Daily pedo bread

daily pedo bread

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This is not going to end well for you OP

Such edge bro try drop hanging from a tree.

sorry i crashed your stormfag circlejerk

drop top
rain drop



Burn pedos!


She sure is getting old, isn't she…

What to do with her? Like seriously… What's her fate? Tick-tock…

Lol pathetic
Envy is a very pitiful emotion and your deficient soul will burn in the lake of fire, hurry to meet death

I'll just leave this here.

I hate niggers fuck off

That guy/girl must have a fetish for long sex "sessions".
Notice how in most of his stuff there is a clock around that gets updated realistically every time.
It's a suspiciously good attention to detail.

damn you OP. u made me remember the glorious days of Holla Forums & Mchan again.

late '14 and early '15 is best Holla Forums and Mchan.

moar drawn bondage user

I prefer the nice Lera.

I can help

Why aren't there more loli posters?!!!!



is this a still from a gif too?

I like the art there more


The jews won.


I can't help but wonder if it's Jim himself posting those pictures for the laughts.

Just supporting the community bro.




I hope dysnomias indecisive ass flip flopped on whether or not pedos can have a thread for the tenth time.
It'd be nice to have these threads again, they were always my favorite salt mine back in the day.


Ha! Dumbass


Not sure, but the artist made A LOT on this girl.
My guess is that it's his favorite "roleplay receptacle", as in, he masturbates in the role of the girl, and that is his favorite "look" to assume. It wouldn't make any sense otherwise, if he was a dude liking lolies he wouldn't be so obsessive over that specific one.


What's the filesize limit?

Pretty fuckin ugly art and I ain't lyin


i was the first one on Holla Forums to create "the pedo community" meme. now i see everyone else doing it. i originally made the meme with this image, but lost the original. does anyone have it per chance?

Artist: as109



*dad opens door*
"Are you winning, user?"


mmmm fuck x(

Wish there were more of these, youtube auto censors them now.

how so?


Why don't you have a seat over here, user…

Literally disgusting. Not even because shes older than 14. But because her face is nasty

Xira arien is cuter

Do they really fucking do that? Holy shit the censorship is real

Look again, fag. Who are you even talking to?


You are that girl posting your own picture to fill your ego.
Don't worry. You can still get easy sex and attention AFK.

There are no girls on the internet



You're moms are nasty.

Oh yeah? And who is this then?


All you people are fucking retarded. Just post real life lolis and dont say anything too retarded for fucks sake



Who the fuck is this??

Daily reminder adult/child sex is good for you.

all me tbh

name or source?

No adults next time

Her name is Kristy and you can find her ugly ass in the middle of the nearest ditch


you gotta be a faggot


What if I can't help it? What's it too you?

Fine, her name's just Kristy

LOL shes practicing for when she takes nigger dick in her teens and later on.


You ignored both of my instructions mate

thats better

Here op have a classic loli chan pic.

Only worthwhile pics. More lolis ranging from stuff like this would make an excellent thread













link it faggot



Fuck you.

hebe > pedo

Lowest anyone should go is 11. Sometimes lower on special occasions



I looked at their hair first, sicko. Boy, do I love long and sexy hair.

i agree

I'll never be able to remember it.
It had mostly puke feticism tho, are you sure you want it?



Faggot nigger


Best ones recap



Those were the days. Like a second childhood.


But OP asked for pedo, not hebe
Maybe people should make a daily hebe thread instead




No. Don't ever fucking exclude anyone like that ever again.


just like old times, chum

Your babes are ugly




I guess it's back to spamming then.

daily hebe thread

God, i really love this one out of that collection.


Thats ephebe not hebe


So where is everybody hanging out these days?





She was a total slut.

Badass Bitches.


Little girls are undeveloped. Any time I talk like a pedo on here is merely a satirical act. Fuck pedos, and the FBI's not very nice if they think I am one


I don't know her. How so?



would also like to know


Fuck off, FBI. I asked first.




Not a higher up, gannot invite

those videos are so damn cancerous

The entire platform is smug narcissists jerking themselves off for the world

away from the normies

just lurk, I'm retarded and don't talk much but still know where some 8ch bros and fags went

I'm just happy to have even seen a glimpse of the sun before the darkness took hold.
Most have never felt the the light, and might never know its warmth.
The sun could never rise again, but the memory will live on in our hearts.

pedos are what keep the kikes and moralfags out


Saying "this" does not contribute to the conversation




this tbh



On a more serious note, I'm surprised that this thread has lasted so long- it's like back in the day when Pedos and Hebes could actually contain their afflictions to one thread and behave themselves.

