Cool ideas for passwords

I use last 7 digits of pi.

use qwerty
OP is a faggot

The name of my black neighbor kid's dad.

The number of genders.

Wrong things that Hitler did

I use long strings of randomly capitalized letters and numbers that God gives me and which have never been written down or saved in a text and which I memorize instantly because of superior memory faculties.

Fuck when some site requires I use random characters other than numbers and letters though. That shouldn't be a requirement.

The name of the jew that should not be gassed

So your password is null?


Reasons why niggers are better than whites


All the countries where communism was a success.


Could "being controlled by kikes into destroying millions of people" be considered as success?

I use your mom's maiden name

Black philosophers.

How many women OP kissed


(checked and steel beam melted)
cool the fuck down hitler


How the fuck "1" is long?

For you.

How do you annotate the end of infinity?


Good idea: the number of all datamining threads in Holla Forums that existed

Protip: zero


I write down random keys/smash keyboard, write it down on paper, then use that.
Burn the paper a day later (or sooner if I cannot keep it safe) and there I go.

Passwords are always minimum of 20-characters, usually more.

5r#ZwHuR oplJC2/t zUKT6,"j ~h_l2YG> 9$qJX,5O %Q2'y^mN Q+~7%jze dxH$!1Fr
ln,k?0G# h;]?NYN6 LY;A6^+p L9&$-{J: D[2)&~Yv j017h-Z9 !LHI1hOM GzA"}46[
nk"'M5:I !TK+oS8& ~`Xc'6)M ;1?*,duN 5U:yJp\h {&D?1V+W xTT::7pb l|GX(1Ma
i8CY[ D]6^a}b0 8ru(lW}t 8!#*.gaW fK{~4};1 Ar(MY0Z8 @3klx/zR
Bp5.L=.R _U{7%=[s =uciSVc2 3?l%'qV< +!fQa5`5W;\ rSDx3K>c
n?WDF0PM o_I$2;zY BoXOg$:8 n,{a5%RY=k VL6%0!`= C2k}3)Ki pTu7on!r xX4P2'7t 7yc>;G8e BSD9m8k? 3,~[email protected]/* */|A, XHb{Ae2d NR[4K&-C }99,H[m, @O0;JN?q /ACg7Q-f ffk8.Vfq c&9d*#X1
iNGJei/4 )e3o*&4V Ve02"Q_r 0- O~_(5*Et
Cp6mQM}$ >*87sJ{3 \[+=Fh4s k7m)Jjhh q)Y2bPUn DIwJ~``8 y|#-O6N5 (U>&p5dA
lB{3P3DI .J.9JE)) ?cE_G,16 %iV7uDfl [email protected]< /}ZaFW3l uqKxG4*& -)POYm1n [email protected]& h9A9S;kU -~h&P0Nq f9BC(9sZ 7Ym)T_F?
lS)c6{=S k[Xi3297 ^D=Ygz%5 F#8\4H;+ 4O`InW9& -16)(U*k KPn1nFb! 8UZ!3+De

take your pick


thanks, i'll use that for my steam: gaynigger1488

OK, how abut the number of fucks I give about what you think?(((ZERO)))



Jokes aside, the best passwords are song lyrics with two different characters.
Too bad most systems don't allow blank spaces and/or truncate passwords longer than 8/10 characters.

your password is too short xDDDDD

Clever girl.

Communism is a classless, worldwide, moneyless society, dumbass. Did you mean to say socialism? In which case yes it brought a lot of people out of poverty. Russia was a shithole during a Tsar and turned into a global superpower to rival the USA within 30 years.

what a cancer in 2017

yeah, you people definitely have no class

Russia became a superpower because it was white, had vast resources and huge population.

And it would continue to be a superpower were it not for socialism, that destroyed it all.

How do i redtext?

Run finger in pattern across keyboard.

