Iam a pedo but this is what i really want tbh

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you sick fuck


The affection between a father and daughter is truly sickening i know

same tbh

whens the peak attraction? maybe teens

7-10 i suppose. I cant really tell a girls age anymore but budding breast are extremly attractive. nubile legs or a flat chest. I remeber my first crush on a 9yo. It was instant the first time i saw her. I had never see such a cute face. 12 year olds are already getting wide hips so that might be attractive too.

i thought it'd be 10-13

13yo is already a woman

They're still retarded and easy at that age

preteens are actually more intelligent than women. Once they hit puberty and the estrogen kicks in, they turn into retards.

But not very attractive and childlike

Actually it could be a fine mix by then

Degenerates out

go back to Israel, you anti-pedo kike

everyone has differnt opinions on what is attractive and not tbh

Wrong. Women become objectively beautiful once they turn the age of consent.

aoc here is 14 :^)

They're not that beautiful by then. 16 is perfect as the AOC.

which third world shithole do you live in?


But we are talking about kids. A 13yo is not a kid no matter how muched the media pushes it

thats like your opinion

13yo is definitely kid. You should be more social, maybe watch from a parking lot. They're clearly kids.

my uncle has 3 daughters
i used to watch them all kiss him on the lips. they were a very open family. no no no. they didnt make out. but they'd give each other multiple "peck" kisses on the lips and the girls would always blush and say they were "in love" with Daddy

and my Aunt just thought it was the cutest and most adorable thing ever.

THAT is what I want. to have a daughter and to be able to kiss and hold her and for my wife to not get upset

Aoc is 14 in many europen countries actually. You are more likely to get lynched for being pedo in third world shitholes.

What happens when you are alone with your daughter and she is wearing just her panties and you get hard? What then?

Yes, but we also don't really have sufficient information on hows 12yos compare to an adult's mind. Just because you wouldn't label them a kid, doesn't mean they're now fine to fuck.

Confuses me that people think it's weird when children kiss their parents on the lips. I use to get out of my way to my parents, and I considered it harmless. I wonder how bad it would have fucked me over if someone decided to tell me what I'm doing is sick.

That's not true in muslim countries though.

Your uncle definitely molested at least one of his daughters

It was for art you weirdo

You know how some sons want to fuck thir mom? So do daughters. Kids are actually very sexual. The question is wether we should fuck them or not. And i say yes

not if they aren't physically or mentally developed.

biologically they are no longer children. its not about behavior but biology

I can imagine being a 12 year old f wanting to fuck my mom and get your fat ass instead. So desperate, dude

That's not entirely true either

Definition of child: A person who has not attained maturity or the age of legal majority.

Nice try, though.

dont try to deny biology tbh

I meant to say daughters wanting their dads. kids dont care about looks as much but they will go afteer hot guyes.
the meme that all pedos are balding fat men has to stop.

What's your point? Maturity pertains to cognitive development, also. You don;t conclude if a child is good to fuck because they're physically developed. Desperate fuck.

Maybe you dont really understand pedophilia. Why should i wait until they are 18 or 16 whatver the kike overlords tell me. When they are already hot and ready before the age of 10

My issue is you are clearly trying to justify your attraction to children, and you are wrong. Either say you wanna fuck children, regardless of morals, or admit it's only right to do so if they're physically and mentally developed.

No, it pertains to sexual development in the case of AoC. A woman becomes fully sexually mature by the age of 16, sometimes 15 or even younger in some cases. A woman's brain is fully developed at around the age of 25.

I wasn't referring to age of consent, but is it really based on sexual development? If so, that's pretty fucking stupid.

Why is it stupid? It's the way we evolved. We are hard wired to breed with women when they are at the peak of their fertility, not when their brain is fully developed. Going by your logic, the AoC should be 25.

This is the opinion of a feminist during the early 20th century. You are literally supporting feminism by thinking this way.

Yes, we are also hardwired to rape, so is rape justified?

Because I thought the AoC was put in place to protect younglings who may not be mentally capable to make their own decisions in regards to sex. Basing it off sexual development doesn't protect them in that regard, so if that's the case, I think it's missing the point.


yes its only right if they consent


>>>Holla Forums

Apparently the brain doesn't stop developing until 25 years old. But biologically, a person is ready to breed as soon as they hit puberty. That's how and why it is possible for them to breed as soon as they hit puberty.