Who knew?

underrated post

Nice bait

pedo > hebe

Yes but some pictures are being unnecessarily deleted

No seriously, the thread has done well- and the content in it has been (for the most part) reserved and contained.

Also, Holla Forums made me a borderline Hebe with some of the girls posted here back in the day.



You apparently haven't been here that long.
No. Not plural. It's just one guy. One fat fuck of a whiny piece of shit that comes in and spams the board over and over, posts cp, floods the shit out of everything, and acts like a general nuisance. Just one guy.

These holy shit


That's Jim right?

this is a pedo thread, hebes must leave

One guy? Dumbass

mate, look at where you are, this isn't 4chins.

Any guy who doesnt find that attractive is in serious denial.

Mate she looks fuckin 20 anyway cunt

this this this this this this

Not just one pedo here, there's several of you. And so long as you don't act like fucking mongoloids I honestly don't mind you here, it keeps the normies at bay. What I'm talking about is the same belligerent cunt that has targeted Holla Forums since the first exodus.

This is the shit I was talking about… Girls like this are what almost convinced me; Vladmodels, Webe Models, and Silver Starlets/Angels/Etc. made me think bad shit.

There was other groups like the one that has Valentina, the 15 year old with absolutely massive tits, but I can't remember what it was called.

too old

Hebephiles aren't even real pedos. They like mature developed girls, they're basically normies.

shut the fuck up faggot


that's what I said before but then the hebes cry about pedo images being posted

I'd say she's about age 14-15 in those pics, so yes, the attraction is normal if guys are being honest

based user

Aww, isn't it past your bed time, kiddo? Figured being up all day as a manchild would've tired you out. :^)

TTLModels was the one.

Valentina is there somewhere in this collection.

You can see why people get the wrong idea when they're dressed up like this:


Who is this guy?

Me, or the person I'm talking about?

He's Niggerfaggot

spotted the 4chan fag

Nigga, please. Just use the search function there


No one could ever top this


hebe>pedo tbh

So… what gives?

Which is this?

pedo > nepi > ephebe > hebe

That's just fuckin ugly

no u

t. homosexual

lol ok Mr. Handsome



neither. it's a cat and its slave.

I think he means nepiophile. The attraction to babby





Damn, this bitch ugly from all angles

neckbeards are not fooled by camera angles

Try to make some sense the next time you type

This one.

I spent the entire time between posts trying to find a single image that won't get me Vanned.

Oi bruvs I've got a discord invite but I'm gettin confirmation that I can share it.

Nvm was just kidding, pay no attention to this post

A different thread would do just fine

Try to make sense of well-written posts next time you read them.

body is okay
face is horrible
i pray she has an innie otherwise she is a lost cause


Is Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" music video pedo propaganda?


No, but your post is clearly satanist propaganda with them trips

looks like Putin


What do you mean?
Atleast my posts are well calculated. You look like you beggin for money on the streets with they way you type, nigga.

The body is what got me, which is why I tolerate Hebes- I can kinda see where they're coming from…

Also this girl- She's pure bait; It's almost impossible to get a picture of here that won't get you Vanned when I was just scanning through them.

Not but clearly you didn't calculate the way an average Holla Forums user would interpret your use of "nigga". It implies that you are either a nigger, or white trash. Either way it doesn't project the image you seem to be attempting to project.

die nigger

What image were you hoping I'd project? I was clearly imitating a nigger.

I'm sorry I let this situation sink that low. To the point of blatant racism. I'm here to harden my black cock to little girls. Guess you couldn't handle that high of a thought process to properly enertain me.

I calculate that you're a fag.

Bed time, sweetheart.

contract aids and spread it to little black girls

I don't act upon my pedophilic illness or to your pedophilic wishes

For what reason were you imitating a nigger? It just made what you said look worse.

Putin was resurrected as a loli

WHOA WHOA WHOA who said anything about pedophilia? He just wanted you to spread AIDs to the niglets

Thanks now I got the most (yous) in this thread

can i get sum links?

