How could you become more pathetic than Holla Forums?

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Your sperging is hilarious, Holla Forums. You're just afraid because you know you're losing.

Probably by spamming leftypol hate threads on Holla Forums
We should get a designated Holla Forums vs /lrftypol/ thread to contain this garbage

Shit, man, you sure you didn't got a bonus chromosome after spying on these deranged queers?



It is funny how super triggered Holla Forums gets. I love making these bait threads.



anyone else wanna groupread jewish scripture? pretty sure this is the final redpill to swallow

Fucking delusional faggots. "Porky controls the world!" they say while they fall for the kike's tricks

Ashkenazi Jews are the master race, so sacrificing my European heritage for the benefit of Israel and the Jews is an honorary sacrifice.


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hey user, why are you saving pics of /leftypols/'s BO ?

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Respect your elders you little shit.

Tumblr and post trump 4/pol/

JIDF was literally just one guy

Keep telling yourself that stupid.

but trump is still in office…



Well, yeah. Side effect of t-blockers, dude.


(i'm laughing @ u Holla Forums btw not w you)


That poor asshole is going to wake up in seven years and kill himself due to all the shame he's causing himself. What the fuck is wrong with these people? I'm angry out of pity. How lost some people are. What the fuck.

How is this something to be proud about? Regardless of your political orientation. Shit, you guys are so deluded. I bet you've never even lived or worked in a communist country. You little shits have no idea about the horrors. Faggots like these would be offed in a microsecond because the state does not have the money to help special snowflakes. You either get with the program or die. I don't understand how you can defend one thing that contradicts the very opposite of which you support. And this is why people are calling the left mentally ill.

its getting kind of sad now

What's the story between those two? Ukrainian soldier and Russian soldier in Crimea posting on dvach on the same day?

Why do Holla Forumstards have to ruin every board they touch?

So afraid.


Remember, if it actually happens, they'll be the first ones to go.
But luckily the most they'll do is get to instate some obamacare tier shit.



Gee, I wonder why. Could it be that they're a bunch of asshurt muslims/jews (or sympathizers)? And if it isn't true, why do they keep using such a terrible insult? Why do all communists also think of muslims as an ally? Oh right, because you're just some braindead mudslime/kike that wants to destroy the entire human civilization just so you can have an attempt at power. Why else do they also say that "communism can only work once when capitalism is gone globally?" And that's the funny thing too, communist Russia collapsed all on its own, there wasn't a single bullet fired at them from a capitalist country. IN FACT, capitalism was why the beast survived for so long. Ideological and stupid politicians kept feeding the country through massive grain deals. Don't believe me? Just look at the Great Grain Robbery.

Porky = Jews, and both of you are idiots for not realizing that you hate the same shit.


What? You mean Holla Forums being envious of anyone ahead of themselves and thus wanting to steal from them? Do you know what they mean by "take the means of production"? It means to steal what others made. Ever wonder why they came up with take the "memes of production" and just end up stealing Holla Forums memes and half assedly put their own shit on it? Holla Forums is against a very small minority group (jews) plundering their hands in countries that they don't belong to/ruling over them. However, Holla Forums is against anyone who is better off than they are. There were rich people in nazi germany and none of Holla Forums would stop that from happening, as long as it doesn't end up hurting the nation. In other words, to be responsibly rich. Whereas Holla Forums wants impossible equality (utter bullshit) among everyone. So, I ask you, how does Holla Forums and Holla Forums stand for the same shit again?

sums up everything else wrong with your post.

They deserved ridicule tbh

Because, by definition, communist society can't coexist with a state. Read a book.

They were a state capitalist regime LARPing as revolutionaries since 1924


Transferring industry to democratic ownership by the workers themselves.

That's literally the foundation of capitalism and wage labor but okay.

Whether you have lots of money or not doesn't matter. How you made that money does. Do you think doctors and engineers are bourgeois just because they're well-paid?

The "equality" meme is one of the more irritating strawmen Holla Forumstards keep bringing up. Regardless of how liberals and redditors use it, the only tangible equality that can exist is in terms of political power and economic opportunity. Absolute equality in every way, shape, or form isn't real, and isn't relevant to socialism.

tldr; blatantly lying about what leftism actually is just makes you guys look even more childish and retarded.

can't wait for all the tranny suicides in 10 years

This is now a dubs thread.


Then capitalism of today isn't real capitalism either by those standards. Unless, of course you're a double standard nigger.
Not an argument.
You have no proof of that claim.
But ok fine. I'll give you a little story.
Not an argument. But, it isn't theft since the worker agreed to hand over what they produced for money to buy things with. Otherwise, producing something and just keeping it, isn't actually going to help you. There would be no meaning in producing two thousand tooth brushes a day and not trading it away so you can actually live. But, nevermind that though, keep being retarded and go by your own definition of "stealing/exploitation".
To you they are.
Is it now? How can you possibly go against the natural occurrence of hierarchy in a human society?
No one lied about leftism camel jockey.

