What type of woman Holla Forums likes?

I love my girls just how I love my dataminers

Silent and dead

i'd fuck anything that is 2d.

Me. With tits.

Who the fuck would datamine this cesspool when there are much better targets out there?

Protip: you can't

Jews? CIAniggers? Marketers? Dataminers?


lol i thought all the ponyfags gone to Holla Forums

Not hideous to the extent of being outright revolting. Decent hygiene.
As loyal, devoted, and trustworthy as I would be to her.

ugly af

Don't talk to me or my waifu ever again.


I would not even if I could

You faggot, that's a dude


2D, around 12ft tall, and an ara~ ara~

these are dudes you faggot

You must be very jealous that we get to have clean 2D PERFECT waifus who love me unconditionally. Your pleb tier stinky disgusting humans are shit compared to any 2D girl. Enjoy your life of having women repeatedly steal money and joy from you.

I hope you are referring to monster milfs?

These types. Pure adults

Please, stop tipping your fedora so hard, I only have been trying to help

gay tbh

Shit pleb taste(0.000001)/10

I like my girls blonde with blue eyes and around 6 years old

niot gay at all :(

Good taste, my helldude


more like this

The one on the left is obvious tranny, but i'm pretty sure the blonde looks is lauren southern

I feel sorry for her spine

Weird, but not bad at all


nice, pure aryan

jewish and looks like a teenage boy

I like girls who could crush my skull between their legs if they wanted to

i guess that's reasonable but you still a dumbass

Good taste, as long as they are not queers or dykes

at least i'm not a lowkey gay

I don't understand

fuck off wee/b/


they're jawsome

love that nose and noses like it

i'm verry flexible, it would be eayer to tell you about the girls i don't like.
-has a rostie
this is an instant trash, if she's not puffy innie i'm not interested
-is degenerate
std ridden party hat, tattoed, junky….

thats about it, i can consider dating all women except those with the characteristics above

16 y/o perfect (from you perspective) but has roastie
what do

find another 16yo.
rosties make me sick

I have a jew nose but i am not a jew, why does that happen?


I am very flexible, literally only have to be less than 200 pounds, not have any STD's and no face tattoos or piercings.

Stacies are my guilty pleasure, especally if she is smart

I've already met my perfect girl, she has long ash hair that she always wears in a messy bun, wide blue/green eyes and always wears big hoodies and sweaters, yoga pants for legs tho'. I liked her smile the most though.
We would spend time on top of the abandoned skyscraper and just talk, or would run at 9PM and feed swans by the river.
Now that i think about it, she must have been depressed, and i was kinda too.

Nice try

Im disapointed Holla Forums. There was a time, a thread like this ne, would filled with lolis. What is this site cumming to?

That's where you went wrong

Because mods are triggered even by legal pics of young girls and you can get dost banned for posting pics of Pimenova (found on Google)


What? Where am i? Is this, dare i say…. 4chan?

you have to go back tbh


Female worship is the gravest sin





I only worship them when they're brutally beaten around

Tough love, eh? kek

also (checked)

Hitler loved all the German people though

I like my women with fat ass and small tits, preferably with glasses and brown hair
I like them somewhat submissive (at least in bed) and supportive/caring

Physically I like a girl i can pick up and throw- so skinny, short. Been mostly with girls that fit that. I was with a girl who had really big titties and they were too much, didnt like it. One had some real perky big ones and that was fine.

Emotionally… if you look into my history it would seem like I like manipulative cold hearted bitches. I had one girl who praised the ground I walked on and I couldnt stand it. The ones who break my heart the hardest and dont love me back are the ones I love the most…


Baits aren't even trying anymore.


as long as she is 15 or under and a virgin i'd take her regardless of looks or maturity level

He probably already knows that

I stay away from degenerate women. I try to find moralistic, women with integrity and self respect. If you take naked pictures of yourself, you're not for me.
This makes it all the better when I can corrupt them sexually and break their hearts, leaving them mentally scared with the best parts of themselves now lost.

a true virgin

So all women?
You are saying ALL women aren't for you?
Fucking virgin

If you EVER want to be with a girl you have to learn to compromise. She settles for you and you compromise that she's taken a few cumshots and has had a few threesomes in her life

I really hope that is b8

About 5'8"
Chin-long hair, preferrably dyed blue or red
Diamong face shape, pointy, slightly curved up nose
B cup
nice, firm ass

A girl that is humble, frugal, and loves kittens. Also, not into gaming, and sort of likes anime.

okay i see now
you're a pedo
Thought I was talking to an adult.

Okay then. Yes. I can see now that if you are going for girls under 12 than I can see how they would have never taken naked selfies.

