Active user count is wrong

Somebody explain to me how the active users are tallied? Index shows 1,219 active users on Holla Forums, but, if the actual post activity is to say anything, it's more like 20 or 30. There's no way that there are 1,219 active users here right now.

Even if you were to count unique post authors for every thread currently visible in the catalog, there's still no way that would add up to that many. There's some fuckery going on here for sure. Seems like the numbers are being padded to create the appearance of legitimate user activity in an effort to make this site look more popular than it really is.

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Nah, theres more like 300 people here realistically

Just hovered over the [ ? ] and it says this:

Not buying that for a second.

It's possible that there's a flaw in the aggregation of post counts. Each user will generate a different ID per thread (their ID is a hash of their IP + thread ID). If that hash it what's being used to identify unique IP then I could probably see how the user count is so high, though that would still be flawed.

Dynamic IPs
There are in reality 8 ppl here

The proxies are a better theory, but still not good enough when you consider the actual number of posts here (a thread I made several hours ago that hasn't been bumped for a while is still on the first page).

As for dynamic IPs, I doubt it. ISPs don't recycle IP address that frequently.

Yogapig inflates his numbers for ads

no it's not

You figured that out all on your own?
Good for you!

well the post count is simple to verify: look for a post made an hour ago and subtract the post number from the one on this post
the uip number isn't open to analysis in the same way. proxies and dynamic ips change more or less every time you reconnect, so over 72 hrs at say 3 sessions per day, that'd be 9ips per user.

Is this where the shills go to make themselves feel good about how they are not fucked?

Nigger we lurking

You know, when a website has the reputation we do, people are hesitant to post, even though they're looking and laughing at posts, just like we do.
Read about the 1% rule:

wow you are a fucking moron. i have a dynamic IP that recycles once every couple weeks or so or until i spoof my mac to evade a ban

I run 50 bots. So 1x = 50.

Bow to me, lurkniggers.

Let's see.
Imageboards are newfag-unfriendly.
There is typically a lurk moar mentality. Typically. Hopefully, Jesus Christ.
On top of all that, the website's reputation. You don't want to be posting with all the retards and autistic and pedos and LARPing or literal Nazis. But you still want to look at them posting and laugh at the shitflinging - because it's fun.
OK, add some proxies and VPNs, factor in the ban evaders etc., and that's how we get our numbers.
Just look at our Alexa numbers, for fuck's sake. Now I know this is not a very good indicator because the Alexa bar etc. However, it still gives you some insight.
Out of 1 billion websites on the Internet, we're number 5,296 in the world.
It's not as high as some other larger websites, of course, but it's not a negligible number either. So, the stats are credible, at least to me.

if the user count was really that high our post frequency would be way way higher, and Holla Forums is slow as fuck

I just skim Holla Forums a few times a day to see if I can find a thread that isn't shit. No luck today.

The great majority, or so I've heard, just lurk

+ 1 Nigger

Could be that because it's a slow board people only view it a few times a day, so they only post a few times.

the ip stat is probably faithful. why rig it? cm doesn't care enough to boost the count and dys doesn't have the means.

ur wrong

But that is wrong.

Look, first of all a lot of you are failing to distinguish between users and "active" users. An *active* user is essentially nothing more than a unique IP that has posted in the last 72 hours. If you haven't posted (i.e. if you are a lurker) you have not counted as an active user.
Second, every time Dysnomia or one of the mods use a tripcode, it counts as a different user. Why do you think they do it all the time??? It isn't to make themselves look cool, that is for sure! Going through just one of Dysnomia's sticky threads will show you that over a 72 hour period it is quite reasonable to extrapolate that nearly half of Holla Forums's active user count can be attributed to Dysnomia and the mods. Further extrapolation attributing 2 or 3 ID's to VPN users over a 72 hour period (not an unreasonable average) brings the active user count down to one that is much more in line with the PPH. Dysnomia will be quick to point out that VPN users don't count as unique IP's because the system counts IP ranges known to be VPN rnages as one IP. However, those are only a small portion of the VPN IPs which are actually in use, which is why his range bans are such useless tools for banning people. Most VPN users have IPs which fall outside those specific ranges.