Single Mothers

Hey Holla Forums redpill me on single mothers.

(I need the redpill infopics concerning single monthers, if anyone can direct me to them or post them in here, please do so… I want to show it to my own mother because she's interested to know the stats and so on.**

Date em if you want, no biggie. Just keep your guard up. Single mothers is a good way to get all your shit taken from you in the divorce. Date, just don't marry.

there are 5 things that happen

Women cant truly do anything without male guidance. Most women that choose not to marry usually end up poor. I'm amazed single mothers even exist she must go through alot of stress to take care of you. Possibly emotional break downs?

I have no intentions to date single mothers hell no. My mother has an acquitance who is a single mother who gets $3,500 every month in child support and on top of that has to make $4,500 apparently to keep up with her expenses… 7k a month of everything sinks… lost of debt, messed up household, poorly behaved kids. She wants to see the stats.

Kids are a huge expenditure/risk. Thank Jesus I have none.

Thank the kike on a stick you don't have any too if it happens to be the case you're non-white.

If I happen to have kids I'm non-white?

Apparently you're illiterate, whatever the fuck race you are. I am saying "IF YOU ARE NON-WHITE I AM GLAD YOU ARE NOT HAVING KIDS". Ok?

Oh ok, sorry. Don't beat me up.

gibes me redpill infopics on single mothers and nobody gets hurt

Crime factories

I know, gibes the pic though. It has a pic of a single mother and starts off something like "you see this shit here? looks innocent don't she?…" that's what I'm looking for.


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I have none, I could easily be full of shit, that's just what I've heard.

Thank you.

I did searches before creating this thread, couldn't find it with any of the keywords I was looking for, gave up and made this thread.

Also I used and DDG as well.


You're obviously not looking hard enough

I was raised by one. Can confirm they're just as bad as everyone says. Messed me up bad. I could've been successful and happy, but instead I'm a social retard whose biggest prospect is working minimum wage in an environment that /doesn't/ make me want to kill myself.

That's where a good father comes in. I wouldn't be with a single mother long term if she didn't allow me to treat her children as my own. No ex going in and out of their lives. No undermining the boundaries by openly disagreeing with a decision and being too lenient. It'd be difficult for the child(ren) at first but they'd get used to it.

they're fucking insane

Used goods with baggage. They are the lowest social tier of women, not worth anything. Avoid them in every situation.

They might not be, most of them, but their children still have value.*

*Based on the assumption that they are not non-whites of any variety.

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Nope. Unless the original father comes back and takes control to raise it, the child is a genetic and social dead end thanks to a single mother. And if you raise it instead, that makes you a cuckold of the highest order.

Are you really that cynical?

Seeing as you cannot slaughter another man's children as was once the way, a child with the potential to learn from your input is worth making an effort for.

They're single for a reason.

Usually their own choice.

Go ahead, cuck, feel free to raise another mans child.

I'd only do so if I loved their mother, she was single due to acceptable circumstances and the child was mine to shape.


her husband died in the war/at work at least 2 years ago. That's it.

It doesn't have to be a weakness.


Well then you have to worry about whether that accident at work really was an accident.

She might have had her husband murdered.

Love is biologically worthless. Stop thinking with your feelings you stupid faggot. The only objective reason to mate is to procreate.

She may have arranged the war.

If I'm going to do everything objectively, I might as well be a robot or an Asian.

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You couldn't be more wrong.

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Serious answer, i never dated one and i am not exactly a wizard, if you arent mature enough to notice how a woman can manipulate you then just dont think about it, run like a nigger, they are like dogs and they can smell betaness, chads get step daughters and you blueballs from a cat lady. Always demand dtf (virgin single mothers adopting?) and if she suddenly use banhammer on your dick then she is cheating on you.

Dont be a cuck, you are the wallet, you made the rules.

Ask Holla Forums. They have shitloads of that.

I was raised by a single mother and am a loser.
Mother people raised by single moms are in some way or another.

If you're under 35, then you should be dating and fucking women in their 20s.

If you're 35 or older (or just lazy) then a single mom meeting the following criteria:

- recently divorced (she maybe hasn't been on the cock carousel, at least, not as long as a never-married single mom)
- mid-to-late-20s (obviously, as older women are shit)
- kid around five years old (younger than that and she'll have no time; older than 10 and she'll pressure you to spend time with the kid)
- has more than 50%, but less than 100% custody (if she has the kid all the time, you'll have to get babysitters or fuck her at her place while the kid is there. If she has less than 50% custody, she's on drugs as that's literally the only reason a court wouldn't give her custody)
- is in good shape (obviously, don't compromise on this point since you're already slumming it)

…if she meets all those criteria, she might make a good fuck buddy.

The dad will take the kid one day a week or so, and on that day, she'll come to you to get fucked. Even when she goes out clubbing with her slutty friends and chad tries to pick her up, she will (in my experience) decide that the risk of fucking random chad isn't worth it (her motherly instinct will kick in and make her want to protect herself).

And after her day off (during which, you fucked her) she'll go back to being a mom and not bother you.

It's actually a fairly good deal when you're over 35. But like I said, under 35, don't be stupid. Also obviously, don't marry her.

I'm obviously an oldfag. This is just what I've experienced in my life. Early 20s, you hook up with college girls. Mid-late 20s they start getting serious about commitment, but you can curve them. When you're older than 30, girls between 25-30 will start putting too much pressure on you. Switching to single moms is okay. It definitely beats compromising in other ways.

No retard, you are the real fedora, with your jesus worship and anti-magick ways.

I literally have no idea what you're saying in your second paragraph btw.

As for your third, I'm a broke hobo, so lol. Good luck to any women wanting to try to get any money out of me, I only make enough to just barely feed and cloth myself.

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I am waiting for sexbots that are up to my standards

I don't blame you. I have a lot more respect for you for sticking to standards than I do for men who fuck fat entitled whores.

There are no real sexbots yet, but there are sexdolls. We're already at the point where a sexdolls like pic1 are better than what some men stoop to accept, pic2. We're already at the point where, if you're a man and you put up with pic2's bullshit, then you're an idiot.

You're not an idiot, so that's good.

you're a wise man, user

Far less likely to be shit than younger ones.

If your standards include being able to change positions and react properly you'll be an old man. Try VR

The point is, it's worth putting up with a bit of bitchiness in exchange for a 22 year old body. It's not worth putting up with a single second of bitchiness in exchange for a post-wall saggy-tits "reformed whore" alpha widow whose had enough cock run through her to build trump's wall.

fine by me