Besides which, getting pregnant later in life increases the risk of birth defects like trisomy. It's foolish to not take advantage of the prime breeding years.

are you telling me you never thought of raping a women? do you lack testosterone ?

The AoC is a retarded concept. It was created by mad feminists. Like I said, based on your logic the AoC should be 25, since the brain doesn't fully develop until around that time, so mentally, they can't think at that age and make decisions. This is retarded because we all know teens are horny as fuck and hardly innocent. They know what they want sexually at that age.

Too bad none of you will ever know what it really feels like to have your 12-yo daughter cum on your cock, with your own cum dribbling out of her.


So you don't have a rebuttal? You know, this tumblr feminist bullshit annoys me aswell, but I can atleast see their point when they say the other side is annoying, because both of you are equally as fucking stupid.

I'm not the one that fears a shit movement.

Holy shit, a decent reply for once. Yes, there are many things to take into consideration. Increased health risk or the possibility of causing trauma. More research needs to be done.

AoC does seem retarded. I wouldnt say only have sex if they reach full development, but a decent range so that they can be decently capable of being responsible form themselves.

you dont know that ;(

aoc is there to feminize men and give women power. the jew knows the power of sexual intercourse with a young girl. it gives one vitality and longevity

There's nothing to rebut. I stopped trying to convince you brainwashed leftys that rape culture doesn't exist in the west. It does in the middle east though.

dont jews mostly fuck lil boys?

You retard, you clearly have no idea what "rape culture" means. Rape culture pertains to the normalisation of rape through social norms and attitudes on sexuality, etc, While I'm referring to a natural instinct we have, that we are programmed to rape.

That's exactly what feminists thought back in the day in the USA. "Let's make some subjective number the AoC". So then they picked the number 18. The rest of the world picked numbers around 16 because it makes more sense.

Define rape first, I don't think you know what that word means. Do you mean strangling a woman in a dark ally and forcefully shoving your cock in her or fucking a horny woman when she is drunk?

hypocrite? Age limits in general are arbitrary. We should do tests on every child to get a level of understating of their cognition.

I mean our natural and primitive urges to reproduce manifest itself in rape. SO my original argument was, just because its natural, doesn't means its right.

You still didn't define rape. Do you ever wonder why so many women have "rape" fetishes. It's because they want rape, therefore it isn't rape. They are willing to get fucked by random men to reproduce. That's not rape. If they scream "no" and actually want it, it isn't rape. Rape is literally forcing a woman to have sex with you.

i think he meant just taking a women by force. it does not matter if they like it or not

Women are delicate creatures who don't fantasize about rape. They prpbably think about ruining the man's life tbh

also at the lightning mcqueen cliff jump those rednecks treated the women like a free-for-all. The 70s were a much simpler time.

you know how when a dog tries to fuck a bitch and she dont want to. their is a clear struggle and chasing and sometimes she gives in or sometimes she fights back and he gives up>>7275520

Oh yeah, sorry, I didnt. I guess what I mean is that our natural desires manifest itself in a unhealthy desire to have sex (due to reproduction), regardless of the consequences; i.e. forcing a woman. We are in an age of humanity where shit like that doesnt fly. Consequences is a subjective term, but back in those days we didnt really have morality. its doesnt fit it.

Exactly, thanks for proving my point. We don't live in a rape culture.

Holla Forums btfo

Holy shit. My point isn't that there is a rape culture. My point is, just because it's natural, doesn't mean it's justifies it. Little girls are sexual because we were meant to fuck them early on. "We are also programmed to rape, but that still doesn't justify it". What dont you understand?

Off yourself.

all spooks


My point is that you claim all men are rapists by default, which isn't true btw. This is the main opinion held by modern day feminists and is the basis of the "rape culture" theory. What don't you understand?

No, i didn't.

for cunts who hate feminists, you sure love talking about them.

no, it isn't.

you are equating to completely different things here in an attempt to paint sex with children the same as rape. i have to agree with the other user here thats literal feminism and retardation.

do you know when a hot teacher fucks a 14yo boy the media and legal courts still call it rape? do you ever wonder why?
they are doing the same thing you are doing. your jewish tricks will not work on me

You cant honestly think every instance of an adult having sex with a kid has been "rape". because that would be delusional

rape is actually something we stop ourselves from doing because
1. empathy
2. social restrictions. fear of punishment

being attracted to children and having sex with a consenting child(yes they can consent) is not the same as rape. two completely different things. and thanks for admitting its natural. that literally does justify it

are you austrilian?

