Wanna play video games user?

Wanna play video games user?

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me too user. me too :(

vidya is jewish shit
one jew started it, and the rest continue it to brainwash goyims

so no, gtfo OP, your threads suck and you suck, too, faggot

Okay user. Bite the pillow.



In first one she looks natural

Then how does she look in the second one?

To much lipstick and makeup.

How does lipstick and makeup make someone look worse?

GEEZ user

I don't like, it's unnatural. It's like hiding your face behind a mask.

What about

It's a bit better as the second one

"Come under the covers, user. It's cooold!"

yeah, why not

So it's still bad? What about this?

W-will it hurt?

it will make you dead inside



SHe looks like a huge bitch. I like cute girls better. She's also kinda ugly.

How? She looks pretty nice to me.

She's 7/10 tbh.

I want to nom her bewbs :3


I miss having a gf to tease and fondle like that, get her tits poking out through her shirt. Make her wet and worked up enough where she tries to undress but you won't let her. Her legs are rubbing together, she tries to get your hand near her thighs, but nah. Nah. Just the tits.

That perspective is fucking HOT
I wanna be tiny and live in her panties.

I want to strangle your neck while I cum buckets in your anus

Well, Nicole has pretty nice tits.

She really does. Real qt material.

Those are hormone-induced fat flaps.

Can we play naked together?

Why would you want to play naked?

Why does she look so dissatisfied? :(

Because you touch yourself.

it's a trap..

Nicole is a garbage person and you're less of one by giving her attention.

Take that back! Nicole is a sweet and beautiful girl who struggles with debilitating autism! She does not deserve to be insulted.

Sure but you can fuck off. I'm not in to traps

But Nicole is a girl!

I know those types of girls. Kinda ugly but with decent body. Was preppy in school but unsuccessful in life Extremely narcissistic. Nagging all the time. Dead fish in the bed. Her kids never speak to her after 18y or alternatively live in her basement at the age of 30 until they finally kill her in her sleep. Disgusting.

She's not that bad.

I don't believe you. Post proof

I found some different pics for op to post in his multitude of future threads.
Btw op is a lazy faggot but I forgive him. His adoration for Nicole is his only redeeming quality.



can some edit out this guy he's standing too close to Nicole




thank you. that was making me uncomfortable seeing her talking to some one while dressed so provocatively. I'm sure she's a nice decent lady but she can't help how attractive she is.


Why the fuck is she so into Harry Potter? It's a shit children's movie.


But how does autism make someone like Harry Potter?

What makes them like peanut butter, eggs or legos?

Autists like peanutbutter and eggs?

Yes, user.







nice one user




That's a pretty natural red

That makes it even worse; she's not just a SJW, she's autistic as well.

Aren't we all autistic tho? Doesn't that make her prime meat?

Why would you want to fuck an autistic girl?

They are easy. Chads fuck them aaall the time. Not like a main chick tho.

No, I want you out of my house. How the fuck did you get in here?

But what's the appeal of a potato besides it being easy? Are they better in some way?

They cum very hard. Like wild animals.


He's not lying, I date many a girl with mental ills, super fucking easy, basically once you win them over, you can get them to do anything. They pretty much become shameless sluts after the shy point.

It's actually really depressing, because the don't really have much of a personality because what there like, and you just do anything you ask them. I've had several girls tell me they wanted to write my name on their body, to basically show that I own them.

And I didn't want a relationship like that, not only are they basically fuck toy's they want it all the time. It's one of the reason I even thought to become gay, took months to even consider being gay.
Because all I could ever hope to get in terms of a girls friends, were these dolls that all acted the same, and were all brainless to such disgusting degree.

Is autism really a mental illness though? How affected are girls that have it? Can girls even have autism in the first place?


Now you can call me the "God Of Fuck'.


You mean invite them over one time and talk to them for 30 minutes?

Fuck off doll.

Yes it is, it effects the brain pretty damn heavily, you can see it side by side another more healthy brain. I think those images should be around if you look enough.

It's honestly you never actually want a girl gamer, because of how they think and want, their's so little there to communicate with it's just depressing and sad.

worst part was, I knew what these girls were like and finding a desperate one was always too easy, am not proud about that point in life.

Yeah pretty much, I think all I did to basiclly worship the ground I walked on, I just said normal nice things, and thats pretty much all it took.


Please tell me people don't think this, like please…

user, pls. Post more, she gets me so fucking rock hard.

It is possible to have sex so good that you lose control of your body and start grunting like a wild animal.

If she's single, you easily could get her to succ you off, if she aus, hey disable girls are even easier, because of their looks.They even have less than a aus girl. If you can believe that.


You are a good person and I hope nothing but good things come to you.

How can something be this cute outside of animu???

But the girl getting posted here seems pretty interesting. I mean, she's been more places than I have, and she seems to have a good number of friends by the look of it. She can't be that poor at social situations. Is she just not an autist or something?

I'm pretty sure autistics do that outside of sex too.

I still miss her. I don't care what you say.

EVEN cuter things exist

You have garbage taste.

Is this a joke?

Agatha breaches the boundaries between 2D and 3DPD. She's uniquely C U T E!

She belongs in an oven with the rest of the Jews.

I'm worried I didn't represent her in the most favorable light. Here, have a better video.

How could you possibly be attracted to a Jewess?

no 3dpd could ever even come to a percent of the cuteness of 2d, especially not that ugly shit

She tries to be cute, and with a face like that, holy fuck does it not work for her. I feel like I would be seeing her on the street kvetching for a 5% off deal on gum

no. i will breed u white bitch doe

[email protected]/* */


Wanna snuggles :3

Are you sure you're not a faggot?

If women were more like 2d girls, I might actually not be gay. Because anime girls are honestly super loyal, plus like I don't think I ever watch or read and hentai, where a girl ever had a voice I hated.

I mean it's stereotype voice, but still cute.


Actually I've been wondering for a while. I rarely fap to homoerotica tho. Like once every several months.

Hairy armpits are sexy af, you just know she has a hairy pussy too

Finally I can use this image, thank fucking Christ.

She knows introverted men prefer women who dress cute and have stuffed animals. Jews get quite ugly as they age. I dated a girl who looked similar when she was younger. Had a jewish last name, but at some point her family became catholic. Today, she is a 1/10.

Isn't anita sarkesaen a jew, I mean she's horrble looking, sure some guy would caloform rape her.

not horrible.* Sorry my daily spergs is acting up.

And she's not a Jew; she's an Armenian. Which makes her an honorary Jew.

Ah, well, she sure does act like one. So she threw off my jewdar.

Another Anne Frank lookalike. Why are jews so delicious?

Bro, her bulging eyes fucking terrify me. Agatha a cute tho.

She's also pretty THICC>

Please. Nicole's tits are where it's at.



Who's the cuck?

Where did you get these pictures from?

whats wrong user? if you don't like little boys, i have some top tier waifus i could post