Patrician fetishes



soft femdom

k tenk

Wretched scat pisswank

Hairy armpits and smells. By smells I mean either the girl smelling me or vice versa. Irl blowjobs play into this.

Lap pillows

Is it still femdom if he wants to be the one who dominates her?

Or 'sexually dominates', whatever the fuck that means.

if the female is the one with the power over the male, it is femdom

Imperial rape
I just want to conquer native people's women and insert my genes into their small gene pool.

But femdom is a shit-tier fetish though. It's literally feminism in bed, beta male shit.

that is why I said soft femdom
I don't want to eat shit, drink piss, get cucked, then have my dick cut off.
I want a mom I can stick my dick in

Soft femdom and hardcore Maledom combined is pretty sexy


I like the idea of femdom but when I am in bed with girl i like to hold her down and stuff

Male Human/Female Animal Bestiality
is God tier stuff
but female human/male animal is degenerate cuck shit tier.

Nah, feminism preaches the automatic worship of women, before the woman even arrives on the scene. No abilities, no competition, just give me this because woman.
I operate from the position of complete non-interaction and proffesionalism when dealing with women, and it's sexy as all hell to see someone operate outside of that, with absolute confidence and ability
Feminism is the absolving of female responsibility, whereas soft femdom is literally the opposite. Hardcore stuff is trash-tier, because any retard can slap handcuffs on someone.

I've been having this fetish about an 8 foot, 6 nippled, 4 tongued, 2 headed, 2 tailed, web-fingered, web-toed, hairless albino aquatic lolita.
who kidnaps and rapes women in complete blackness, and ice-cold saltwater, using her tentacle-like tongues and tentacle-like tails, and keeps a harem of abducted female sex slaves to commit aquatic lesbian rape with in a network of pitch-black underground caverns of an island in the sea, the girls could leave at any time, but they can't see in the dark, nor navigate the caverns, and they'd have to swim the cave's ocean water the whole way, but their abductor brings them food and other items, and takes care of them, in exchange for their sexual pleasure.

does anyone know where to find more M human/F animal?

Fetishes are interesting to me, but I find the most appealing sexual encounters to be the most natural and primal. I prefer to be as dominant as the woman will allow, and I'll often push the boundaries a bit to test the waters. But if something starts feeling the least bit contrived to me, it becomes a turnoff. Wait, does having a sex slave count? If so, that's it.

I guess your fetish slightly appeals to me, OP.

that =s out to soft maledom, and I am not a maledom fag

2D or 3D?

mine is a QT short skinny girl who is dominant over me even though she weighs 50 pounds less and I could easily over power.


"male:bestiality" on sadpanda or the occasional thread on >>>/beast/


i wanna blow a huge load in a girl horse tbh

I was there when this thread was made on halfchan. it's also my fetish to dominate female villains or amazons

This. It's about finding a self-sufficient woman who knows what she wants, and she wants you.

Honestly though, I get off the most on the interaction. I don't have to have the best self esteem or even try to be something I'm not, unlike with other women where you need to perform. For their benefit. I just want to have a relationship, not another job.

Part of me feels like most women would be like this if they started getting buff, and they'd also probably be less whiny and less about victim culture.

Feminism is all about whining, begging and guilt tripping though. Wouldn't you prefer a girl who just tells you what she wants?