Try here: 8ch.net/b/res/7198378.html

What he said may sound reasonable… But theres an illness behind it. Fuck that guy

mental illness is a social construct

No u

What did I miss? :^)

lolichan is and was gross.

Nothing interesting

Nothing. Deleted for no reason.

literally nothing, the mods are just sjw jews.

One was a girl holding up a pedobear saying "my bear" Guess that's illegal now.


Well fuck me in the ass then, this thread has 200+ replies. Do the mods not realize that it's threads like these are what made Holla Forums in the first place?

No. They are newfags who came along to Holla Forums after that.


moot was a pedo imo, also 420 blaze it faggot

That's was my point before- this is an actual "decent" thread by Holla Forums standards, and the Mods ban this because it triggers them. I don't particularly like Pedos but at least it generates discussion and actual posts instead of absolute dangerous threads.



*Cancerous threads

Fucking autocorrect bullshit.

My thoughts exactly. As long as they don't go overboard it's fine. I also think they should have their own cyclical, I used to just hide those and be done with it.

nice post user

Finally. Everyone was hoping for this since the thread first started. 2 great pieces of work

this user should be mod tbh




Why would you choose a 5 year old anime girl with FOUR (!) ponytails as your mascot if you weren't a pedo?

I'm not talking to you anymore


You deny the truth. 4 ponytails, 4 leaves of the clover (child lover), 5yo qt loli, logo basically the same as the CL logo minus the butterfly antennae and a different color.

3 is boy but you already know that, right?


pedos get out!


that's just a myth

Not all lolis are perfect

It's okay to be littlebit gay.



I don't see this picture as annoying, just pathetic. Everybody leave this guy out've our activity like you do to the losers in high school



Diego Luna?

enjoy ur b& tard


That's fucked up

None of that is real amd doesn't suggest anything I come to gather

Still pretty sickening


Are you triggered by optical illusions?

For that matter, is setting up an illusion like this more or less reprehensible than realistically drawn children?

stay mad lol

Shut the fuck up

Nobody was bananaed.
I'm disappoint tbh.

Dumbass. I don't want to see a suggestive optical illusion like a baby deepthroating a man. Not even funny, really. Maybe if she was 11, but that wouldn't be funny either. Dumbass

True. However, some people's triggered response is funny.


Damn, that's really gay. Whipped my cock out and everything

This is why you guys don't belong here, every time you get a chance to stay, you just fuck it up. I honestly feel bad that your life is consumed with your perversion. Being a pedophile feel similar to what transexuals feel, your identity is your perversion. You'll probably end up in jail if you keep doing this shit.

I had just never considered the idea before. If cartoon characters can get labeled as CP, then what about things like >>7199504 and ? Images and videos that are obviously not of underage people being sexualized but might look that way before a moment of scrutiny.


what tf are you talking about


You're right. Peter Griffin's sideboob could've easily been a young child's tit

My life is not consumed by perversion. I was the one who made that post but right after, I replied "Still Pretty sickening". I know what's fucked up mister. Nice tricks.

God are you there? It's me user

statist kike detected



When you're finally allowed to post on Holla Forums without getting banned, you fuck it up in post legal-grey area material. You do know that realistic portrayals/demonstrations is illegal, right. Like, if you made a picture so realistic that it was nearly indistinguishable from actual illegal material, that is classified as obscenity. You can go to prison, just like that guy that was caught with porn portraying underage characters from The Simpsons.

You make everyone think that illegal material is being posted as a joke? Why would you think that was funny in any way? Would your family think it was funny? What about your dad, would he chuckle? Grow up, you tremendous faggot.

They majority of voters do not think sexualising children is appropriate anywhere. You are a very perverted minority..

I didn't say it was funny. Someone ban thiz guy, he clearly didn't do the research

Dude. Put all the photographers of failed photos in prison?

So, if it's not funny, then why fucking post it? Must be an impulsive behavioral issue on your part.

What are you even trying to say?

Yes, cause they clearly made CP.


Imagine the jury and the look at the guys face when they showed the pics lol

Ban this guy.
Post what? I didn't post the pictures dumbass. I said suggestive optical illusions were messed up.

anyone got that girl grinding on a stuffed animal? the one with freckles

my report button is ready :^)

Famous Youtube celebrity, brings much to the table.

