Ask a guy who anything.

how will i know it's actually you when my question gets answered

all my answers will be signed. like this

~i suck cocks for money

You have to trust your intuition.

Are you for it or against it?

how does the "for money" part make it worse?

Neither. Strong ideological convictions undermine the ability to make rational decisions on a case by case basis.

another mod brainchild thread?

what's your favorite type of metal to eat with your veggies?

I'm not a mod.

Aluminium, but only in trace amounts.

Are you trying to mine my data?

do you like my drawing?


it doesn't

~i suck cocks for money


because i'm interesting. ask away

~i suck cocks for money


What's your fetishes and post relevant things to it in this thread

Cuck fetish

~i suck cocks for money

Nice attempt at reverse data mining.


It's your decision.

I have a vagina fetish, a dick fetish, a boob fetish, a woman fetish, a femdom fetish, a trap fetish, a trapdom fetish, a little girl fetish, and a lolidom fetish.

Get your own thread.

am I you know?

~i suck cocks for money