Pls stop

No more stickies

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We're all tired of seeing shit threads when we open the board so I'm stickying all the threads worth posting in.

lmao posting in a sticky thread



Is Jesus black?


jesus was a kike

if we wanted quality we would be on reddit

This right fuckin here. This man speaks truthes upon truthes upon truthes. NO bullshit.

ITT: we trigger dys




but they generate so much OC every day and everyone there is nice. they all want to have REAL discussions. reddit makes more funny videos and memes than we do recycling the same webms and 10-20 reaction pics every week.


i know but they lost their naonmyms

This is now a reddit thread

Post links to reddit threads ^ ^

How come the stickies are dead?

dys is an indecisive prick. like a battlemage or a ranger. he tries though, which is admirable.