Bye. It was fun to have a real pedo thread again. But now I'm consumed by my degeneracy, lust and desire so I must go and stop joging and do mundane bs life mostly is.

mad jewboi?

typical sjw

You reply to the wrong post? I have some more famous youtubers

no one is replying to the right people lul

No, I'm just tired of your fags degeneracy this is NOT 2006 Holla Forums

Little girls shouldn't be able to move like/have bodies like that.

No wonder there are multitudes of Pedo scourge lurking the internet.

this is why we need ID's back

linda piba

You're right, they shouldn't be doing this.
You'd rather them have your genetics?



I'll have you know I have superb genetics, thankyou very much…

But you're still open to the idea they're attractive? Sick pedo

Not as such- my point was she was dancing suggestively, which I assume is a result of modern media influencing their behaviour.

Oh shit i didn't know Jackie Chan met LauraB and Valenciya S


He shows them how he lives up to his name

I don't get it…

Well, Putin's president down there.

Where the fuck on earth do you live that Russia would be "down there"?

I was just saying Jackie likes to jack off infront of little kids


Equip yourself with social skills peasant

That was a shit joke and you should feel bad.

Nobody was ever going to get that idiotic, nonsensical reference. Ever.

But hey it gets the (Yous)

Oh and the great part is, with all art, it is opened up to interpretation

No faggot, geographically Russia is at the "top" of the world, given that it's territory extends to the North Pole itself, and given that North is the standard bearing for "Up" in any part of the world, saying Russia is "down there" could only infer that you were essentially at the pole itself.

Are you Santa Claus?

This is the only good thing here, and it's goddamn amazing.

Holyfuckin shit, you're retarded. In my part of the town, North is to the right. Because that's how people grew up in America, facing the West.
>Are you Santa Claus?
Any fat fuck on here could pass

You haven't looked hard enough

thats gay tbh

I looked at everything. A lot of this stuff never appealed to me. Lots of shit taste, always was in these threads. Just one guy's opinion, of course.

What's your picks for best of thread?

Ur ghey

Right here

that girl literaly looks like a man

Not bad. 1st one especially.

If I gave to explain it, you just don't get it. But to each their own.

get your eyes checked mate

Slut face

I now officially presume this thread as dead

everyone is sleeping


Dear god user help me!!!! I dont wanna be banned ,i kill my self first before send back to 4chan

bump keep it alive

A little known fact: Semen makes great hair gel, and helps the Fed from falling off, too!

Isn't this wonderful 'art'?







Would he still be a pedo if she was 17 years and 364 days old?

A body like that is prime for breeding regardless of numerical age

AoC is 16 in some states

Whoopty-fucken doo Einstein

You know what I meant.

I usually don't go for the whole Holla Forums anti-degeneracy thing but that girl is super fucking degenerate. There are few as trashy, or even near it.

she is not a child she is a mossad agent
you dont have to be full Holla Forums to not be fooled
obviously she is 18 and not 15, no need to take a seat


I don't care what age she is, she talks like a nigglet, has a fucking grill, and beats her mom.

For the purposes of Holla Forums, given the legal grayness surrounding three-dimensional (3D) computer-generated child pornography and the so-called "real dolls" and how similar they are to real children, 3D renderings that violate the aforementioned Dost test and are so realistic as to be indistinguishable from real children are also not allowed.

You are treading a very fine line, user.

my chair has been with me for 7 years, it will NEVER betray me like that

These pictures are fake as fuck the steel,plates that go over the telescoping shaft of those chairs is seriously fucking thick they can withstand shots from 9mm and 45acp no problem

You sound like one of those guys who don't have a girlfriend or gets any vaginal penetration. Newsflash buddy, we love sluts

I mean, if I never heard her speak, sure.

But I want to cuddle and gently slowfuck my cute little girls, not hurt them!

It's a boy, right?

Who cares what you want


Why even link us


404 numbnuts

Where am I supposed to take this?

that was quick


volafile(dot)org/r/ and you copy the letters and numbers

not IDs, flags! The community voted for flags and against IDs


how can you get off on something like this?

A nice supple female ass has no age

It's the next level. Get with the times, pleb.

We need more pornstars like Monroe who can (kind of) pass for underage.