Yes you did and I quote, "We are also programmed to rape". You're saying men are programmed to rape. You can't even understand your own concepts, that's because you are a low-IQ lefty.

I talk about them to expose them for their stupidity and to trigger them. I hate dumbass people and like to call them out on their retarded ideologies.

Yes, it is. It's literally the definition of rape culture.

No… for the millionth time, I'm saying JUST BECAUSE something is natural for humans, doesn't mean it's justified. I am not equating sex with children to rape?

you're right, because i never said that.


rape being natural justifies rape? sure.


Me saying we are programmed to rape is not me saying men are rapists. this is simple.

Yes it is. I think I know what you are trying to do here, you're trying to claim that men who want to rape aren't rapists because they haven't been charged as a sex offender. If you want to rape, you are a rapist. It doesn't matter if you have a legal charge against you or not.

You are claiming that men are hardwired to rape and that isn't true. The majority of the population engages in consensual sex, not because it's the social norm but because it's pleasurable. I know it's hard for you to understand, being a rapist and all, but some men like pleasing women. Just because you have a rape fetish doesn't mean all men do.

lol it's funny how this obvious rapist is trying to justify the rape culture thing. It's also funny how so many male feminists turn out to be rapists.

Me claiming that men have some instinct to commit sex regardless off consequences, which can result in rape, is not me saying all men want to rape or are rapists. It's me admitting there is a natural desire for men to think this way, but that doesn't justify rape.

I disagree with rape culture. How about you rub those 2 brain cells together and actually read my comments, you fucking nigger.

And I am saying you are WRONG. Do you understand? You are saying that all men are inherently racist and I am saying you are empirically wrong. Goddamn, you are so dense, the cognitive dissonance that you display is overwhelming. Show me a study that proves all men or most men are naturally inclined to rape women.

Anita Sarkeesian would be praising you right now and loving your posts. You are literally trying to prove that 3rd wave feminism is legitimate and you don't even realize it.

I meant rapists

I clarified what i mean't by men being programmed to rape, and also clarified I do not mean all men. Why are you still hanging on that statement?

wanting to rape is a fetish not something you are programmed to do



Because you never proved any of it. You just keep repeating the same lefty rhetoric over and over. I don't care about your talking points, I want facts. Until you provide any facts, I will continue to ask for them.

learn the term paraphilia. Some people (like you) like to do things that are anti-social in nature and get off on it. It's not the majority. You are a rapist.

Sex is an instinct for men to reproduce. Back in the day, we didn't have any sense of established morality, so we "raped". Some men value these natural desires over societal consequences, and I would say that the only reason the majority of people dont rape is because of these societal constructs. I'm merely saying sex a an instinct that men have that could usually lead to rape if humans didnt form morals.


I dont understand why people are saying im a rapist when my argument is literally me saying "rape is bad, no matter which way you put it".

That doesn't prove shit.

It's because you are claiming that all men are programmed to rape. You are claiming this because you have a rape fetish and think all men are the same as you, we're not.

because you clearly want to rape women and think everyone else does. Just become a male feminist so you can get close to women and eventually rape them.

You claiming im projecting is you basically projecting.

>because you clearly
so no evidence? just assumptions? nice.

So? If i'm a bank robber and know that it's wrong and still commit the crime, am I not a bank robber?

I guess? What's your point?

i just want to have a family to give me a purpose in life

How? This literally makes no sense. So you are pointing your finger and calling me a rapist because I called you one? That further proves my point. Thanks.

my point is that you keep claiming that rape is bad but still push a meme that all men are rapists. So you are claiming that just because you are against rape means you aren't a rapist but at the same time you are a man and claim that all men are rapists. It's called double speak. You are contradicting yourself within your own thought process.

Why did this turn into a rape discussion when it was initially intended to be a feel thread for pedos?

I could double down, but I wont. Anyway, I'm merely saying if we didn't form morality, humans would typically just rape, and that just because that was natural, doesn't mean it's justified to rape. I won't put all the blame on you, my "we are programmed to rape" line wasnt the best way to articulate my point.

Again, I'm sorry that it came across that way, but I never said all men are rapists. I clarified.

yes you fucking did. You literally said men are programmed to rape. How is that not claiming that all men are rapists?

