Cum smell

do people notice it when you fapped just a few mins before. Does cum have some distinct "scent" that stays with you even though you disposed of the cum (obviously)? if yes can it be overshadowed with deo

Yes it has a scent but you have to put your nose right up to it to smell it. It smells like ammonia. And no, it doesn't stay with you unless you just cum all over yourself and don't take showers. Even then, your BO would probably overtake the scent of cum.

a slut sniffed me last night while i was in my underwear and she said i smell realy fucking nice, she probs knew lol

Smells like ammonia or pool chlorine
Has a really intense smell if you haven't fapped for a while

I have bad news about the guy who cleans your pool.

Mine smells like grass stains for some reason.

Is this a meme? My cum doesn't smell like that at all. It has a more meaty/savory smell to it tbh.

It smells like bleach, or should.

mine smells a bit like marzipan, it's very unique

That's why you shouldn't let the cum out. Next time you fap, push in your taint at climax. No worries, no mess.

Women can smell a man who has ejaculated within the last hour. Everytime you fapped in your room, and then hung out with your mom, she knew you had just nutted.

Maybe you should see a doctor. You probably have some sort of disease.

And how exactly do you know this? Are you just making shit up?

When we walked back into the living room, her mom smiled at me, after a subtle sniff, then winked at me and laughed… I was so embarrased!

Humans can't smell cum unless they literally shove it up their nose, it doesn't have a pungent stench.

Well, I WAS sitting on her face, so…

This causes plumbing issues

It does have a small but unless you haven't washed in days and just kept jacking off every hour for all those days: Nobody is going to "smell" the cum off you

I have, however, have a female cousin tell me my room smelled like cum to which my Mom chimed in that she hates that smell and she wishes i'd clean my room more. But that is because I leave my cummy tissues in the basket and only throw it away once a month or so when it gets full. My cousin hates coming into my room. She usually waits just outside the threshold if she is picking me up for whatever reason

flush your fapkins immediately, bruv

too lazy
ive been single my whole life. never even kissed a girl. they know what those tissues are for

fuck my mom and fuck my cousin. acting like im despicable when they are both whores. like fapping isnt normal for guys

flush your fapkins immediately, bruv

You are despicable. You are a fucking loser who should be lined up and executed. Even if they are actually whores, at least they are experiencing sex. You on the other hand are a freak who jacks off to porn all day and has no life. You are a product of kikery.

It's a natural perfume and pheromone, m8.
I rub one out in my boxers before I go out and the ladies flock to me.
Chads don't want you to know, but it works.

No, this is just not true.

What sort of shitty fucking logic is this? Being a virgin is infinitely preferable to being a whore. Its much harder to recover from a life of whoredom than it is to change the status of your virginity.
Do you know what being a whore does to you user?
Being a masturbating virgin can depress you and stifle your achievements, send you on a downward spiral. Whoring *is* the downward spiral until rock bottom. You're a fool for degrading him for being a virgin. This isn't high school; once (if he actually does) get a girlfriend/wife, it will be that much better for him.

So not producing is better? Found the kike

How would you know this if you're a virgin?

No, but you obviously don't.

I agree, but sitting in some room and fapping to kike porn is just as pathetic.

In your mind it is. You are living the life of a highschooler beating off to porn instead of getting a girlfriend. You are trying to claim that I am being childish in my belief when you are the one who is doing so.

bleach semen is a common smell, I think it means you're wanking too much and it's using all the metal salts in your body for sperm, releasing anions such as chlorine and flourine as gas

a mother always knows…
just rinse under your foreskin and wash your armpits with soap

if your nose works and you aren't desensitied to cum smell from wanking too much (aka if you are a female) then you can smell a wanker/chad from distance of about 5 metres

This sentence is fucking hard to understand. I think you're claiming that females can smell cum from longer distances than men can. Where is the research behind this theory?

Women can smell that shit from a mile away.

I've wondered.the same. I will go days without a shower after jizzing all.over my chest and stomach up to.four times each day. I can smell a peculiar odor and wonder if anyone else can too

no, they can't


That's the smell of bacteria forming around your sweat glands and feeding on the liquids. It's not a scent of cum, it's a smell of human waste. You should just kill yourself.

Im always worried if someone can smell the cum on my cumstained underwear.

Both my mother and my gf told me they could tell whenever I had had sex (and they tended to bring it up on days when I actually had, so I'm kind of inclined to actually believe them), though according to them, it wasn't that they smelled cum, more that women are able to consciously smell pheromones or some shit like that. I didn't really buy it at first, but they were never wrong, so who knows, maybe.

Your mother was a shill who just happened to be correct on those occasions


Should have let her suck your cock.

enjoy your urethral infection

yeah it smells like coffee

what, are you gay user?

OP proves that some people have way too much time on their hands.

Not him, but people don't have sex with every female, and neither do you.