My only wish is that she should've gotten fucked on camera. I just wanna see how much of a champ she is getting fucked by a can sized 8" dick, but only her boyfriend gets to enjoy what we all yearned for as her fans

I'd like to see her get blacked, if I'm being honest.

For once, I'd be okay with that


No. My top fetish is being cucked.

I am not but I just want to see her get fucked. To me it kinda makes her seem more attainable to me, like if I ever met her, I'd have a chance to fuck her myself

she is lesbian


Doesn't matter, that's what rape is for.

Hmm that's not what I saw. I saw a scruffy man kissing on her in her YouTube videos. Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me or I'm just getting up there in age

being cucked by a white man is superior

How about you stop that?

How is this thread still going?


Why does one even need CP at this point, amirite?

wtf is this lmfao



aww hehe I hope the Tooth Fairy brings her something nice ^^

This is not a community, and even if it was it would not be a democracy. Majority opinion means nothing here. Minority opinion means nothing here. The opinion of the BO is all that counts here, which is why this board sucks so horribly. Wake up and learn about how chans work, retard.

More ephebe plz


Golden rule of internet.

she 18+ but she still lookin' young af… so… duh. here.

depends on where, there are girls on Skype, Discord and other places where they can show proof that they are indeed girls. but being one doesn't give you any privileges, so there is no point in even saying you're a girl… specially not in chans…

It's time for a snack, folks!



Can't tell if CP. What's her name, at least?

Aubrey Belle, it's funny cause she actually looks 23~ in all the rest of pics of her that you can find lul

is girls kissing against the ToS?

catch this LtCorbis btw LUL



Try here: 8ch.net/b/res/7198378.html



Not bad

I'll kick it off.


that place has too many grannies tbh

younger than most shit posted here


I want Corbis to suck my pedo cock

Ahh the good old days.

"One Handed Bingo" pic:
Let's be honest… how many of these girls grew up with a healthy balanced view of their own sexuality?

Those screen caps with the green text are hit as fuck god gamn sometimes I wish I wasn't a flamboyant faggot.

We need some more green text like that last pic.


That's just sad, honestly.
Those girls are so young

C'mon…. More green txt

Then make some, faggot

I don't have any stories.

Then make some, faggot.

Sunday again. Damn. I have to go grocery shopping. Most people think I’m a recluse, just pathologically shy. If only that was my problem. It’s true that I go out of my way to avoid going out in public. I never socialize and my current job involves working from home as a telemarketer. I only go out once a week to buy food from a nearby supermarket, one which I chose because it doesn’t have any security cameras. If it did, I could get into a lot of trouble, and nothing is even my fault.

I pulled into the supermarket parking lot and all but ran inside. I grabbed a shopping cart from the front of the store and made it safely to the first isle. The wrong isle, as it turned out. As I rounded the corner, I ended up not five feet away from another set of customers. There was a woman checking the expiration date on some loaves of bread while her son and daughter stood by idly. They all had very pale blond hair, the mother looked to be in her late thirties, the son was about nine, and the daughter was about eleven. While the mother had some great tits and an ass that was held snugly in her jeans, her daughter clearly had no breasts at all, her sundress clung tightly around her flat chest.

I didn’t know if the woman was a single mother or if her husband just wasn’t with her. Frankly, I didn’t care. My problem wasn’t the woman, but her daughter. As soon as I stopped my cart, I saw the signs. The girl, who hadn’t even been looking in my direction, jolted as if she had been burned. She pivoted on her heels, her pale green sundress swirling around her narrow frame. Her eyes had dilated. Damn. I couldn’t even tell what color her irises were; they were just thin rims around the huge black disks that her pupils had become. She smiled at me, somehow delighted at seeing a man she had never met before.

Without warning, the little girl grabbed a fistful of her dress in each small hand and pulled it up over her head. Now wearing nothing but blue panties and sandals, she let her dress fall to the floor. I don’t know why they always strip first. Hell, I don’t know why they do any of this. It seemed really cool when I was thirteen or so, my presence somehow compelling girls to strip naked and… do other things. One of my earliest memories is as a 6-year-old, getting a blow job from my 15-year-old babysitter. But it started getting less cool as I grew older and the girls stayed the same age. I would kill to have this power over women my age now but, as near as I can tell, I only affect girls aged from about 9 to 16. I may not have any control over it, but I still feel disgusted with myself.

