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fuck off nigger

This happened ages ago negro, old news

ben is a neocon kike and cenk is a fgt so who cares tbh

They are both anti-white. Ones a Jew boy and another a turkroach.

Twink Kike vs Big Brown Buffalo, see it live on pay per view

I'm posting on multiple boards hoping to find at least 1 person who can give me an answer.

Cenk "The Tank" Uygur CRUSHED him with the Uygur Maneuver.


Ladies and gentlemen, we got him

Why does politics need a 'con'? These people aren't politicians, they're pseud ecelebs with a following of adolescent edgelords

They're both rhetoricians, nothing more. I mean, they're relatively intelligent people, but they just rehearse talking points… that's it.

i thought both made good points. there really was no winner.

I put in that address and I get directed to some dutch channel called "jaofnee".




I'm guessing that's because it was in all caps…


It's people like you who allow paper pushing bureaucrats to dominate the government.


I was on Cenk's point of view for this point of this debate, but Ben wiped the floor with him

This isn't even a debate.

a jew vs a turk?
where is my rope?

It's pretty safe to say you've lost when you're begging the crowd to google things to prove you're right and insulting them when they disagree with you.

The jew totally crushed him.
Only way Cenk can try and recover his talk like hes doing a civil rights speech and using buzzwords.
"This is is America!" is all he's got.

It's pretty safe to say that you've lost a debate if you are debating a kike who has a high verbal IQ and the ability to speak at jet speed. Shapiro is an ideologue, he could destroy anyone with his neo-con agenda. He has some rare ability to just spit out shit that he believes, faster than the opponent can. It's pretty impressive but he's still restricted because he lives in a neo-con bubble. He's a filthy kike, nothing more.

i somewhat agree with alot of this.

On economics and abortion the nigger is absolutely right. But he did support the Iraq war, probably for Israel since he is a jew.

He needs to fucking slow down tho.

At around 47 minutes Cenk says something pretty important. He calls out corporate lobbies for influencing politicians and Shapiro tries to claim he is wrong. He even goes on to mention Soros. Jesus Christ, I'm actually agreeing with a turkish fag. I don't even think Cenk wanted to say this shit, he was just forced to because Shapiro is such a Zionist queer.


he'll eventually eat his own words
he tries to play all sides and it will be his downfall.

Because he's a kike. Saddam Hussein wanted to implement a new form of currency to fund oil money. He wanted to defy the petrodollar. This made the kikes butthurt so they decided to go to war.

I think Ben is right on that, Cenk is making the argument that giving money to politicians is In the US a legal bribe. Ben reacts by saying that TYT donated money to Bernie's campaign and shilled for him too. And his entire company existing is from a 4 million dollar investment by some guy to just shill for those things Bernie proposes.

Thing is, without actually instructing the politicians what to do, it is not a bribe. A company or corporation sees the person holding the campaign, and analyses their goals they want to achieve once their in the position. If this helps them, they will give that campaign money so he does get in office.

You're missing the entire point though. The fact is, you shouldn't be able to fund people in the government to say what you want. That is what Cenk was trying to get across. Yes TYT is guily of this, that's why I said "I don't even think Cenk wanted to say this shit". Shapiro instinctively attacked Cenk for being contradictory. He never proved how Cenk was wrong though. He was then interrupted by the moderator.

Yes, I agree with this.
But this is not what my post said. The company's and people that were funding Hillary and Bernie did not directly tell them what to do, they saw their campaign plans , saw it was profitable for them, and spended their money on their campaigns for more a chance of them become the new president.

Do read it again please.

Im not an illiterate nigger just tired.

Yeah, they spent their money on a candidate that would later boast their company's interests. It's the same concept. If you pay money for a politician, you expect capital later on. You get this by buying a politician based on their interests.

But it is not. If I donate 1 dollar to my favorite politician, wanting him to win so I profit from it, am I committing a bribe?

You aren't dumb, you know the answer. The same applies however big the money amount is.

No, you're just a poorfag trying to donate because you think you are fighting a cause.

I'm talking about big donators here. Massive corporations that have a hand of power. Do you think corporate lobbies like AIPAC just donate because they want to help people out? No, they do it for power, they do it to make their own rules. Why do you think most politicians (on the left and the right) pander to Israel? It's because they are owned by lobbies like AIPAC.

It doesn't change anything.
Again, unless you're actually instructing the person on what to do, it isn't a bribe.

Fuck you you don't get to decide why I donate to X politcian you communist faggot.

I donate my 1 dollar for power to, to make my own rules.

If I donate to a politician a sum of money, hoping for them to win so they can instate what I want for me to reach a goal of whatever, it isn't a bribe.

If I donate to a politician a sum of money, with an agreement that he does exactly what I want for that sum of money, then it is indeed a bribe.

These two examples should help clear up the difference I am trying to show you.

Typical kike response. You are obsessed with the word "bribe". Exactly like Shapiro. You are using weasel words to get around the fact that politicians are bought. If someone stands for a certain movement in order to make money and you pay them a ridiculous amount of money to stand by it, you are influencing them with money. If they go against it they are no longer funded.