This is how your trap gf is going to look like in his 30s.

Still want to go for traps? Why not cute, sane twinks?


Like an animay boy? noice

nope, that is the twink alternative

bit too muscly, but would still assert dominance over in the locker room.

I doubt it, user. Twinks don't like fatties.

They don't have to like it.

If you are intimidated by someone having a moderate amount of muscles, you won't ever be able to dominate a twink.

That's a tranny tbh. I prefer traps that crossdress just for fun. Not people who are actually attempting to be the other sex/some unicorn gender.
Uh, I'm not sure if I could decide between a hot twink and a trap tbh. A twink like >>>/7268843/ is almost irresistible tbh.

Who's saying anything about intimidation? Sounds like projection on your part boss man. I like my animu bois a bit leaner.

Ottermode boys~

It goes without saying. Never stick your dick in crazy, and being a tranny is a very visible sign you're off your rocker.

99% of trannies are absolutely bonkers

Topkek, surely you'd try to pass first before going balls deep. White men can rarely ever look like actual girls anyway, they're too masculine.

They'd have to be to think this is a good idea

Please return to 4chan immediately.


What is all that red scribbly shit


he posted it on 4chan in SFW threads. i know this cunt.

Got the original then?

he is the only one posting it. no one post it because we already know about it. whenever you see that he's the poster and the one who created it.

Actually I'm the one who posted it 2 days ago. And yesterday again. I spread awareness that way. It is from halpchan, yes. I would go back there but I'm permanently banned for pedophilia.

This 100%.

Only problem with twinks is that they can't manhandle you

Who ever said twinks can't manhandle people? Twinks aren't masculine women user

I guess an ottermode could. Fem but unbullyable hits a kind of sweet spot.