Why are libtard "humor" pieces so unfunny and obnoxious? Why can't they tell a simple joke without making you want to punch their faces concave?

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Because of their target audience

This. The average consumer of these shows is the normie aged 20-40. Since normies don't like content that makes them think the show produces bland, unfunny, and repetitive nonsense. It's what the viewer wants, so it's what they produce.

So you're saying the jews aren't making us stupid, but instead just sell stupid because it's what normals want. Huh..


Because liberals are elitist cunts.

They hold a set of axioms which they assume to be shared among all thinking individuals. As such, anyone who disagrees with said axioms must be a blubbering idiot in their mind. What's worse is they create their own strawman arguments without doing an ounce of research as to why people think that they think. This comes in tandem with their fairly extensive knowledge of cognitive biases which they attribute to their opposition while disregarding their presence among their own side. They honestly believe that they see things from both sides in an objective manner and that the views they hold are the result of this.

They think the only argument against abortion is religion.
They think the only argument for border control is racism.
They think people give a single fuck what Trump's last name is.

The racism bit is particularly interesting. They hold the axiom that the only difference between races is skin color so naturally racism is irrational to them. The very notion that races differ on anything other than aesthetics is completely foreign to them.

What liberal humor really comes down to is fart sniffing. They are so dead set in the notion that they are the smart and objective ones that all you have to do to illicit a laugh from them is bring up the fact that people who disagree with them exist.

Same reason all televised humour is unfunny and obnoxious. It's simple to understand, it panders, and you don't need to invest in the show to understand the joke. Relatability's a big factor too. And since writing's so difficult for them, they can drag out the same shtick for a season or two.

This. That's why liberal political humour always has a condescending scent to it.

Tbh, one of the greatest insights into the liberal mindset actually comes from social psychology of all places.ïve_realism_(psychology)
give this article a read^. It's actually quite good.

have some conservitard humor instead:
tfw this show was canceled a few months ago

Repubs aren't any better

Nah, it comes from Ted Kaczynski

le shill xd

Hey Holla Forums



self-rightiousness with no hint of self deprecation or humility

They used to be alright when Bush was president, but then Obunga got elected and they refused to mock him because fuck at least hiding your bias behind even a thin wall of bipartisan mockery, so they had 8 years to forget how to make funny jokes and this is the result.


because in order to be funny you need to make fun of real things, not fake things that exist in your ideological lens. When you make fun of things that are made up, it's just funny to the people who believe it. This is why there are no funny liberal stand up comics. They only appeal to liberals and no one else. It's just another way to spread liberal kike propaganda, it's not a way to entertain people.

How much truth is there to that rumor that he's a victim of MK Ultra?

Liberal "comedians" are all women/gayfaggots and everyone knows they're not funny

also this

that nigger fucking built a gun with hand tools, no plans or nothing. it has to mean something

Yea but do you want to punch them in the face after their shitty humor?

tbh, redeye was an ok show. I'm generally not a fan of absurd humor but they had a couple decent jokes in the show.
And you're right, I certainly don't want to punch them in the mouth when they make a shitty joke. There's a much greater tinge of self deprecation rather than elitist cuntery.

You have that opinion because you don't sympathize with their politics, therefore, the jokes probably strike a bit of a nerve.

If there were shows on television that singled out liberals, no matter how funny they were, most liberals wouldn't find them very humorous.

It's one thing to play it down the middle (like South Park over the years), but when you have shows like John Oliver, where he's basically making making jokes about how moronic Republicans are, naturally most conservatives aren't going to appreciate it.

Liberals have the funniest entertainment on TV, and conservatives definitely rule the internet.

The fact that you use the word "libtard" without apparent irony suggests that you are probably incapable of appreciating political humor. Comedy is generally aimed at people with the intellectual capacity to appreciate irony, satire and cognitive dissonance. The kind of mouth-breathing morons who call those with differing political views "libtards" or "demoncrats" or "wingnuts" or "republicons" generally are too invested in tribalism and too intellectually stunted to appreciate more than rudimentary humor.

I used to catch that once in a while in the middle of the night when Gutfeld was actually hosting, the dude had the charisma to make the shitty humor entertaining at least. After he left, the charisma was completely gone, but it was still more tolerable than any other liberal late-night circlejerk. Conservative humor might be weak sometimes, but at least when it is it doesn't act groundbreaking…

anyway, you're wrong.

Because libtards are nothing but angry. They were deprived of the hegemony they were entitled to with Hillary and now it's Tantrum Time.

Fuck it, if she had won, half of them would be out of a job. More Trump job security.