Be the standard government-dick-sucking republican christians that think Israel is America's greatest ally and love corporations. As a "conservative" i'm glad that breed of republicuck is going away, although these modern day pussy centrists aren't much better.

Also to add, if "ancommunism" is actually anarchism, how do you force the entire world to accept your ideology? With (((democracy?))) Force? Because, it sounds awfully too authoritarian to be called anarchism.

So much cringe


No, they're not, and I never said that. Communism is stateless by definition. Both Marxist and anarchists seek to abolish the state, it's just that anarkiddies have a very broad and ambiguous definition of what that means.

This is precisely what Marx criticized capitalism for. The state having a monopoly over everything doesn't magically create socialism.

Yeah, 51% of people will get together and unanimously decide to essentially kill off the other 49% of their workforce. Sounds reasonable.

But the point is that the money they're given doesn't and can't reflect the full value of their labor. With the capitalist out of the picture, every bit of value that isn't reinvested into production goes to the worker.

That's not how it works. Read Marx.

What does this have to do with hierarchy? Social status will always exist in one way or another regardless of mode of production.

You literally just said that doctors and engineers are bourgeois, you disingenuous asshat.

This applies to every flavor of anarchism.

lol this is where the commies start to fall apart

I know reading isn't your strong suit, but at least try to finish the whole post before making a reply.


just keep parroting your pseudo garbage

First pic related. Oh boy, that was a tough one.
But they were advocates for communism and
Again, just because it has a state doesn't magically make it not communism. You can say ancommunism is abolishes the state until you are blue in the face but communism is not inherently stateless. No system is.
No, I said MINORITY group you understand? A minority within the losing side. Trying to force the entire other side starve to death would not give the winning party power. However, killing small niche minority groups would and would ensure they'd win the next election.
According to communists, workers create a product and then the bosses sell that product at a profit, thus "stealing" from the workers. There are issues with this. To begin, if the bosses are adding nothing themselves and it is the labourers who do everything, why do the workers not work for themselves? The answer is, of course, that the bosses often provide something integral to the creation of value (such as the tools necessary for a job). Thus the value of the product produced cannot entirely be attributed to the workers, contrary to what communists believe.

Furthermore, the theory becomes harder to support when you examine a more complicated situation. What about a car being created on a factory line, where multiple workers contributed to the end product? How much is being stolen from each worker? The same? What if some jobs were more important or labor intensive than others? Communists probably couldn't give you an answer, but they'd still allege that the workers were being stolen from.
What is up with this commies and saying "read this [book]" Like we're going to read a whole fucking just to look for one argument. Having to go through a mass of ideas that are already known. You're pretty asking me to look for sources to prove you right. If you're going to make a claim at least provide a DIRECT source to the page or provide the quote. Do you really expect people to take care of your- OOOOOOOH WAIT.
To most anarchists (including ancoms), think that having any form of hierarchy is exploitative and not egalitarianism.
Then what is a bourgeouis? Again, it sounds far too subjective and thus bullshit.
Then that's not anarchism then. Using force as a means to make "anarchism" a thing isn't anarchism, sorry.

I probably should have included the proper definition of bourgeois.

In Marxist terminology, class is determined by relationship to the means of production. That is, what role you play in how commodities are made. Essentially, you make your money by selling your labor, you're a worker. If you make your money passively by virtue of owning private property, you're bourgeois. Doctors and engineers are paid very well, but they make their living from selling their labor like any other worker.

Not an argument.

I don't know how to tell you this, but the Marriam-Webster dictionary isn't the best place to get in-depth leftist theory. It's almost like dictionaries define words based on their popular, colloquial usage rather than technical meaning.

Communism as a movement is not stateless. Communism as a mode of production is classless, and by extension, is stateless in Marxist terms.

People generally don't take genocide lightly. If it were some sort of representative democracy like you're suggesting, I don't think most people would vote for someone who tries to kill off their opposition.

Except for the fact that other workers are responsible for building the tools/workplaces necessary for the job in the first place. The capitalist seems to add value only by proxy.

I mean you could go ahead and calculate the socially-necessary labor time for every worker's individual task, but I don't see why it matters.

Yeah, I know it's a bad habit. But I tried to summarize it here

I'm not an anarchist and don't really understand the hate-boner for having any sort of boss.