Never once did I say "ALL MEN". I'm not bothered to scroll up, so you can prove me wrong. The "programmed to rape" part I admit I was wrong to say.

So you admit that you said it. Then you claim that you never said "all men". Yes, you did. If you say "men are programmed to rape", you are referring to all men. If you said "some men are programmed to rape" that would be different. You are such a kike with your little weasel words and contradictory statements. This is why we need a real holocaust.

Because you know you said it.

Fairly certain I never specified men either. Whatever.
If I say "men are programmed to rape" that is merely a vague statement; it isn't me saying "all men".

No, it's because I genuinely believe I didn't and you're making the claim, so you put in effort. If you prove me wrong, itll just make me look stupid even more, so Im offering you a better deal here.

You specified men, you fucking retard. Yes you actually said men are programmed to rape, you never mentioned women.

No, it's a specific statement that refers to all men. If I said "women grow tits when they hit puberty" am I saying just some women do it?

If I say "women are hysterical", if you aren't autistic, I obviously don't mean ALL women, and am only referring to a group of people.

honestly, fuck what you think I mean't. Do you agree that since it was natural for people to commit rape before we, as a society, established morality, that it still doesn't justify rape? literally, that's all I want you cunts to respond to.

morality has always existed

are you for or against pedophilia.

Really? I always though it was a social construct (yes, feminist buzzword, relax) we established. Always existed in what way?

That's ambiguous, mind clarifying?

There you go again, trying to establish that it is natural to commit rape. Typical feminist supporter.

morality is cultural you dingus. its still fine and dandy to kidnap a women and force her to marry you in kyrsgystan and kazasktan. to them its morally right to do that.

rapist identified

How about you stop reading what I'm saying with anti-sjw tinted glasses? Before we established morality, right and wrong, sex, regardless of consent, was normal. I dont even care if you think I'm wrong, just fucking offer a decent argument. I merely wanna discuss shit.


I'm reading what you are saying. You literally said that it is natural to rape people.

How do you not understand this basic concept? Are you fucking 12? Rape is based on morality. We, at some point, never had morality. Does the lack of morality from back then justify rape? Yes or no.

you are talking as if everyone is walking around with the same right and wrong compass. nobody established anything. what point of human development are you specifically talking about where rape was the norm?

morality has always existed

When was this exactly? Humans are mammals. All mammals have mating rituals to choose their mate. In a lot of cases, the female ends up choosing who to mate with. Even birds do this. It's not rape. If the animal kingdom was based on rape, natural selection wouldn't exist.

Im saying that sex didnt take into conclusion consent, since we didnt have any morals until later, so does this justify, what we would now refer to it as, "rape"?

but it hasn't? Literally.

Im fairly certain animals rape.


Now you are moving the goalposts, you are a true SJW. So, i'll ask again, what is the definition of rape? You keep using the word, which makes no sense since you are trying to claim that it's a social construct. Why even use the word? So are you saying that men are hardwired to forcibly inject females with semen?

its not tho

Stop using the word rape. You keep using it and then redefining it.

and animals also practice cannibilism

I dont think Ive redefined it, but I do think ive used it in the wrong situations. i just wish people would answer the fucking question.

gold star

Therefore you are redefining it, or you're just a retard and have no idea what you are talking about.

You cunts are literally a bunch of scared cats thinking im attacking your argument. Im literally proposing a question, and you cunts feel threatened. And no, i didnt redefine rape, idiot. i just used it in the wrong context. The word still meant the same fucking thing.

your argument is this.

i could care less if it does. what it does show tho is that theres been a power shift and now women are telling men what to do. while in the past men just took what they wanted.

men are pussified now

So you used it in the wrong context on purpose (subversive kike cunt) or you used it in the wrong context because you are confused and have no idea what you are talking about (idiot). Choose one.

well, that isnt my argument, but i applaud you for atleast attempting to understand what im saying and giving a response, instead of arguing about semantics. my argument is rape existed due to morality, so before morality existed, was it okay to fuck people without consent? you can then relate that to the child fucking thing.

men are pussies, ill admit that.

in my haste, i used it incorrectly. you could say i was confused. im still forming my opinions right now, thats the point of discussion. why do people like yourself think im attacking you with my 100% solid opinion? im not. i just want to gain perspective.

