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teen lover bread

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keep it legal, gents



ye Chadman

hold on, i made a webm!

is your neighbor back?

too old

perfection, and then got surgery, and got really really ugly.

really ?
do you have pics ?


Last thread got unceremoniously autosaged even though it hadn't hit the bump limit. And to think, I was almost finished with our plan for world domination. We just need to infiltrate anti organizations, set up reverse honeypots for Chris Hansen and his faggot fans, do internet detective stuff to gather up compromising information on them, and form Outer Heaven. I'm currently looking at suppliers of giant robot parts to build our army. Seriously though, I do have a little something extra in mind, but it'll take time and some luck to implement. I can't mention details about it here, though. Suffice to say that it involves an unorthodox strategy which is legal, carries little to no risk and is something they'd never expect us to be able to do.

Daddy wants to fire a load to her

In the mean time, making propaganda wouldn't hurt. Basically it should center around making fun of antis for being ugly, jealous old bags. Rational arguments regrettably won't get through to the murrikan public, so we just need to deluge them in pictures of teen hotties and let their dicks do the rest.

Sounds good to me

Fake tits, why dont you buy a couple of silicone bags and stuff your dick in between?
Is skin really erotic for you? Do you get hard when you rub your dick on this thin layer of female skin?

Mess with the wrong guy, die.

I have a strong feeling I'm being rused here. There is something very unnatural about her. Tits don't jiggle. Ass barely wiggles when walking. Waist looks unusually thin for her body type.

I smell a lot of plastic.

Anybody seriously considering doing any sort of activism in this respect should be armed and ready to defend themselves. If messing with you carries a higher potential cost than they're willing to risk, you'll get left alone.

I want my shit, if you make hard for us, not knowing what your other hand does and stifle us, invade our privacy, there is no mercy.




Maybe you bring your netizen shit i mean ship back to reddit.

That post was so incoherently written it's impossible to divine any meaning from it other than "RAWR I'M ANGERY!!"

This is some Shillary type shit mayne

lately i've been pondering this issue… the "anti" vigilantes (and the legit LE for that matter) dont seem to have a lot of tools on their bat-belts except for the "chris hansen" bait-n-switch
pure suicide to even attempt to face off against LE, but the vigilantes can be beaten at their own game…
but yes this is deadly serious business we are discussing here… some of these vigilantes (vigil-antis?) are legitimately dangerous…

The hillary cunt is so artificial that she would impregnate a google server.

Well for some men their brain gets shut off concerning "nice little asses" no matter the intelligence, and i mean that.
And i dont know what under age girls have to do with vigilantes.


Dangerous to what? They make a move, i will hop into their heads and then the fun begins.

Posing as an imposter? What if someone pretended to be a narc… OH HAH IM REALLY TRIPPING, whew, dunno where that came from.

if trips someone will post you know what as a response to this

How can people be pedos, with women like this?

I give them the double bind, even a triple shot.
Depending on the sophistication, depending on the experience, and i would have shitload of experience and a shitload of likeminded individuals but we cannot really talk about it. But usually our lifestyle will give away of what we are, and the way we look, the little spasms the little "learned" social interaction with the little melody we play to people think are alike.
That deep obsession that conceils ourselves, just like the faggots, in the heavy version, the foundation of the self, it comes from the back to the front, every little interaction gives it away, that little batch i wear.

Those are fake tits you fucking idiot.


I can't wait for society to start thinking objectively.

Fake tits are just shit.


not yet, thank the Gods. Dreading it. At least for now I can think (relatively) straight. When they get back, I may give myself a lobotomy with my dick
She can't be teen Chad, surely? Damn

hebe/ephebe>>>>>peed tbqh

Gorilla warfare user! This thread is becoming legit insurgent

enjoyed this

may as well repost sum stuff

All this girls presented will melt when a young dyel chad comes around, i m sorry fbi.
I wonder about the fbiatresses, are you intellectually pole dancing when you see the "selfiegirl"? Just barely blooming using that dangerous technology that makes you want to write a blog post. Give them a plug, oh those four letter words.

Any luck with teens user?

Does it hurt you when i mention that some "chad", in that case a underdeveloped mongoloid with two hairs on his chin, will get the pleasure to stick his halfstrong dick into one of these, and in a way it would be like him not knowing the difference between a peruvian mc donalds and a three star restaurant, he just eats?

