctors Without Borders without actually doing so.

Get him a punching bag that's appropriate for his size, and a stand if your house doesn't have exposed beams to hang it from. Even if he doesn't get fit using it, it's still fun to use for blowing off steam.

Ordinarily that would be a great idea, and I was actually going to start searching for one, but then I remembered he recently fucked up his back and is in a ton of pain. He enrolled in some martial arts class. Probably shouldn't get him anything too physically strenuous right now.

He's into building custom BMX bikes, but his wife's basically crammed all his shit into the garage. Depresses me every time I go over there. That was what the workbench was for actually, a better surface for him to build those customs.

He's got PTSD and symptoms of bi-polar. He's a good guy, the PTSD comes from his time as a cop and in the military. He was a green beret. Apparently he was mostly killing drug lords in South America. Watched friends die in front of him. I can't blame him for being a little messed up, and I just want to help.

Also normally he'd have bailed by now. He tends to find one smoking hot girlfriend, stick with her for a few years, then the whole relationship blows up in spectacular fashion. This one he got pregnant, and he didn't want to leave his kids without a dad, so despite her being kind of a cunt and no where near as hot as his exes, he's stuck with her. I think that's what's really upsetting him. She threatens to take the kids and leave him like every single day.




what a beta bitch. dump his ass before he drags you down with him.

yah no. unless it's early childhood stuff there is no reason to have PTSD.

He has the exact same birthday as me lol

Your brother will never act grateful. Learn to live with that.

you could just give him money or like an Amazon gift card. Let him figure out what he wants to spend it on.

So far I'm leaning towards getting him these two shirts, one of the mugs, and either the belt or the helmet.

That seems so impersonal though.

How he behaves about it isn't what's important to me, just that he likes it.

He probably loves most of your gifts. You sound like a very thoughtful giver. But you're still unhappy with the level of feedback you're getting. Just keep doing what you're doing, and realize he's not telling you how happy he is with the gifts.

Either that or he never forgave you for something YOU did and aren't telling us about.

Get him the gift of perspective.

First, get pozzed. Then poz your brother's neghole though repeated anal rape until he's infected, too.

Eventually, he will develop full-blown AIDS, and his impending mortality will give him the perspective he needs to appreciate all of the gifts you've given him in the past.

For extra irony, bend him over the workbench you got him for some of the raping.

Just get him the gift that keeps on giving

Poz cum is best present tbh

Just give him a high quality fleshlight. Surely, he'll love it.

your brother is autistic. he may or may not enjoy his gifts, but thanking you doesn't occur to him because your feelings aren't even real

just kill his wife tbh
the best gift you could possible give him

Maybe he just doesn't handle feelings well. So he never mentions it.