alright you faggots, I recently migrated from 4chan for a myriad of reasons, so fucking fill me in on Holla Forums's culture and just generally sitewide expectations. I'm honestly way too lazy to just lurk.


Ok. Don't visit reddit, don't be a literal cuck, don't spam us with trap threads (only gays allowed no traps!) and don't forget trump hasn't met expectations! Remember to name the jew and also remember to name porky and also lurk you lazy faggot we dont want to become another 4chan

we love lolis :^)



Already got most of that down, and o-on it s-sir

Jesus where to begin.
Well first and foremost lurk more faggot.
Secondly, for about 1-2 months there's been a shit-storm between antis and paedos and tbh that's when this board is at the most interesting.
ANNNNND that's basically what this board is.


To even bring up you're from .5

**you have to go back

Fuck off Holla Forums

Our culture is going back to 4chan. Do it, you don't want to be an outsider who doesn't follow our culture, do you?

I said "name the jew and porky". They're the same people, you know.

good man.

since Trump got elected the efforts to take down this place sky rocketed.
shills patrol every board, spam shitpost and pedophile content.
you're bit late to the party, this place was cleaner before the election.



Beginners guide to this place in a nutshell:
-4chan is called halfchan
-AJ and gay community. You'll know if you spend few days here
-halfchan is nowadays filled with edgy teens and redditors and this place is where the outcasts and ex-halfchan users live
-there are a lot of pedo threads which turn into shitstorms
-Jim, dysnomia and hotwheels
-unlike in halfchan, here people are not happy about threads that ask them to tell about themselves
-this place has a lot of weird people but definitely less autism and faggotry than halfchan
-this place is dead as fuck at times

dont forget (((hex))) tbh

you pretty much summed up most of the reasons I left, Edgy teens, datamining shit with hiroshima, traps, and low quality memes. One question though I know who hotwheels is but never heard of the rest I'm assuming they're co-creators of the site?

lurk moar you stupid nigger

Step 2: See step 1.

post dick rate threads

Jim Watkins was the co-owner of the site but is now the full owner since Hotwheels resigned 2016 summer. Jim has a lot of haters because he doesn't care about this board that much and after he became the full owner he banned a very big part of the userbase aka pedos.
Dysnomia is a mod who takes his duties a bit too seriously at times and has become kind of a meme here.

you forgot to mention that jim DATAMINES US

You have to go back

#1 asuke best gril
#2 get off my bored

get off my board



And eggbutt (Omelet).

But, he doesn't have enough computers!


Literally none of this is true.

In no particular order

1. Delete your pepe folder.
2. Go to:
3. kys

Just openly beg for attention, it would be less pathetic than bumping your shit thread a dozen times and then progressing to shilling it in other threads

This is SoSad, he is always sad.

Here are some of my rarest SoSads, use them wisely

lurk more

Holla Forums is the equivalent of /g/ here, except way better
On there we hate:
Proprietary software
Holla Forumsacks
Intellectual property

We love:
Free as in freedom software
Richard Stallman
Linus Torvalds

just watch this, it sums it up quite well


but they were right.

op the users of this site suffer from stockholm syndrome. this site has quite literally deteriorated into a 4chan clone. when you point out all the contradictions of the administration which were what they used to get people to move from 4chan in the first place, you are automatically labeled a goon and/or banned. the administration of this site datamines the users, censors freedom of speech, and let a jackass named josh run off with $12K USD in donations to re-code the site in php and ran off to the philippines. since then, the site has slipped into a state of constant paranoia, denouncing any criticisms as the work of shills.

honestly op, youd be better off going back to 4chan, or finding one of the many smaller chans. im not even going to start on what they did to /sp/.

tl;dr the only people who still use Holla Forums are servile cucks who love to suck mod cock.

If you have to ask this go back to redchan.it

At this point just stop as a whole, you're too far back.


This, honestly I'm still here because I don't know where to go. I've been here for what? 4 years? 5 years? Time just flys by.

Holla Forums is already dead.


You mean, what /sp/ did to 8ch.

/sp/ is on end chan
slovborg and his proxies are at 32 chan
from there you can find all the other chans

>>>Holla Forums
scour the top 20 pages of the catalog and read at your peril

Check yourself off

Nazis Holla Forumstards
Data Miners
Summer Redditors

you got to pass the Holla Forums trials
it involves going cuteboy for week and getting fucked in the ass by nazi

you make me laugh newfag, Holla Forums is basically 4chan lite now where the only reason you don't get banned for all the stupid shit that gets you banned on 4chan is that Holla Forums doesn't even have enough mods to be as big of rulecucks as 4chan.
thats literally 8chans only benefit currently.

