Virgin question

question for non virgin here.
how long does it take for a woman to cum when you put your dick in her pussy?
gonna have my first time soo and i don't want to mess it up

look it up on google dumb frogposter

post feet

I think it depends on how big your dick is. Quite honestly

idk i've never had sex

It ain't the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean.
Although, if your dick is really small then it's the size of the boat for sure.

It depends on your athleticism and stamina.
It not just genital for the woman you have to be stimulating with kissing, caressing, eye contact. Try to kind of lose yourself and the whole self kind of sensation and focus on her reactions and use your pressure and movement accordingly.
Also go up and pump up against to g-spot area and not just straight in. This is why girls like doggy style so much since the pressure is focused in that area.

It's the size of the ocean tbh.
Not, but really - don't worry about making her cum. Just make sure she's always wet. That means she's still into it. She will come eventually if you can hold it for more than a minute. You will know because her pussy will basically grab your dick.
It's a good feeling when you're looking her in the eye and you know she's cumming because of you.

If at any point you feel the girl isn't into it just stop. I can't stress this enough

above average tbh

tell me your story.

No, that only means pound harder and smack her around. Be sure to choke her and slap her ass. I can't stress this enough.

If you're a virgin you'll probably cum in 30 seconds. Eat her out first until she's about to cum

No. Don't listen to this niglet.
Make sure she is wet. Only choke slightly every now and then. Pull her hair too if she's into it. Bitches love that shit.

how much more?, i can't hold indefinitely, i doubt i can make it pas 10minutes of PIV.
would probably get my dick sore and my balls on fire

Don't tell her you're not a virgin. She'll know you lied, and anyway most girls will find it charming

No, don't listen to this fag.
Demand she mount you while you're screaming "DADDY!"

thats very likely, however i can keep an erection after cumming, the tip get hyper sensitive for about 5 seconds then i can do it again without losing my erection

either way, she won't know because she's a virgin too

It's just some off hand advice that I got from my sister a long time ago that paid off.

This is good advice.
Let her know you're a virgin. There's no downside to it because she'll know it'll be special for you.

One thing you should know: you will feel very sleepy right after sex. Make sure you tell her to wash herself before you fall asleep because if she falls asleep with your cum inside her, she will most likely get a yeast infection the next day. That's a very common rookie mistake.

Why would you be the one screaming DADDY, you magnificent piece of shit?

Because Ihave issues.

Op, dont listen to these posters they don't have a clue.
I'm a male model, rugby player, actor and club manager, i'm no alpha male, but i'm what you would call 'chad'. So listen up friend, because i love you and i want you to succeed.

It normally takes me about 20-30 mins of constant intercourse in missionary.
Trust me you wont last that long first time.
If you want her to come and go into cutesy cuddle i love you mode, 1. be attractive 2. be attractive. 3. foreplay well, feed her a glass or two of red wine.
then before you get into it finger her after some buildup, but don't go in and out, start on the outside and work the clit and the outside, then when you slowly work your way in, lock your fingers into a J shape, so shes on her back and your fingers are vertical, and go up and down on her g spot. place your other hand just above her pubic area on that smooth love spot below the belly button and apply some light pressure. up and down, slowly getting harder and faster. That is how a girl cums hard, and after shes scratches the fuck out of you arm and arches her back and says stop, go at it for another 5 seconds. then kiss her, then make love another few times and send her love texts and dedicate a few hours in a week to buying her a nice little present.

That's what i did with Lily before she got hit by a truck lol. We were only young, but we were both models and i thought we were so in love.she had lots of shaggy dirty blonde hair chopped to the shoulders, big green eyes and for two years she wore a blue ribbon on the side on one of her locks. She was so thin, 5'5". She hated girls drinking and taking selfies, she made fun of other girls for being basic. All in good fun, but she always told me that she hated what people were becoming, where they only do things because it helps them move up in the social ladder. You don't find women like that now, i have never found somebody half as intelligent as she was, she could quote Shakespeare and play violin but could also tell you stuff she read about quantum physics in some book, it was probably only half truths but that made it all the funnier. She made my little brother start reading books, and he hasn't stopped. I always tear up when i go back home and see him reading, even if its only a cherub novel, ha.
It was weird at the funeral, most of her friends knew me, but her parents didn't have a clue who i was or why i turned up.
She had never told her family about me, despite spending a 3 years hanging out with my folks. After that i could never be sure if she loved me back, she was so stunning. I don;t want to think about if she had multiple boyfriends.