Aw YEAH Holla ForumsRO I'm so fukken ON it
no, not rly :*( I have very few reasons left to go outside, so I'm working on that while I get more Kut

what, exactly?

Sometimes i see some young girls with huge bursting tits, and i know exactly by what kind of shit they will get fucked by, and it hurts me deep into my soul, and i am older chad, and pretty much every woman from 20-40 would like to get fucked by me. But if i image a little 19year old mongoloid eating a three star meal thinking it is mcdo, it makes my blood boil i see little stars and red/blue lights in my head.

that was just childish lurk more then kys

nope not like I'm trying though

t. closetanon

yeah, I guess, user

closet… what, Holla Forumsrah??

That isnt childish you motherfucker.


we've been through this already and cbf going through the details again.

anyways when's your neighbor back

shit user, I just cannot remember. Sorry m8
dunno, lel. I haven't gone so far as to follow them on holiday my negro. I am not looking forward to it, let me tell you



AH closetanon! I did nag you a bit in the other thread. You haven't changed your stance then?

I assume this is some kind of spic? How do you know her, user?

Any anons up in here got connexions to /art/? We need to commission an /art/fag to create a qt hebe/ephebe propaganda mascot, so we might begin the memetic warfare campaign of 2017

Not sure, been working some long hours lately and I haven't really thought about it.

your problem, as I understood it anyway, is (alarmingly) similar to mine; allowing time and opportunity to pass you by in your younger years, when you could have been 'hooking up' with teens comparatively easily. Chad man also knows this feel very well. Thing is, you seem to be carrying on in the same manner. I am also guilty of this for the moment. You're obviously attracted to them, as any man with an endocrine system would be, so what else do you need to convince yourself to attempt to get them?

I'm just afraid of throwing away what I've earned and worked for. It seems as if bagging a few teens wouldn't be enough to sate my desires. Basically I don't trust myself and may get addicted to teen pussy and destroy my career and life all together.

Tan skin is so disgusting it should be illegal.

for reference…

tariq nasheed pls go

I like the sybolism of actionism. Always ready to defile. It makes my dick even harder thinking that an unfinished something will defile a really thight cunt. It makes my dick hard thinking at the same time a rather unnoticed fbi female profiler has to switch their po-gem to a bit further. And i would watch your little dance, and the art of it.

sauce on first pic?

Agreed. Pale skin is GOAT

Not the guy you replied to but I got fired from my job for just talking to a girl OUTSIDE WORK, she was 19 (I asked her) so no way would it have been illegal for me to even fuck her if she consented anyway but my boss found out about it and told me I gave the company a bad reputation with my "predatory behavior" over "young girls". I called her beautiful and asked if she liked food… didn't even talk about sex… I'm 20 years older than her and an ex con but that's no reason to tell my boss I'm harassing you bitch, she told him sometime between that evening and the next morning which is just fucking weird even in a small town. He didn't fire me yet, just warned me but listen, next time I saw her I asked why the fuck she told my boss and she threatened to call the police and say I'm stalking her, like we were in fucking New York or someshit when it's literally a town of maybe 2000 people so no way to avoid someone forever. I told her I'm still working at the same place and she should consider herself lucky because I'm an important asset to the town, she started walking away and went to an alley so of course I grabbed her and she thought I was gonna rape her and screamed so I stuffed my dick in her mouth, next time I went to work she had told my boss AGAIN but this time that I raped her and he fired me EVEN THOUGH I WAS BLEEDING FROM MY DICK BECAUSE THE BITCH BIT ME… I didn't fucking rape her I just put my dick in her mouth so she would stop screaming that I'm raping her, and she fucking told the cops and they matched her teeth on my dick to prove I had forced my dick in her mouth, of course I said it wasn't like I raped her and only put it in her mouth so she wouldn't scream but they didn't believe me, apparently I had no reason to be naked if I wasn't going to rape her like it being summer wasn't reason enough and my dick just happened to make the most sense to put in her mouth instead of my hand or something because then she would've REALLY thought I was gonna rape her… moral of the story, if you're an ex con with no college degree or shit, don't even talk to girls or they'll think you trying to rape them