But any sociological designation is going to be subjective to some degree. It's not a clear-cut either/or distinction either. The petty-bourgeoisie, lumpenproletariat, and labor aristocracy are also important class distinctions that don't fit neatly into the worker/capitalist dichotomy.

okay, niggers, responding to every single point in someone's post doesn't provide a good reading experience. it's boring as fuck. focus on one important point and argue against that.

No one is gonna read your shit if it's so long. You won't make up anyone's mind.

Keep it short.

t. incorrect

You are a faggot and as such are retarded

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Theory does not always translate into a definition. As for the technical meaning give me a direct source otherwise I'll believe you're bullshitting.
Now, I'll give you Marxism is stateless, but not all communism is. You really think there is no difference between say: feudalism, Mercantilism, and free market capitalism? Holding yourself to standards such as "it can only be stateless", is unfair as that would be like all forms of capitalism have to be the first form of capitalism???
Well they happen all the time, so…
But they do add value. If the "capitalist" can't find a way to sell his product, he can't give back to the workers the fruit of their labor. So, I believe that this "CEOs do absolutely nothing" is not true even of the slightest. They also have to coordinate the factories, as not having a boss would be disastrous and people would not do there job right.
But how do you factor in how hard people work? There really is no way of factoring that in mate. And to me at least, is exploitation as someone else is working harder than you and getting the same for there labor.
It's because they're overly paranoid and anti-authority.


im from leftypol and every time i come to this board because im bored i see threads about Holla Forums

talk about obsession

literally just read marx lol




Always remember, there are several Holla Forums discords

the now-disgraced Holla Forums nation, and the invite-only Outer Heaven.

t. doubt

Even cucks can be racist user. They call black people niggers all the time and rarely think of black people as anything more than a tool they use to fuck their wives when they can't do it themselves for some reason. In fact, the least racist people on that planet, in my opinion, are probably cuckservatives. The democratic party holds black people down with welfare and unchecked crime, for example. Communists and national socialists both want all races to work towards a common goal, except jews of course for natsoc. Protip; everyone is racist except for disgusting capitalist jews who see everyone as cattle equally and themselves as the future. This is called supremacy, and yes it is racist but they don't divide other races into nice little "X is good, Y is better, Z is shit" charts. Instead it is "goyim are vermin"


This is whenever I see Holla Forums try to defend themselves and their degeneracy, in regards to OP's posts



Moot was right, chanology was a mistake, gamergate was a mistake, Holla Forums was a mistake.
Activism is what has made imageboards mainstream, and anybody who encourages it here is cancer.

moot was sucking SJW balls fuck that faggot

moot sold us all out for whatever reason
maybe he wanted prestige, or was too scared to stand up for his own beliefs.

also i am this guy

No you're not.

my bad i'm the guy he responded to

These guys…

They had fixed wages, the means of production directed by socialists, and no private property. It was most definitely, at the very very least, a socialist country.

no commie will ever accept this fact.
99.99% of the time someone will always rule over the ants.

But as I mentioned before, they had wage labor, markets, capital, and production of commodities for exchange, which are exactly what Marx criticized capitalism the most for. Lenin called his economic policy state capitalism because that's what it was: the state taking control of industry and running it as if it were a capitalist, trying to make profits which could then be reinvested into building up industry and infrastructure.

It wasn't until after Stalin took power that the USSR considered their economic system to be bona fide socialism.

you stalin told them what to say and do

*you mean stalin*

Yeah, pretty much. Saying he already achieved socialism was just a publicity stunt to placate the people and give his regime more legitimacy.

Like I said, it's at the least socialism.
Well, there is such thing as Laissez-faire capitalism (meaning the state stays out of economic affairs in a country). Also, both capitalist countries and socialist ones have taxes.

But, it's still socialism?


A Stalinist would say so. But since it retains practically all characteristics of capitalism except with more government control, I'd say no.

Bs, wtf caused so many fags at leftypol? The leftist fag chan movement?

Please stop false flagging and showing off your traps. Nobody cares. Literally the only politics board worth a damn on this site is now /liberty/.

Holla Forums deserves all of the gas chambers
Im glad these faggots got exposed.


Pussy* centrist

Committed commies can't even build a socialist economy after killing all their opposition.

I'd like to see how you rationalize how a true socialist society, the Khmer Rouge Cambodia isn't a failure or isn't true socialism

well at least we agree with something
thats probably about it.

your classless society will never exist though.

Read the rest of the thread. Stalin fanboys think socialism is capitalism + government monopoly. They didn't even abolish wage labor before declaring that they achieved socialism ffs

It existed for the first 35,000 years of human history but okay.

literally no one cares or is reading your gay bullshit

But it looks like you cared enough to bother replying to me

Really makes you think.

cute cat can be fixed with the capital D

35,000 years ago there wasnt 7,000,000,000 people living on earth. the only way your marxist utopia would work is if all the power grids were destroyed and people isolated themselves into tribes and planted food everywhere.