It's not an opinion. You are literally claiming that all men are racist and the only thing holding them back from raping women are social norms. That's an ideology held by feminists. You are so brainwashed that you think you are seeking the truth when you are just pandering to a single ideology.

morality is natural its not something that was man made

I meant rapists

Again, you are still holding onto my initial argument, which I have SIGNIFICANTLY altered. And I do admit this is my fault, I understand your confusion, so Ill say it again. rape is due to morality. morality (in my opinion) was something constructed my humans when we became more social. so before morality existed, was sex without consent justified? similar to how that evolution dude says is it justified for our ancestors to genocide others cunts for survival. fits into that shit.


you have a misconception of what morality is. what you think is right is wrong to another person. again you give no specifics. sure there was rape in the past. iam sure it still went punished. nobody likes to get raped. whether it was right or wrong is irrelevant. it just happened and it still does

ok so you are an anti pedo clearly. you already have in your mind that every pedo just wants to violently rape a kid without any second thought.
we have empathy you know. thats a a better argument against rape.the ability to empathasize with someones pain. not morality thats subjective

blame Holla Forums for this shit.

im referring to a time where we, as humans, didnt at all have morality in general. or atleast an obscured sense of it, much different from today.

I never said that? some cunt said because children are meant to be fucked biologically, that its justified to fuck them. and i was arguing that just because something is meant to be or justified at one point, doesnt mean it is now. children still must be somewhat developed mentally. not just physically.

I wonder if pedophilia is just a perversion of the desire to have children

Im sure many pedophiles would lean on that excuse.

Again, I'll ask you to define the word "rape" because you still haven't. You are claiming it is a term based on a moral society, I agree with that. But what does it fucking mean? Please tell me your definition of rape. Stop trying to say you are against it when you can't even fucking define it.

Basically sex without consent.

he never said that tbh

yeah probably when we lived in caves bruh. the alpah male just took what he wanted. but he also have lower cognivitive ability and lack of empathy.

not to have sex. its not a math quiz. its pleasurable. children masturbate because its pleasurable. theres no advanced thinking involved.

So all men like to have sex without consent? Let us get rid of the word rape, now that we know what it means (based on your ideology).

Then what was his point?

I wouldnt say that far.

I honestly would be inclined to agree with you, but we still dont have a thorough understanding of how sex impacts a childs mind, let alone when its with an adult. i think research needs to be done.

was it justified to have sex without consent in a time where morality wasnt established, for the primary reason to reproduce? is that alright?

but iam not for outright just fucking kids. i just want society to come to a point where they realize sex with kids is not bad. then sex with children can be done in a safe way and people dont go to prison for it

he never said that it was biologically fine to fuck 6 yos, he said that having sex with fertilized girls was biologicaly ok

I don't know, was it? You think all of our forebears just went around grabbing women and fucking them? I doubt it, because if that was true, we wouldn't have natural selection and selective breeding. Women are naturally attracted to strong men who are capable of providing for them. If cavemen didn't follow this natural way of life, we would probably evolve be deformed retards who can't exist in their environment. So in a way, rape cannot exist back then because there was obviously mating rituals with primitive humans.


that explains the slavs

…so when are girls deemed "fertilised"?

I dont know, i would give humans more credit than that. would you argue that in a time where those "mating rituals" became less prominent, that rape is still justified for the purpose of reproduction? cause that strong male seized that woman and dominated her successfully.


i get that, boy.

if scientists concluded sex literally doesn harm anyone, and it is merely society saying that it does that instills that trauma, then sure, fuck anyone i guess.

It's not about rape being justified. Are you literally retarded? It's about the fact that most men don't want to rape.

sex can be traumatizing to lil children but not teens because they are smarted

Okay. holy shit. Im done.

You could only come to that conclusion if enough research was done. We dont really KNOW if sex traumatises children. I was raised to just think that

I understand. You are exhausted by using mental gymnastics with every one of your comments. It takes a lot of energy to do that.

You don't see, to understand that I want you to answer my question, but you somehow decided to deduce that my question isn't what is it, and is instead about this, therefor im retarded? What? Exhausted is right.

I thought you were done.

You don't have a question. You are just spitting out your feminist ideology.

What question? There is no question.

You're either retarded or completely brainwashed. I can't really decide on which one it is.

you're either severely retarded or a supreme troll.

where is your question?

scroll up

I don't have to, I have decent short term memory unlike you. There is no question.

