I'm a straight male with HIV!

Did you get it from a blood transfusion, birth?
You did it to yourself

IV drug user?

Are you positive OP?

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Ex girlfriend was a junkie. Got it from her.

sucks m8, sorry to hear. i know some lot of ppl who caught hep c/hiv from sharing needles, state where i used to live didn't have needle exchange programs which made them hard to get and so people reused them tons/shared, spread of disease was astronomical and people would collapse their veins with dull needles fast as fug

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OP claims to be straight, so he got it from niggers somewhere down the line

It's really not that bad. I've been poz for 9 years and haven't experienced a single simptom.

Great question. None.

Well your disease came from niggers and/or faggots, so it's just a case of determining which source it came from

Probably true

how long after you caught it did it take you to get diagnosed? when did you think you should test yourself?

It was about 8 years. I had a pretty severe case of shingles, and I figured it was the gay.

fuk that long? i think i might've exposed myself a couple years ago but have been scared to get tested cuz i don't want bad news

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. If you think you're scared to know wait till you see how scared you are to die.

It's bad news, but not as bad as you think. There will be a cure within a 10 years, so just get tested.

Please put me in your will so when you die soon, I can get your money

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My T-cell count is higher than yours. Kek!

It's probably not tbqhwy

How were you not aware of the danger of sharing needles?

Did you never hear ads the goverment puts about warning you? Did you never notice this in movies or tv shows? Why didn't you know your gf was infected? Did she tell you where she got it from?

You might as well go bisexual now and fuck some cute pozzed twink in the ass and give him more hiv strands.

Are you on PrEP?

She told me she never shared needles. I made the mistake of believing her.

Nope. Didn't matter. The more junkies that get HIV, the better.

Doesn't really work like that

No, that's for people who are engaging in high risk behavior.

I'm on ART

Nope, that wasn't your mistake. Your mistake was taking drugs and sharing needles.

Wouldn't you want to know whether she cheated on you? Didn't you call her out on it? If she didn't share needles, then she had sex.

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I never used heroin

That was the least of my worries when I found out. Also, the chances of her getting it from needles was way higher.

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Too bad you are both and don't even have a choice to choose one. :)

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What drives a man to do this to himself. Why do i have to deal with disgusting people like these? I hope one day it either gets completely cured or everybody who is poz just gets hanged