I took nude pics of my cousin. Rate her nip

I took nude pics of my cousin. Rate her nip


show feet

Don't have feet, but here is her belly button



Her vag and ass


Keep posting!

stop posting

Tell us the story nigga.
and more pics ffs

her pink tasty vag

she let me shave her vag one night. here's before/after. like night and day

inb4 someone shops these images with "It's afraid!" from Starship Troopers.

this is where the penis goes. look at that tiny hole. we fucked loooonnnng ago when we were butt-ass wasted. i am pretty sure she remembers that night. has never been spoken of

More details like how exactly are you related etc. Good pics but your story is pretty lame so far.

is she a xenomorph?

we are first cousins (her dad is my mom's brother). we've always been a little sexually curious as kids and would lay in bed watching tv in positions where her legs would be laying across my penis or my hand would be touching her budding breast. in our later years, we'd actually engage in full-on petting, though only through clothing and never direct skin contact. in our early 20's, we finally fucked after a night of drinking (the incident i mentioned earlier). every 4 or 5 years or so, we get together to catch up, end up drinking, and she always ends up naked. i want to put my penis in her so bad, but never actually do it. i've sucked her nipples, her clit, licked her her asshole, and she sucked my dick once (ironically the best, most delicate blow job i have had in my life).

i think all of this came about because, as kids, our parents never checked up on us. they would allow us to sleep in the same bed during sleepovers even though i was always 4 1/2 years older than her almost to the day

Shit mang. I would. Can we have a face pic plz plz plz.

Are you sure that's not a botfly?

her pink tasty vag>>7268976

nah ain't postin no face. i've posted my own face on an imageboard before (4chan) and someone i know recognized me, so i am not taking the chance here. if this got traced back to me, it would wreck the entire family in a way
that i couldn't even describe. no one knows about the stuff we used to do as kids and surely don't know the occasional bouts of incest that we engage in every couple years. i fully intend on keeping it that way

i'll add that she always brings her laptop to my house and the webcam always ends up recording our incestuous excursions. i am just waiting for the day when her mom, dad, brother, or even son go through it and find these videos. i don't even remember what those videos contain. most likely nipple sucking, oral sex, anal/vaginal fingering, etc

xenomorphs are hot tho

no, it is the sexiest, tightest belly button you ever saw. great fun to wriggle the tongue around in just before heading down to the tasty pussy

i love her little protrusions. so fun to explore her vag and try to touch my tongue to them all

the night she wore these panties was the peak of my desire to fuck her. after i took this pic, i berried my face in that crevice and inhaled through my nose as deep as i could. the juxtaposition of perfume and vaginal/assal scent resulted in my penis becoming immediately engorged with blood

these are from around 2001 while she was prego with her son. we slept in the same bed that night and i tried fucking her, but it wouldn't go in

Knowing Holla Forums I bet that's just a dickhead with a prolapsed urethra.




This is real fucking disgusting.. What kind of deliverance backwoods shit are you on?
Some sow that's seen better days with a bellybutton going straight to hell and vaginal protrusions that would make the devil blush..

the fuck is wrong with her stomach god damn


don't know what to say other than i don't discriminate when it comes to firm breasts, round ass, and tight, tasty pussy. i've sucked on every part of her and would do so again at next opportunity

further, i also have fantasies of actually making love to her. i imagine our first time, me being on top of her, kissing her as i insert my blood-filled member between her lubricated folders inch my inch until the tip is touching her cervix

ffs OP most marriage throughout history and still in non-pozzed countries were between first cousins, I guarantee you have many first cousin marriages pre 1900s. Just marry her. Don't act like it's a brother or sister, cousin marriage is actually optimal, and should be practised

didn't read lol

Nice, 10/10

Nice areola, pleasing but objectively bad nip.

Thanks for the stories and pics.
Officially jelly.