Hurr durr I have done one semester at College hurr durr and I know everything there is to know about herp derp politics n' religion n' philosophy n' stuff hurr durr let me prove how much wisdom and insight I have hurr durr about the ways of the world errr copied from my Liberal Studies lecture notes hurr durr…

There is one: why are you so fucking dense?

why are you a feminist? I know you don't identify as one but you think all males are rapists so you surely hold the same values. Just accept feminism. It fits everything you fight for.

I appreciate the advice.

You think a normal person would fantasize about raping someone? Fetishists, maybe. But i'm talking about healthy men, you meme doctor.
Go back to tumblr with your other social (((scientists))).


Rind's work in particular is of note. It basically btfo'd feminists bullshit claims so hard they had to force Congress to condemn the study.

why does science always shit on people who hate children?

It is not impossible, user. If you get the opportunity you must stay true to the real definition of a pedophile; and love your daughter with all your heart. Shield her from the evils of this world and at all times do what is best for her. That means not using the sacred duty for your own gratification in the wrong way. Teaching her the right values and disciplining her. If you get the opportunity don't mess it up.

Morality always existed you fucking rapist sociopath mong. It's called empathy. The specifics of what a society as a whole defines as moral can vary, but that doesn't mean that humans don't have basic instincts regarding not inflicting harm on others. That is morality. There are exceptions and justifications that can make someone override these instincts, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Hell, everything I've said even applies to many non-human animals. Spend any time with a dog and you will see them react with sadness and concern when they see you are sad or sick. Is that not morality? And you claim that even early humans didn't have this?



seriously though, do this.

just creep her friends

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what are these and where do i get one




I think you misread something, user…


It's because she was molested. Even if she was going through puberty that shit isn't normal. Pedophilia harmless? Think again.

it is tbh

Explain why victims of child molestation turn out messed up in the head

a lot of ppl were "molested" as kids and turned out fine tbh

Like yourself?

my ex gf was "molested" by her father and she turned out fine

Chester Bennington was molested as a child, and he turned out fine. Oh wait… Nevermind.

^ ^

website please

Typically because those people were physically or emotionally abused. Believe it or not, it's possible for an adult to have sex with a child without threatening or hurting the child. The thing about age of consent laws is that they don't actually make rape illegal: rape is already illegal. What they do is make it illegal to have sex without force or coercion. So even in cases that wouldn't have resulted in any sort of harm, you're creating harm by carting off a young girl's lover and throwing him in prison forever, or burdening her with a secret she has to bear to her grave.



Is that hard to believe? Even if you think sex is inherently harmful to children (it's not), pedophiles are actually underrepresented among convicted child molesters. So not only is the average child molester more likely to be a teleiophile (which is fairly intuitive considering the difference in population sizes), the average teleiophile is more likely to be convicted of a sex offense against children than the average pedophile. And on top of that, pedophiles are more likely to be caught in stings where the cops pretend to be a preteen actively seeking out sex, while teleiophiles are more likely to molest family members because it's more convenient to rape your little sister than to get an adult girlfriend. And on top of even that, teleiophiles are more likely to physically and emotionally abuse children, because teleiophiles typically see them as less than people, while pedophiles are often campaigning to have children granted the human rights that are explicitly denied to them.


t.knowns a guy who is big in hollywood

Its not natural to rape the women in your tribe because it causes social conflict. We are social creatures and rely on teamwork. Having order is an evolutionary advantage.

However, the urge to rape is a natural urge when invading an opposing tribe, although it might not be as profound as the sexual attraction to women is

My daughter is 11, and we have continued to have "the talk' over the past 3 or 4 years, age appropriate, explaining and describing both the joys and responsibilities of sex, and the difference between love and lust, and how boys perceive that, too.

Good man. Make her aware what guys are like, and how men and women are different in their sexual perceptions.

There's nothing I want more than having childs…And of course, life fucked that desire up by giving me the "cancer" card.

I'll never come back from work and have my little girl jumping in my arms to give me a hug.
GF decided to leave because of that after few months, because she also wanted a baby…

If you're lucky enough to have kids, love them, do not cause them any harm.
Fuck this life.

May god cure you off this sickness by purging you off this world you degenerate sick sick man!

Look at all the stupid ass adults


You know… some girls just don't NEED to be told… they already just know…

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Thanks goodness my daughter has overcome her semen fetish.

good thing mine never did