Is Varg right? Should I just milk the system like a nigger and become a peasant like him since all political parties are controlled by the Jews?

probably, but milking the system makes the system stronger as it slowly dies


Yes, being a neet is an honorable and proud thing to be.
I stand tall with my neet bux while the foolish wagies work to the bone for it.

Varg is just a escapistic lowkey cuck.

You should redpill yourself as much as possible, and do everything that you could do to destroy the kikesystem, brick by brick.


to whom?

Varg, calm down, go out from your shitty shack and kill a kike.

the kike system too powerful therefor cant be destroyed


t. cuck



t. anti-varg kike

t.escapist cuck that is denies the truth being too irresponsible and lazy to fight jews

jews control everything therefor they cant be is better to prepare and wait for the collapse

kek, JIDF are so retarded

My cat would love to be allowed outside, where she could chase birds, catch FIV, have some dumb mexican stick his dick in her ass, and maybe get run over by a car.
Or, to put it another way: if the Jews really are running everything, I'm pretty happy with how they're doing. I have plenty of food, I have enough to keep my house warm in the Winter, I have a pretty wife, I don't have any nasty diseases or parasites, I don't have to break my back every day just to get enough money to barely scrape by. It's a hell of a lot nicer than Venezuela right now, and probably a lot better than Germany or France or England only 100 years ago.

t.JIDF cyber-soldier

I guess. I don't want to tell you what you ought to spend your time yammering about, but I just don't see what I have to gain from fighting the Jews. And even if I were going to fight the Jews, I don't think I be doing it here.

go then fap to traps and pray to moloch, as you are the part of the jewsystem
also don't forget to suck rabbi's circumised dick, call everyone you don't like an anti-semite
also show your ass to a refugee if you are goy


CIA, FBI, JIDF and Israel

do you really believe we will have oil forever?

t. anti-kike escapist varg bird mutant

It's a rational decision if you want to stop the system that is bringing non-whites to Europe.

Germany's tax money is spent on getting food for invaders, housing for invaders, and holocaust reparations. This counts for almost all Eu countries.
You, as a rational human being want to stop this. Leeching off the welfare system is the most effective means to cause that collapse.

Too much welfare nogs>welfare lowered or abolished>welfare nogs cause uprising because no gibs>ball starts rolling


What the fug. Why aren't people rioting in the streets over this bullshit.

Hello. I have the answer.

Taxes basically took me from a healthy middle class salary to the tip of the poverty line.


You fail at economics, though it wasn't at the introductory level so, congrats, I guess?
The niggers whose paychecks depend on being the niggers who make sure the useless niggers get their bux are basing that "need" on the number of "customers". As a cusstomer, you're increasing the perceived need, ergo you are literally keeping the welfare niggers in business. And it's a pretty long game if you claim you're trying to bankrupt the system, since the system has been bankrupt since the 1960s, at least. Deficit spending ain't going away any time soon, sorry. (I mean, I wish it was, but it just ain't)