Sounds like you sexually assaulted her with the intention to rape her but pussied out when the bitch bit your dick

you're weak user

No… can't you read? My dick was the most convenient to put in her mouth, she wouldn't have bit my dick if she knew I wasn't going to rape her unless she's a total bitch… I was naked and she was shorter than me so what else should I put in her mouth? I didn't expect her to bite me, who the fuck does that? She was screaming that I'm raping her but how the FUCK does being naked on a hot summer day equal rape? I'm not fucking 80 or something so I couldn't be a REAL creepy old man, maybe old enough to be her dad, sure, no education is the big part I think maybe she thought I wanted to rape her but after what she did telling my boss I wouldn't have fucked her even if she begged me to… putting your dick in a hot girl's mouth against her will is NOT sexual assault… only if she wants it but changes her mind and you keep going, then maybe, but doing it to convince her you're not gonna rape her??? That's NOT FUCKING SEXUAL ASSAULT OR RAPE, it's common cortesy so nobody will call the cops thinking there's a rape happening

Mediocre bait


I'm aware of this; you're talking to a veteran lurker here. Not an oldfag, but in a decade's worth of lurkan I've seen most of these. They are (and should be), however, reserved for anons; normies will simply not understand, or worse, adopt them as el epic neo maymay. We are trying to create something that will affect a typical normie's world-view. It shouldn't be easily traceable back to the 'asshole of the internet' and its population of 'cyberbullies' or whateverthefuck. imo, it should confuse, suggest; and ultimately convince the viewer that the witch-hunt against hetero males attracted to attractive girls is poppycock. Yeah, I said it, poppycock.

don't understand, are you fantasizing about femBI getting turned on by teen qts, or getting triggered by them? Or something else? What are you on about, man?

Not the user you were talking to, but I saw a documentary about FBI agents that lurk on pedo websites. Looking at young qts is highly traumatizing, apparently. I imagine it would be the equivalent of an Asian guy having to sit and look at pictures of big dicks all day.

Jesus, calm down man. No need to fly off the handle like that.

thoughts on her?

i think she belongs on a 4cancer wwyd thread

fb/ig thread wwyd reply gets reply




I want to lose my virginity with a high school girl.

and i with a middle school girl


I'm sorry you had to read that, Holla Forumsro. I just… I want this so much, you know?

skewing a bit too young here, fellas. keep it on the straight and narrow.




Nice Hair Gauntlets

Heidy is 18, you know!

post birth certificate

shouldn't we cut her in half and count the rings?

that'll work too

shit, it just occurred to me. The mascot should be mascots, Evie and Phoebe; could be related or bffs.
They'd (subtly) reject/oppose/otherwise deviate from toxic feminist narratives and 'modernity' - especially the bombardment of girls with nigger 'culture' - in their image and their quotes/catchphrases etc. If they're cute (for the males) and popular (for the females) enough, it might just help reprogram them. meme magic
pics rel as concepts, lel

this saddens me. I wish we could Holla Forumsro out irl; I'd convince you to wrangle some teens and then take the flak for you since idgaf and will prolly be gone soon

Oh yea, I know. I feel ya.


in my book 17 and a half is 18 unless you live in europe.



Why? Do you have a terminal illness?

Damn you teen lovers. We're stuck with such a lame suffix. What the hell can anyone do with "pedo" that wouldn't end up with a name that sounds like something to do with pissing.

let's not derail the thread with bloggerposts

Feels guud, man. Also doesn't mind the redpills I drop here and there.

what do

I got a motorcycle and lost a bit of weight. Going to college is makes it 9,000% more likely as well, where I hang out with the running start teens a lot since I'm a joker, and fairly outgoing.

Idk, I might have been very lucky (realistically I am, there's no way I should be in such a great position tbh). It turns out this chick was eyeing me for months before I even noticed her much, lol. Was a total "notice me senpai" deal I guess… Man I'm lucky… I didn't even really "make a move" just kinda rode the wave past the friendzone without even trying. Now we're planning on going to see the solar eclipse together here in a few weeks.. Life can always turn around in the absolute least expected ways, user. I would have called total bullshit if someone had told me I would be here even a month ago. Stay strong, and focus on improving yourself in whatever way you can, it will do more for your prospects than you think.

thou art in the best situation, yes, user. I am man enough to admit I possess my fair share of envy here. But I'm also very fucking happeh for you. Got any advices pertaining to the 'fairly outgoing' bit? As in, for those of us who aren't exactly. And good spots to meet them, for those of us who don't comply with the college meme?

