How to get friends?

leave hatechan

what then afterwards?

It's not like i will inmediatly gain friends i leave.

don't. they just waste your time and use you as an emotional tampon.

I don't have much to lose anyway and i'm bored af.

if you have school/work, befriend your coworkers/classmates. if you're a neet, go to a sports court. ask randoms if they need an extra man. and boom, you now have friends.

I live in Ulyanovsk, i'm 15 years old and i don't have school until september.
Should i wait until school starts or just go to a sports club?

are you a girl? :3

yes, why do you ask?

are you cute tbh

girls get friends just because they have a vagina and tits, so try harder next time fag.

go to the club. but be aware, you probably won't like everyone you befriend. you'll join a group, you don't get to be picky. after some time, make space between yourself and the individuals you don't like. when you go back to school, make friends with people in your classes. no one else. don't make a lot of friends though. you're too stupid to handle a character adaptable to more than 10 people. good luck summerfriend.

you dumb.
all of my friends are in the county side wich is miles away from where i live and i'm not allowed to go there anymore because i have a conflict with my mom.
So i'm pretty much stuck here in the city being bored af.

then tell me this: why is it whenever i happen to venture outside, i will see many guys walking, eating, shopping alone. but i never, ever see a girl alone, they always have a guy following them around like they're little puppies, or girls are out with their girl friends.

you will never ever see a pretty girl alone in public because they can always choose to have another person with them. so if you are a girl (doubtful) you are ugly or fat. end of proof.

doesn't apply for where i live. rarely ever had an occasion where some random guy would walk up to me and try to befriend me out of nowhere.
different mentality

and there aren't even many teens here especially in the summer.

wear a short skirt and tanktop, make eye contact with them and some random guy will walk up to you. but since you are either ugly, fat, or a guy wanting to be a trap you still might have to wait a little bit.

i'm a 15 year old girl asking how to get friends on Holla Forums

t. fbi

Walk up to someone and say "hi". Allow the conversation to progress. Find a common interest and do $thing with them. You now have a friend

I'm not fat, i'm just different than most girls because i'm more into art and i have short hair painted blonde wich doesn't really appeal to most guys.