A nigger, a granny, a white supremacist, an asian, an autistic, a pedo, a commie, a gay, an obese and a lesbian are drowning. Which do you save if any?

1/10 for creativity, at least

The asian, the autistic, the gay, the white supremacist and the nigger. I probably couldn't save any more than that

Probably the asian.


the nigger, asian,white supremacist, austistic and the pedo tbh

Breed the asian with the nigger
Feed the granny to the commie
Use the obese as an island for the gay
Befriend the pedo for his video collection
Smother the autistic in his own feces
Start to save the white supremacist then shout "PSYCHE!" and kick him in the head
Marry the lesbian and have glorious tranny babies

White supermacist or granny.

All of them, if possible. If forced to triage, though, the granny and the fat guy are the lowest priority.

You'd rather fuck the lesbian than the nigger? Bad taste friendo.
Cucked by an asian man.

why? shes gonna die soon anyways

She will cook.

Save them all for the gulag. The pools closed.

The Holla Forums just opened!

i would save a dataminer so i could feed him my cummies

Doesn't say it's a nigger woman, you faggot.

a granny, duh.

Think of the boypussy anons.

No fags.

My effort.


You're doing god's work, boy.


None of them. I discriminate equally against all people that I do not know.

How about this: in order to repay you for saving them, each of them gives their gratitude in many different ways.

All of them and I hold them at gun point threatening to shoot them all if they do not fight to the death for my entertainment.

Every life is precious

The autistic, and therefore the obese, the gay, the white supremacist, the pedo and the commie :^) at the same time.

Is the granny white? Her. If not, the supremacist.

user the gay is white too
And he will give boypussy

1. obese woman
2.asian of any gender
4.autistic woman, gay
5.woman that is a nigger, white supremacist, or commie/lefty pol
6.man that is a nigger, white supremacist, commie/lefty pol,or obese

The white supremacist first, the pedo second, the autistic third. The rest I let drown.