Video Game Thread

Holla Forums doesn't really like mentally demanding games or staying on topic so I figured maybe you guys would be interested.

The game is called Men of War Assault Squad 2. They recently came out with a modern version called Call to Arms.

Both games are fantastic, easily moddable, and require a lot of micromanagement and tactical skill. Everything from refueling canisters to patrols to picking up enemy weapons, to crewing tanks and weapons platforms to minesweeping is possible. The only limit is how much you can keep track of.You can literally get better at it if you read military strategy books.

Any of you want to talk about it?

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Do you wanna talk about me not wanting to talk about it?
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Looks neat. I don't have much to talk about since I don't play these kind of games very often, but it kind of reminds me of 7.62 High Caliber.

as in Kuomintang?

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I don't fucking know what 100 year old chinese tanks look like. no need to be a dick.

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Yeah, because Holla Forums is known for being mentally proficient (let alone agile), and is not full of ADD autists, which accounts for our reputation as a board which never strays off topic.

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This is entirely accurate, stop being self-deprecating. We are the best board on imageboards period

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btw if you got a Doom with Moonman mod build could you upload it? I don't have much time and endurance after I return home so I can't really download both the game and the mod and put one in another with programs


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>tfw too stupid to play RTS without having to quit after twenty minutes because it's too hard on the easiest difficulty

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This. I want to like Starcraft.

It's not even that complicated. You just have to do shit fast. It's actually lame. Real startegy games are turnbased.

Thanks for recommending this game OP, I've been itching for something like this.
If you can right-wing-death-squad sandniggers then I'll change my name to include Men Of War Assault Squad 2.

So, what exactly does the Call to Arms mod change, gamewise?

1st person is viable, it's more graphically demanding, direct control is more useful, combat is for smaller tactical maps (because modern combat isn't throwing hundreds of soldiers at each other), technicals, and it retains everything else from MOW

Being able to think fast, have quick reactions and perform more actions per minute than your opponent is a skill in itself though. Being forced to make the right decisions in the heat of battle where one simple mistake can cost you the game has a huge appeal to me. Its like speed chess.


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