The answer is Niggers

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Who is it that Democrats still use as slaves?

how can you know what it is

Who needs to be eradicated from the earth?

What smells like shit?

is there anyone who can tell me what the hell a mixtape is?

Who are still the best cotton pickers?

What kills more black people than any other thing by a wide margin?

Who is sharing OP's mom's bed with her tonight.

whats the biggest problem facing europe today?

People that annoy you.

who would do something like this to a car?

Oooooo…sorry, the answer was naggers…

When did the Fallout timeline merge with ours?

Who are the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet?

Only niggers. All cigarettes are disgusting, but Newports are the fucking worst. How niggers smoke so many of them is beyond me.

these nignog cars are actually fascinating to me (from an anthropological perspective) i even have some OC! never before posted on any IB!
I am a mechanic and metal fabricator and i genuinely enjoy taking strolls through the junkyard… little did i know that i would stumble upon this little gem one random, hot ass, south texas tuesday afternoon…

how do we feel about wiggers and other white trash?

what should i give my dog for thanksgiving?


Where is Dysnomia every Tuesday and Thursday evening?

What is the most useless thing in the world?

are doors like that expensive to put in?

there are websites offering lambo door kits for as cheap as $199 - if you have the skill to install the kit yourself ( i do, bit i'm white so i wouldnt…) getting them installed by a competent pro would probably run $600-700 maybe more, maybe less…

What are the best pets to have around?

The answer is Niggers

Who tongues my anus?

Who do I hope is not fucking up my fucking pizza delivery again?

Name something that should be exterminated

What is the cause of all black peoples problems

Who gon nig?

Whom is Moonman going to kill tonight?

What is OP?

What could possibly go wrong?

what the fuck is a coogi



i wish i knew…