You have my envy, sir.

You have my envy, sir.

Shit, Idk. My outgoing personality isn't born of popularity, or something good. My home life was kinda shit, so I've always been the "class clown" to cope I guess. I always have the urge to try and make a joke out of the situation. The classic comedian history. Couldn't exactly say how to gain that if you're not already there, but people let their guard down quicker with a funny guy rather than a more "mature" outgoing person (especially if they're younger).

I would say I was more able to use it to my advantage with women after I gained some self-confidence, and that's the real magic ingredient. Losing some weight was a catalyst for it, and so was getting a normie "cool" hobby. Stop looking at porn (I'm now at maybe once a week), and stop doing other things that show your inadequacies. I used to be worried about my dick size when I used to watch porn daily, now it's not really on my relationship radar. You might have to lie to yourself for a while, but you need to own the label of "cool guy" even if you're not exactly one… yet.

As for where to find them besides school, you could try hipster coffee shops. Sometimes younger people need a quieter place to study than at home with their parents or roommates, so look for those in your area. The problem is, school and academic progress is something you have in common that can go past that age gap. Without it, you need to have some other shared interest that can do that. That's the only realistic way for someone who doesn't look like a movie star and just wants damaged sluts.

Community Colleges are either cheap or free these days, so just take advantage of it if you have the time. People of all ages go to those; it's the great equalizer, which is why it's so much easier for these things to happen.

I reckon most anons here know that feel. Myself definitely included
this. In everything I've read, or even seen irl, it's self-confidence which makes or breaks you. This is not usually good news for the anons stuck in a perpetual cycle of self-hate/criticism. I dunno how one would change that; my method is using anger to switch mental state. Helps to get practical shit done, but I wouldn't recommend this for extended periods of time (extremely unhealthy) - and for the purposes of this thread - to interact with others, especially females
valid, I suppose. There must be many anons here basing their social 'blind spots' on porn
kek, I don't think teen qts are into lumberjacking/40k etc.
noice input, Holla Forumsrah, cheers. Good luck with the gf fam

anyone gots teen materials? not pedro gear pls, there are eleventy-three threads for that already
Chadman, where you fucked off to?

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

point them out, mcmotherfucker PLEASE
I just want to purge dirty xenos with a PTP waifu what is this bullshit life simulator fucking hell

bumpan the thread; everything I post is legal. They all pass the DOST test; yes even the DOST v2.6. pls no bully

This is making me want to turn this into an /m/ thread. Too bad even if we just built robots that look like teen girls, the feminists would still try to ban them.

Not only that you'd still get arrested.
Look at the guy in the UK who imported a child sex doll. It's just a fucking doll (literally), and he was arrested.

I hate grainy photos…

i want her to sit on my dick

Hebe bread is my reason for living!
Nothing sexier than a post pubescent baby making machine!

Her baby-making hips havn't even widened yet… but I'd inseminate that, no fear!

Any more of here?

Of pregnancy? Nah, man, she's fertile.


Thanks trips. I came like everywhere

Thought hebe's primary range was 11-14 Holla Forumsro. Yet that loli looks about 9 my dude.

9yo??…are you fucking retarded?
My guess would be 14-16.
Dont let you fantasies get in the way of reality dude.

Too much information…but your welcome.

Look nigger I know the emotional turmoil raging inside your degenerate mind can cloud your judgement but if you think that loli is 14-16 then you are fucking delusional.

Daiperfag, look at her fucking facial structure, her body language and her body. That fucking loli is no older than 10.

THIS is no older than 10??
Holy fuck man you really are a moral fagg looking for a cause aint ya?!?
Now that the pedo's have had enough of your shit and have moved on you are trying to get the Hebe's lynched.
This site is dead to me.

Bregoli also looks 18+… The child in your pic is obviously a 10-year old with massive honkers.

And just to satisfy the moral fagg and really get his nihilistic juices flowing here is Cinderella when she was 8!

