Who is this guy?

And why is he so famous?

The left is jealous of his style

It's one of the Columbine shooters. I think his name is Eric Harris.

The man I love the most.


It's that guy from Er Ist Wieder Da.

Haha this movie seems excellent

Charlie Chaplin's biggest fan. Did a great impression brought down all of Europe

That's founder of Israel, Jews in europe used to have problems with antisemitism so he helped to escort them so they wouldn't lose ownership of american banks, media and companies.

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The only book I read is Mein Kampf you kike

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Want a fight?

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A faggot that Holla Forums worships. They should follow his example and an hero.

speak english retard

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A kind man who loved animals.

he is father, son and holy god of this world

He was out last hope.



Some Austrian guy who just wanted economic freedom.

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