I always knew leftypol were fags but this is concerning

I wouldn't be talking either leftypol

nice bait retard, kill yourself


It's actually hard for any system to work with 8 billion people on the planet. That's why modern political systems also must entail a genocide of some sort

Why do you oppose freedom?

wtf people invented stuff under capitalism i hate communism now

Yes, because electricity, machines, and modern farming makes maintaining a functional society so much harder.

He said that because that's what it was like for humans on earth for 35,000 years

Well, yes. The most important inventions in history, like the steam engine and other inventions, were under a free enterprise system.

Why did the inventor of the spinning jenny invent it? So that processes that back then required alot of (wo)manpower, could be done faster and more efficiently, making the end product cheaper and better. And therefore making profit.

The inventions that up the standard of human life are made under free enterprise systems.
Cars, computers, cheaper food, clothes to your choosing, dvd players, phones, smart phones. You can go on.

You could be the board under them.

… oh wait.

killing people isnt revolutionary though
you claim you're better than everyone but then try and purge anyone who is more intelligent than you and/or doesnt agree with your garbage philosophy which is why men like Pinochet become revered. he made that faggot Allende kill himself then stabilized the country.

Yes but I can't see why having the technology we have today would be a hinderance in that respect.

They can't even convince the people on this board of their shitty ideology, all their support comes from reddit. Seeing them get ridiculed for being such giant faggots feels good.

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of course you cant
unplug all your devices and give up all your possessions(which your parents pay for t. Lenin jk he never relinquished anything), get a fishing pole and plant some food.

Hold up nigger, you planting food means you're a class above some nigger without farming skills. Hunter gatherer is best choice tbh

t. too dumb to grow plants

Holla Forums isn't just one monolithic hivemind, believe it or not.

If only you knew the amount of pure, concentrated butthurt that radiates from redditors like sunlight whenever they're told that they should set aside their trans-black-feminist liberation and other idpol bullshit for 5 minutes to focus on actual economic issues. They're basically liberals but somehow even more whiney.


of coursh

Plantwhitey can plant plants and also hunt, therefore has more mental resources than the nigger, giving him more of a chance of survival.

Whitey is literally in the bourgeois class of the survival world.

Huh. I never thought of that. Maybe that's why cucks want us dead?

t. redditor

fuck off
Perhaps, I do not know.


Bad examples. The microchip, cell phone networks, wifi, GPS, touch screen tech, the internet, satellite communication, siri are all examples of inventions that came about as the result of tax payer funded research.

Holla Forums in charge of history, everyone.

This is what commies actually believe …..wow you are stupid!

But that's totally wrong. Both Democratic socialism and natsocs denounce government ownership over the economy (or means of production). They just help lead/guide it. Helping it =/= owning it.

Every Stalinist government had some sort of forced labor camps, but they relied primarily on wage labor, yes.
By definition, a society with no privately-owned means of production is classless. Hunter-gatherer and early communal agrarian societies fall under this definition.

I know, I wasn't talking about demsocs and natsocs. They don't like Stalin very much to say the least, and I wouldn't refer to them as Stalin fanboys. I was talking specifically about Marxist-Leninist regimes and their successors.
Regardless, demsocs and natsocs have different views of "socialism" than Marxists do.

The reliance of wage labor is the defining characteristic of the capitalist mode of production, and was one of Marx's main point of critique. Just getting rid of private property doesn't make capital, production of goods for exchange, profit-motive, socially-necessary labor time, abstract labor, or any other aspect of capitalism magically disappear.

Just by removing private property, all you've done was shift the role of capitalist from private individuals to the state: state capitalism. It's a step forward, but it isn't socialism.


Karl Marx is not the founder of socialism. He's just the founder of communism. Look up the French revolution (1789) and the economy afterwords. They had everything you despise in it. Communism is a form of socialism not the other way around. Now fuck off.


Fixed that for you.

You're right, I should have made that more clear. I'm coming at it from a specifically communist perspective, and Marx often used the terms communism and socialism interchangeably. But there are lots of different kinds of perspectives on socialism and socialist ideologies.

that word doesn't mean what you think it means.


I should add that Lenin used the term socialism interchangeably with dictatorship of the proletariat, but still referred to his New Economic Policy as a transition between capitalism and socialism.
Also why is a sneaky Bernie there? Is this a shitty Steven Crowder meme?

Let me put this simply, nobody got paid wages under the Khmer Rouge. Phenom Pen was simply depopulated, and city slickers like you were told to grow their own food in addition to what is required by the KR.

Implying you know for sure early hunters don't own their spears and bows, or the farmers don't own their tools, livestock or land