Actually she was 14 here,but i dont want to low the fantasies of the moral fagg.

you're not a hebe i'm trying to lynch, diaperfag. Like I said you're fucking dillusional and no matter what I say you'll do some mental gymnastics and tell yourself that loli is 14.

well that was easy



wait, I just read that, what do you mean 8?
8 what?

what country lets girls that age model nearly nude?


You think I don't know the difference between diaper, hebe and epheb you fucking kike?


my bad, testicles are getting in the way of reading abilities

tell your husband to stop teabagging you.

How? Are you standing over a laptop in the nude while trying to read Holla Forums?



I refuse to believe. Pic or it didnt happen

Seriously ???

Your a fucking moron if you cant tell the difference between diaper faggs and the stuff i posted.

Understandable dude :)

..and just for the moral cuck here is some more prepubescent Cinderella.

BTW..mods i am trying so hard to keep the naughty bits hidden…but its hard with this girl ;)(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

inb4 deleted

not really doe, lel right?

she's clearly mid-pubescent.

I agree…and yet the cunt was tring to say my attracion was the same as diaper faggs?!?!

Stop saying hard!

You're making me hard.

If I had a daughter and she looked like that at the age of 14-16 I might have to legitimately kill myself because I'd assume my wife or god forbid I would a genetic disorder.

Bruv that model is fucking 10.

who in the shit wants to see how a bearman browses Holla Forums in a thread about grorious teen-eru? Fucking hell, user, the trap thread is thattaway

has anyone ventured to /art/ to enlist propagandists for my cunning plan?

The trick is if your daughter looks ANYTHING like this is to not concentrate on your daughter,but instead to concentrate on her friends…
I know something of this as my own kid is 13,and i love her without any confusion…but her friends are another thing all together.

There's a clear difference between the pictures you're posting now than before which this nigger referred to

Gods above and below, Holla Forumsrother, do tell

The only diff is in your eyes mate….both sophia and Cinderella where about the same age in both sets(i cant vouch for months,but they were both 14 in boh sets.)

Alright I concede. My eyes deceived me but at least acknowledge where I'm coming from. Look how baron she is…

I don't plan on having any daughters but I'll keeo that in mind if I somehow get cursed or change my mind.

And btw…they are about the same age as Nastia Mouse was in her sets(or i am the only old fagg who remembers her?)


You're definitely old I can give you that or am I just new and borderline bluepilled because I have no clue where your pulling these sets from lmao.


Download her photosets here:


Its not a curse mate,its a blesing.
Its easier than you think to keep you loli fantasies separate to you fantasies.(unless your a incest fagg,and i cant help you with that.)
But i cant deny that the summer swim parties get more interesting as the years go by!

so what sort of government website is this?

fucking hell

I just came thinking about "summer swim parties".
I seriously need to get a girl and impregnate her so we can have "summer swim parties" in years to come!

was just gonna say somthing liek tht

Not an incest fag but thanks for asking. Eh, having a daughter (imo) is just synonymous to having a 18 year curse placed over you. For those 18 years you have to put time, money and emotional support behind her and for what end game? To get fucked by Chad or to get ravaged by all the niggers she runs to because fuck that user. Fuck that whole precedent and fuck having daughters.

Having a son however is fucking 'easy.' Give them a toy car and a few building blocks and you'll set them up for life.

Back on topic here….MOAR cinderella !!!

sorry mate,all the cinderella i have is too lewd for here

Actually fuck it..i will waste 10 seconds and get a Kenyan or Libyan proxy and post a few for you….




she's hot. got any more?

I'm not posting nuffin' mr ef bee ay

a pox on those who would deny how fucking hot that girl is.

She's fucking beautiful. What ethnicity?


is this legal ?

I would lay even money that some anti just tried to get this thread deleted!

lmao, right after I clicked the [close window] on the report window I saw your post

fuck's sake. I'll make a new one if this one tanks

user you must realize that question doesn't even matter anymore.

weve gone from beautiful girl to slutty child.
Fuckin anti's are trying to make us seem like cancer,when its them that are the bad seeds!

this is the first cp shit I see on the internets, this is just disgusting man, I don't know what you would enjoy about that.

is it considered hurtcore if she seems to enjoy it?


you tell me


repost plz

Mods be going full fagg…get while you can…..(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Pretzel girl!!!!!!!!!!!

why " pretzel" girl?

seek the onion for the why.