Fucking pedo

I am not the guy you replied to here
simply don't like white knights


How am I a white knight?
I'm a realist
with REALISTIC expectations of women

That guy lives in a fucking fantasy world if he thinks girls over 12 dont take naked selfies (hint hint: last night tons of cp was posted as proof) and he is completely delusional to think any girl over 16 hasn't had sex or is degenerate

REALISTICALLY you compromise if you want a gf
She sucks a few dicks. She fucks a few dicks. Then she wants to kiss you. That's the reality of the situation

a man having too high standards for 3DPD is none of your concern.
him being alone and not giving anything to a whore so she'll be his gf does nothing to anyone.
the fact that you will try to shame him for having these standards means you think 3DPD are entitled to his time, attention, affection, and resources even if they don't meet his criteria makes you a white knight.

Wealthy, confident, intelligent, and submissive

I'm not a virgin, just picky.
I've had life crying about wanting a gf for years then got a few of them and was better off without. I don't mind being alone, I kinda prefer it tbh

Children should be protected and imo the longer you can go without exploring your sexuality the better off you are mentally. Pedo's have a perversion that keeps them from valid mate selection

Sometimes we deny our true feelings to cope with resentment and anger. That is what you are doing right now

You are on an Anonymous Imageboard. There is no reason to hide your true feelings

If you truly like being alone then you wouldn't have posted in this thread about women.

…And a vagina.

There's nothing wrong with dating a little bit.
You can find somebody special if you're patient otherwise why waste time breading with lesser humans

I'm not sure. I for sure wouldn't want to spend all day breading with other humans at all

And I wouldn't even want to have any personal interest in someone who can't spell either

Someone who likes their eggs fertilised.

These are my true feelings, it kind of scares me how much I don't want to go through a shitty relationship again.
>Hating yourself for changing who you were because you love somebody more than you thought possible.
What good is that for me?

I wanna bang a really tall chick, so that my sons end up becoming giants.


As long as she's not overweight or disfigured, I like pretty much any girl who shows me attention. If a girl smiles at me, that's my type until the next girl shows interest.

What if you only have daughters?

That would suck
All his 4 daughters are giants
Giant women are the worst

Would the giant daughters bully their normal-sized father?

The AOA for me is 4-14, 10 is a good middle ground for me, since 4 you can't fuck properly because of her such yet to be developed body and 14 is just too hoeish.

I honestly don't know OP. I've been badly trauamatized by my mother and sister and grown up fearing women and feeling guilt about being a man. I'm still trying to heal and get over this shit and I can't really properly imagine a woman and don't know what the different types of women might be like or what I might theoretically like. Women just cause me adrenaline/axiety attacks.

I like 9 to 15.

mfw meeting up with an 8 year old loli tomorrow though who is very tall and looks like she's 15 and has already had sex with an older man heh

your a lucky guy tbh

I'm taking what you say with a grain of salt, she's 8 and has already lost her v-card? Impure lolis are a huge turn off for me, not for you it seems.

Tomboys with dicks.

No it's a turn off for me as well, one of the big reasons I'm attracted to lolis is their purity, but this one is exceptionally beautiful and has literally posed for beauty magazines and is the offspring of two models, and she has seen me before on cam and feel instantly in love with me, and her father is ok with all this too. It's really an odd situation but it's hard to say no to a loli that is so perfect. Also I don't know if she had full sex or what. She was molested by her teacher and didn't like that. On the other hand, she liks me very much, and I'm a young man who is like the opposite of her (I am old but look like I'm 10 years younger than my age, while she is young and looks 10 years older).

user, that's just boys.

at least they can't get pregnant or accuse you of rape


Keep fucking her until I finally get sons. Either that or force her to have a son through artificial insemination.

If that happens then I'll fuck my daughters up the ass.

you should fuck them up the vagina

maybe then they'll give you some of those giant sons you want

Not a bad idea at all. A lot of daughters means a lot of children, which could mean a lot of sons.

What age should I wait for though?


girls that are somewhat intelligent but not dim witted, also colored hair but preferably red heads. Not gingers though cause some of them are not up to par. also nothing fake, not alot of makeup but just enough to cover up certain aspects of her face.



Short and petite with a bubble butt and tight holes. I love stretching tiny girls open with my big dick.

Damaged, needy, and submissive. I'm apparently great at being a healing influence and a source of stability in people's lives, so this makes them super attached to me and trustful, so they're easy to manipulate and eager to please me. I'm also into the dom-sub dynamic and this is another great entry point for manipulation.

The only problem with these kind of girls is that they tend to go absolutely batshit when I eventually dump them. Like no shit, of course they're gonna fall to pieces if they feel like I'm the thing holding them together… last chick nearly committed suicide and that was a pain to deal with

Made me pretty fucking hard though. I get a sick sense of satisfaction knowing that she doesn't even want to live deprived of my dick

No, you're not getting it.

Imagine a trap. Now imagine a trap crossdressing as a boy. It's completely different, none of that gay shit.

I like a big ass, I can not tell a lie
You can not deny also other brothers
It is, when the girl is walking in the waist
Round things in the face

It shows that she had been stuffed with her ass
The depth of the jeans she is wearing
I'm going to go crazy, I will not be able to look




user that's a boy in the striped shirt in the pic. It's probs gay.

flat chested girls = not gay
dickgirls = not gay
crossdressing girls = not gay
But if you combine them it's suddenly gay?

You're making literally no sense.