CSA victim hate thread

I'm sick of these fucking child sexual abuse victims acting they're untouchable fucking pariahs. Walking around like they're tough shit, like they're better than everyone just because they got molested.

I never really gave a fuck, tbh, that your uncle/neighbor/some guy you were stupid enough to take candy from raped your worthless underage ass. You didn't even have secondary sexual features, you had nothing to offer anyone anyways.

If you're a csa loser and you're reading this, and struggling with feelings of suicide and depression, do us all a favor, get it over with already. Kys.

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There is literally nothing wrong with being a csa victim.

Same tbh

I'd legit smack you with a hammer if you said that in person. Just to let you feel, abstractly, the emotional turmoil htat comes with being a victim. Fuck you, pussy.

Not op, but tell us so we can better understand your suffering: did you spit or swallow and were you penetrated?

lol butthhurt faggot.

Talk all you want, I'd demolish you. Real shit, you filthy dick sucking coward.

You're simply trash, bye.

I agree, we get it. You were raped, but you don't have to go around wearing it like a badge.

You were only raped once, why would you cry multiple times?

My experience dispels the myth that sex with a child can do no harm as long as it's consensual.

I need to redownload katanagatari.

It's better than Monogatari, tbqh

I never watched the *gatari*s

Mono was interesting at first until I realized it was just a lose collection of abandoned plots that go nowhere and characters which depend on lolwhacky editing and fanservice to stay interesting. Katanagatari managed to stay fresh all the way through.

Only a true weeb would willing admit to such autism as this…

tell us more


Fuck off

Wanting women to degrade you ,makes you a cuck.

But from the sounds of your butthurt, it seems like you're the one who sucked a dick.


Well a woman regretted having sex after the fact once so that dispels the myth that women can give informed consent so we should just abolish having sex all together because clearly its doing more harm than good.

I am a virgin.

I completely agree op

I got to say that's kinda hot

@abusevictimz don't take it to heart
we're just fapping