What does t. (insert insult) mean?

What does t. (insert insult) mean?
How do you detect same fags

T. Newfag

lurk moar

Yes Yes, but what does the T stand for

t. t-let

t. spurdo

Not bait just want a simple answer.
i am a newfag

that's definitely bait

How is it bait if i'm just looking a definition of something

But seriously, it means lurk moar nuphag.

Noobtip; lurk a little bit more

t. newfag

I've lurk, but i still don't the T stands for.
I'm only guessing it stands for trips or something, and my other question still hasn't been answered

Finnish people sign letters with it. Like such:
It spawned from the Finnish spurdo meme.

That's because both questions require you to

Faggot, why'd you have to ruin the fun already?

Ahhh ok thank you for the answer, really appreciate it

You are faggot
t. Fag

t. means terveisin, which is Finnish for regards.
t. knower

What's the deal with Finns and memes?

neck yourself

Lurk moar kid

They go on Ylilauta way too much. That shit's a mixture of actual FunnyJunk and an imageboard. Terrible.

Theres no seperation between internet and IRL for the Finnish people. Even our Politicians speak in pseudo BBS speak. Our politicians even call immigrants "maahanmuuttaja" which is Finnish for Newfag.

This can't possibly be true.

its a stupid newfag cuckchan meme

can confirm, am finnish politician

did you clean your room yet, jonne? you can't be a politician of your room if it's messy


t. mämi

t.good b8

fuck you mom! I'm running for municipal council and that's that!!!

op is a fag