What is "C" ?

How does one get into Holla Forums?

You listed jews + kikes

Not all Jews are kikes.
Some of them are BASED

Ben is so BASED tbh fam

Someone should ask that fucking kike if he thinks intellect matters.

We expect all users to deliver a decent amount of cp whenever a thread merely pertains to pedophilia. That's all you need to know.

a programming language.


Don't thank me, thank cp.

No, thanks, i don't get into illegal shit

Again, dont thank me, thank cp.

I thin he means cpp

You mean that guy who speaks whatever gets him the most views and aligns himself with whatever group has the most power?
People like that make for very dangerous friends, my dude.

whats so plus about cp?

clearly he means CCCP

why not both?

Yeah but your an unintentional shabbos goy.


Lurk moar or gtfo

And just think,here he can have a CCP girl and boi at the same time.

fuck, she's right horny.

And lurk

I think what you meant to say is

I don't think that's how it happened.

Entire board looks like mumbo jumbo to me

That's more Australian.

8ch is beta central

Content-wise 8ch's Holla Forums is pretty much everything you hated about 4chan's Holla Forums multiplied by 100.

Administratively, 8ch's Holla Forums's BO and mods only exist to fuck with the users. Get used to your posts/threads getting deleted for no reason. And definitely bring a VPN, because when you get banned because Dysnomia looked at you and got a hard on, you will be able to simply evade the ban and continue on. He won't have hard feelings about that, ban evasion is just a normal part of what users do here.
Rules: there aren't any. Even global rule #1 is routinely ignored by both users and the admins. So feel free to post CP if you are into it.
Generally, the more juvenile and immature your posts are the better they will be received. If you present yourself as the ultimate autistic 13 year old with no clue what women are even for, you will have a good time here and be well liked.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, this board is dying very quickly. I don't know where everyone is going to, but very few people are staying here longer than a week or two anymore, and most of the time the board is pretty dead anymore.
Peak usage still will see ~150PPH, but that will only last an hour or so. The rest of the time it has hovered around 50PPH for the last week or so. Active users are dropping pretty steadily too, and even with the artificial inflation it will be less than 1000 before September.
So don't pin your hopes on this board long term, because it doesn't look like it will be around too much longer.

Not him but he's correct. porky encompasses all capitalists not just the ones who happen to be coincidentally jews. This is why Holla Forums will defend any neoliberal action regardless if it takes away their gibs, healthcare, or cucks them out of their white wimmenz; "it's OK as long as it's not a jew doing it!" t. Holla Forums

Yet that is exactly how it happened.

You just made that up.

oi bruv, pussay patrol rides again.

The board is dying because dysnomia is a pedo who refuses to BAN ALL PEDOS NOW!



Both 4chan and Holla Forums have pros and cons.

4chan has more OC, but the reason why they have more OC is because of a much higher userbase; which means there's also more bullshit that you have to filter through till you actually stumble upon something interesting.

Because of 4chan's popularity, you have a userbase that's largely either underage, normal or both; I'm always amazed at how many relatively well-adjusted, productive members of society frequent 4chan. And that's fine, but I prefer to be amongst misfits, because I'm not much of a part of society, myself… and misfits are generally more interesting to me.

As far as the 4chan moderation goes, it's a bit excessive these days, but it makes sense, given the popularity of the website. I remember when Holla Forums was much more populated, and little by little, more rules needed to be implemented because people tend to take advantage of "freedom". If Holla Forums were half as populated as 4chan, I have no reason to think the rules and moderation would be any different.

As for Holla Forums, for better or worse, it's always been more of a community. The content isn't as derivative and hackneyed, and the discussions tend to be a bit more intimate and cerebral; all of the greatest discussions I've had on imageboards have taken place on Holla Forums. There is an abundance of pedos and people who literally suffer from autism, but it's the diamonds in the rough that keep me coming back to Holla Forums.

There was an /sp/? Like 2 posts a year instead of 1 now?

wew lad


/sp/ moved to 76chan due to Josh shenanigans, they used to have like 150ish users iirc and were able to post at least a few posts an hour.

This place is scientifically proven to be garbage. get out while you still can

you fucked up, nigga