Just tell the naive user :(

easy bro…get TOR
Find either "Childs Play".."Kids World" or "Magic Kingdom"(for a start)..and the search for "pretzel".

Need more Cinderella bread…post!

hebe princess here


why are the anti-pedo kikes here, in a teen thread? What is precisely afoot, here?



Why so hostile kikefag?

What is with all the deleted stuff? Forgive me im new.

kikes are the pedos
your rhetoric is tired and has never worked
kill yourself moishe

I'm starting to have less faith in you saying you arent a nigger.

no argument there, goy. I was just under the assumption that the anti-pedo kikes conflated the teen thread for pedo thread, hence trying to get us all b& and v&. Have no clue who is fucking with what

you can have 0 faith, Holla Forumsrother. That is your right and privilege. I'm only really interested in whether you have any teen material to post/greentext. Otherwise, you can Dynamo Kiev for all I care m8 ;^)


moar teens pls

thats YOUR job, satan.

turbonigger, I've fired off a battery of teenposts. I'm down to reposting. More sacrifices are required

How about you sacrifice yourself, you faggot.

what is the reason behind your limitless anal frustration, user?


I'm on your side sage. This user protects us and the sanctity of the board.

are you suggesting I'm buttblasted, user? kek what is happening?

(You) are happening, satan. (You) are happening.

ah, farming for them (You)s, I seee



these really teen, Holla Forumsrah? goddamn

Is that all? The flagfaggotry has triggered you this much?

Is that all? The SAGE!faggotry has triggered you this much?

lel very astute, user. You've certainly got me now. What are you 15? if so, post tits bby

strawman me harder, baby
you will never see these tits you degenerate pedophile



We all know you're a lard ass now.

kek, I must believe it's a triggered teen qt moralfag

give that sweet oc bby


fine here

everybody chill out and look at the naked girl

>doesn't even check them
what good are you?

is this a teen Bella Hadid, Holla Forumsrah?


Why would I check your dubs? You don't deserve it.


Yeah, I knew this thread would go there at some point.

wew lad


ty user



Is that a spic?

this cannot be teen. No, no, I'm very doubtful

i'm back nuggers !

gee, this thread grew quite a bit since last time i'v been here.

Chadman! our greatest frog and ally tbh


im you now

thine impression is decent, I'll grant you. But you simply do not have the MASS to convince the Holla Forumsattle Holla Forumsrothers.
user, genuinely, what's the deal?

I do not know what you mean. Please be more precise.


as in why are you putting on this baka-esque performance? Did I offend you in some other thread or something?

I'm not a fucking weeb, Satan. I don't know what that means.


This is the content the real satan enjoys. Post more.

any new teen, Satan?


nah Holla Forumsrah, just the 'look' stage, but not having the means to go for it. Adult is crushing hard on me tho, lel
also still dreading the neighbor return

dude, you don't have to stick to one teen or even one girl.
just find some qt and nail her, experience is always a plus.

agreed, it's just that first hurdle man. I will do this, no worries

i'am looking for nude pics



had a black chick once, do not recommend.



yea of course


no all these chicks are over 18. i got celeb nudes in there. c'mob/ I tried to take over the thread like the spiderman troll but with nice legal nude ladies……is that so wrong????

I don't know how people like cp, it's fucking disgusting and immoral

dangerously new. Tremendous faggotry abounds today.

None of these girls are 18

i know whats wrong with this beautiful grown vagina

585 is all clubs leaks. kate upton and j law nudes….are u fucking dumb or just trolling?

Pedos can´t deal with normal age women.

i didn't mean those pics. Only the last 3 numbers.

fine then ill stop

kek. Still working too hard for PTP opportunities?

>imblying redditfags get any pussy
tip-top lel

Im sure i have gotten more pusy than you, judging by that comment

but that's only because you are one, plebbit

Rather be a plebbit than a pedo scum


no PTP for me this summer. too much work.
i'll try to find some this winter, but winter times are always slow….meh, we'll see.

i let my work behind, too busy chasing pussy, i really have to get my shit back if i don't want to end up broke.


Race mixer.