All i want to do is ask her if she really loved me like i loved her, all i want is for her to tell me that she loves me again, and that the only reason she didn't tell her family was because they'd ruin it.
I'v thought about it for 5 years now, i have never stopped thinking about it. The last things i said to her were the dumbest most autistic things i have ever said to her about pea protein in coconut water, which she thought was alittle bit funny, but she was in a grouchy mood that whole week so it was a really shitty phone call to end everything on. It's just that fact that it was the last thing we said to each other, that's the only problem.
I want to tell her i love her, and that she's perfect, and when some asshole bleach, fake tan skank tells her shes not, to just ignore her. And that the fact that she stole my heart and fucking died has ruined the rest of my romantic life to the point i cant get an erection around women, and i want to be left alone.

She doesn't need to cum op.
She will leave in the end.

cunt, i aint reading this bible

Feels thread is over in that direction.

After you push your big cock into her little hole, spit on her clit and rub it while you fuck her. Also put a pillow under her ass for better angle, trust she will like it

dude wat?!

what if i let her on top and ride me as she see fit ? would she cum faster?

Girls dont really cum from vaginal insertion. Dont worry about it if she doesnt cum. After you get some experience, you can practice rubbing her clit while you fuck her then she will cum. Alternatively let her rub her own clit while you fuck her, then you dont even need to worry about it and she will just cum automatically.

No, even when she does that, you still have a job to do, unless she really knows what she's doing, but I doubt that's the case anyway.
Again, don't worry about making her cum. Just make sure you're both enjoying it.

If she rides, she can hit her spot better but you wont last 2 mins without cumming lol
Protip- jerk off and cum the morning before you fuck her, it will help you last

Bad idea. If you do that, your cum reserves will be half depleted for the day, which means that, when you do cum, you will look like a puny human instead of a sex god.

I've seen you post before. I remember she texted you that she was gonna go get drunk and got hit that night before you could respond.

wouls you rather cum in 2 minutes with a bucket of cum or cum in 20 to 30 minutes with a handful of cum

i can cum multiple times with the same erection.
but i'v never been over 3 times in a row, i think it would be dangerous.
i probably should ask a doc about that.


Whatever you do, don't stick it in her ass, that's gay and she might shit on you

I would rather cum in 2 minutes and look like a god because I can always cum again as soon as I recover.
If I take 20 to 30 minutes to cum a second time, I will be exhausted and depleted to cum a third time.

thanks user.
i always know that female and men experienced sex differently.
for us is just about dick in pussy, but for them its the whole experience, foreplay, caress, kissing, etc….

I'm male and this stuff is important to me in sex. Otherwise it's just masturbation and subpar compared to porn…

are there really guys out there who can last 30 min of non stop thrust in a pussy without cumming ?

Yeah, why not.

There are guys who can last forevr. I had a guy friend who could fuck for hours. Couldn't cum from penetration except on drugs. His girl always had to finish him off with a bj or he had to jerk off.

her pussy probs wasnt tight enough

Pussy makes me cum fast but when I fuck my buddy's butt I can go forever🤔

Nha, the dude was like that with multiple girls. He was circumsized(if that matters).

from what i'v read on medical publication the average guy last under 4 minutes in a pussy before cumming. there are few rare fags that can last between 10 and 15min.

anything beyond that or under 2 minutes falls under medical condition.

i think the whole fuck for hours is a porn meme.

could be the lubrication, pussies are wet.

I wouldn't say hours, but solid 20-30 minutes is OK. Once I made a whore cum so many times she actually wanted to spend the night. And she did. For free too, so whatever.

I don't think it is but I don't get the point of it.
After twenty to twenty-five minutes I'm good.
Although there was this one time…


we're talking about PIV only here, not foreplay.

When you put it in, think about your grandpa bent over taking your cock, trust me you won't cum for a long time

they both died before i was born. never met them

The more you get her going before inserting penis the easier will be to finish her off just dont go ape shit from the start keep it steady for a while then stretch that pussy up

If it's her first time too she probably won't come the first couple times.

you mean foreplay? pussy licking, fingering, etc…