+no repeated characters
+no words to guess
+combination of letters, numbers and punctuation
+guaranteed 20+ characters
+easy as fuck to remember

-only possible on physical keyboard
-only possible on identical keyboard layout
-easily viewed by others

I always use [email protected]/* */ for my passwords for everything. If special characters cannot be used it is IeatattheY2. Its easy to remember and no one will every figure it out because its to adstract.

hash your passwords and keep an incrypted notepan file with gyberish.
Right click and save it as a jpg then gmask the image.

i rip the controller board out of my keyboard and then rub my dick across the matrix contacts, as my penis shorts the contacts it produces numbers and letters, this is my password


Number of atoms in the observable universe divided by the number of furries left after DOTR


You all need to know that the NSA is indexing posts from popular discussion boards like 4chan, Holla Forums, Reddit, etc and associating to the IPs provided to them by the site owners. This data is retained in a database for an indefinite period of time where it could potentially be used as incriminating evidence in criminal investigations.

Yes, IP addresses expire, but ISPs keep histories of every IP address they've ever leased out, for how long it was leased, and to whom. If you are ever the target of a criminal investigation, all the NSA needs from your ISP is every IP address you've been leased within a given time frame which they will then cross reference against their database. Now they have access to every post you've ever made on 4chan, Holla Forums, and wherever else.

So guess what, idiots? All that CP you've been posting and "accidentally downloading" has resulted in your name being logged in a database that tracks potential sex offenders. When you're under investigation, the NSA will discover your post in this thread where you reveal how you derive your passwords. This will give them everything they need to crack that encrypted drive containing all your CP, ending your chapter as a free man and beginning a new story of the rest of your life in prison with murders, rapists, gang members, and other violent criminals.

Enjoy eating the same old slop day in and day out. Enjoy having no privacy as you take a shit and wipe your ass while everyone watches. Enjoy getting dicks stuffed into your asshole by men twice your size. Enjoy. Fucking enjoy.

No u


Fuck off CIA niggers

im waiting

user you've made yourself a bigger target than us by posting their tactics.

my ebay password is "!fuckingebaypassword!" username i

Part of mine is rnrKnq!rFgI9y2i1

But pi is infinitely long…


Holy fuck, this datamine try harder

My name, using English characters instead of my native ones.
First letter is in uppercase, while the rest in lowercase. At the end I either have the number "1" or "2".

Pretty much all my emails and vidya passwords use the same word.


the last 11 digits of graham's number




These books are enough to trigger any commie (commies are exactly the same as liberals)

the stupidity of americans is hilarious

I'm not even an American, you liberal.

you are stupid as american so it doesnt matter from what shithole you come from

See. I like this. Calling you dolts liberals is fun because deep down inside you know you are and it makes you go mad. So mad that you are clenching your butt cheeks together. Deep down inside you know you are a liberal, but you won't admit it because you want to be a try hard edgy and get praised for being such special revolutionary being yet even when trying that you fail and hard you fail.

Like a liberal you act all pissy, are a lazy cunt and will get nowhere anywhere. And like I refuse to call a man a woman because he is mentally ill and chopped his dick off I refuse to call you a communist, or whatever 'ist' it is you claim to be. Also you call me stupid American yet type a like a nigger suffering with down syndrome that just came freshly out of Africa on a smelly sinking boat. It is adorable.

you are too dumb to even know the difference between a libertarian and a liberal and yet you think you are intelligent, literally nigger who says "WE WUZ KANGZ"

Alright, liberal. You are a liberal saying "we wuz commies", yet you're still a liberal.


nigger you are too dumb for discussion since you dont know basic shit, in other words you are politically illiterate.

Yet I'm too dumb. Cry harder commie that is totally not a liberal.

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I want to fuck the bunny

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Basketball, dancing and stealing stereos.

Jaden "How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real" Smith

Because tsarist Russia was better? The same country where famines happened every few years?

So 62464195387?

Keep repeating it, maybe it'll become true.

hey mister ponyman give me your banana!
breakfast cum and me want some fun!

6.000.000 :^))

You're forgetting some zeros, dumb goy

i use longest known single digit taken from tau