I thought pseudo-Satan
was a fag, but at least some of his shit was funny. You shouldn't stay here too long, I'm sure you need to see to your gf's son at some point or w/e ohyeGods

same, I will ofc be running al sorts of even worse Holla Forumsatlleplans by you tbh

He is more handsome than you could ever dream of being, nigger-satan


cp with like 7 year olds isn't nice in my opinion, some older teen cp like masha is amazing. Any straight male who's ever seen that and says that's disgusting is a liar.

Satan commends your double post.

it really reads like you are this cuck's gf, and you're trying to be el edgy online together because you've been overwhelmingly triggered. But you're just a homoboy tho, aren't you?

also that pic

what of it?
a cuck is still a kind of faggot, really. It is ofc worse than being an actual fag, because you submit to women and not big guys 4u
we all know you're basically webm related anyway


she is so sex obsessed she is rubbing herself on a pole in public
gives me conniptions



Less talk and more tits, you massive faggots





You mean, shoot niggas and rob houses?

user a normal person isnt going to rub themselves on a pole in public to get off because they cant control themselves. This is what Jews do to a people and it sickens me.
but im happy to see this one die

Also its this kind of speak that keeps me questioning your race

keep posting more nude

he can be a white boy wannabe nigga

i meant

Im not sure if thats worse or not tbh

i was about to say. what the fuck did i do man………..and sage is just a troll don't engage it

I'll show you a troll

Cover your eyes, people. user will show us his dick pics

not a bad troll. u regulated the fiery tornado of shit flying around the boards all day. I admire u fucker….






Who saves this shit

I'm saving the good stuff cuz i don't wanna get banned


That doesn't excuse the fact that you saved all these garbage pics

or that I'm pulling off a tumblr???/??


what is the 10% u liked??

post fucking pics


Literally nothing youve posted is good.

i dont wanna get banned again…..

does anyone agree with him????

u said 90% is crap???? what the one or few u got semi hard for???



When I said 90% I was refering to this thread. There were some good ones in this thread, but only like 8 at most. Nothing you have is good.

show me the ones u like i might have a couple similar……..u like the little teens?????im posting grown women……u like asians or aryans only kinda thing????? latina pussy?

Anything that isn't white is ==GROSS==
also im not showing you the good ones. You should be able to tell yourself


U like this one?????>>7272245

nah too old and whore like

who who who??????


What do adult women have that teenage girls don't?



stds, lose pussies, more psychological problems they like to call that "personality".

tfw this picture upset me so much i havnt stopped thinking about it since you posted it
tfw fantasize about about walking up behind her and whispering in her ear "How about instead of rubbing yourself against that pole, like a dumb whore, you let a real man fuck you, and take me back to your place?"
She of course does, and when we get there I say "I only got you to bring me here, to get you out of public view, and to say its disgusting you let yourself become so sex obsessed that you do that in public. Also, if you want to earn your fucking, rather than agreeing to the first to suggest it, gimme a call" I give her my number.
she calls me and we start dating, and I slowly wane her off her masturbation addiction by shaming her when she does and by rewarding her somehow when she stays sober for a while
tfw this wont be the end of my no fap streak
tfw im going to lose it and suicide before 30
tfw im not fit for this disgusting kike ridden world
tfw im literally shaking
tfw im genuinely scared
I need a gun

user, I don't think anyones ever triggered me this hard before. This is PTSD level stuff


Bump for more butthurt and hot young ladies. I'm havin' fun.

we're on a magical slide, Holla Forumsrah. No bump can save us now. This was a fairly enjoyable thread, I grant you

if I could believe
you weren't just another schizophrenic
roller of t's;
and if I could believe
this breakdown post, I would say
to thee
that we
are meant to be
Your opinions aren't so different from mine, though I might finally have become too cynical, or at least too horny (lel at my Satan joke, fucknugget), to give 2 - even 3 - shits any more. Chin up, Holla Forumsattle-Holla Forumsrother, the pendulum must swing back that girl is one of yours tho, that must be the worst of it, surely?
Chad man, fellow hebe/ephebes, on a more alarming note: the neighbors have returned. The sperg is rising






These are teens but… Ya know, legal pictures. Notice the watermark.

Fresh pics, get them while they're hot

noice. go on