I started backing away as the little girl kicked off her sandals and bent over to pull off her panties. Really, after all these years, you’d think I would have learned to just give into it. I know from many experiences that the girls that fall under my influence will keep following me until I give up. Sure enough, the now naked girl started walking towards me purposefully.

Still moving away from the entranced girl, I called out to her mother, “Hey, can you keep your daughter with you?”

I usually try this. It never works, but I think it helps me feel a little (very little) bit less guilty. The mother looked up from her loaves of bread, saw her naked daughter walking towards a stranger, and went back to checking expiration dates.

“She’s just playing,” she called in my direction offhandedly. To her daughter she warned, “Don’t annoy the nice man, Allie.”

The girl, Allie, gave no response and kept walking after me. I gave up and stopped retreating. That’s the terrible completeness of my curse: everyone near me never notices anything wrong whenever I get into these situations. Allie reached me and smiled up at me, her eyes as glassy as a doll’s. She wrapped her arms around my waist, gave a tug, and pulled my sweatpants down around my ankles. I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I used to walk around in tight jeans while wearing two belts, but all that does is delay things. Eventually I realized that if some poor girl fell under my power, I wanted her to be done as soon as possible. That meant I could leave sooner, before someone else was entranced or someone caught our illicit acts on camera.

I waited to see what Allie would do. She crouched a little and took my limp cock in her mouth. I breathed a sigh of relief, and then felt horrible for doing so. I shouldn’t be glad that this innocent girl was sucking me off, but it was better than the alternative. The older girls usually wouldn’t go away until I actually had sex with them. Maybe it was a development thing: they wouldn’t try to have sex until their bodies were able to take my cock.

Allie was still trying to get me aroused. My power, curse, or whatever it is doesn’t seem to impart cock-sucking knowledge to its inexperienced victims, so they’re usually left in the position of being compelled to get me to cum without knowing exactly how to do it. Allie was just using her tongue to push my cock around in her mouth, from left to right and back again. That wouldn’t do much at the best of times and it didn’t help that I feel no attraction to little girls.

Knowing that Allie wouldn’t leave me alone until I came, I sought inspiration. I began mentally undressing her mother, who had just started moving farther down the aisle. I watched her tight ass swinging as she pushed the cart ahead of her. Imagining that I was having sex with her, I closed my eyes and began grinding my hips a little. My cock started getting warm and I kept grinding, more or less successfully ignoring the fact that I was face fucking a little girl. I kept thrusting as my cock hardened completely. Allie’s mom had almost reached the end of the isle, but I kept my eyes locked on her lithe form. Allie held her head still as I finally came. Most of my cum went down her throat but some spilled out of her mouth. Allie coughed but put her hand over her mouth, trying to keep my cum even as her body tried to expel it. Finally, she managed to catch her breath and swallow what was left in her mouth. Whatever compulsion she had was now sated and she got to her feet, swaying slightly.

“Hey!” a shout came from the other end of the aisle. I looked over and saw the mother hurrying over with a look on her face that was simultaneously angry and confused.

She had walked beyond the range of my influence and had no doubt suddenly realized that her daughter should be with her. I can only guess, because I’ve never experienced it myself, but I think my power fades away gradually with distance. So, from the other end of the aisle, the mother could tell that there was something wrong with her daughter but she couldn’t tell what. Of course, as she got closer to me once again, the anger and confusion drained away. By the time she reached the pair of us, the mother was acting completely normal despite the fact that her daughter was naked in a supermarket. Calmly, Allie’s mother helped Allie put her clothes back on. She smoothed away the wrinkles in the dress and ran her fingers through Allie’s hair. The mother even rubbed away the thin dribble of cum sliding down from the corner of Allie’s mouth.

I watched the scene draw to a close. I always watch, after it’s over. It may be the shock of the whole thing, despite having done it countless times, or it may be that, just maybe, I’m hoping that someone will realize what I’ve done. But, like all the ones before them, this pair had no memory at all of what had happened. They walked away from me without a backwards glance. And, just like that, I got away with rape.

Probably close to zero. They grew up in 21st century human society, after all.
Just look at the number of "normal" people who end up totally fucked up with all sorts of psychological scars.

The fact they knew they had been involved in something extremely taboo wouldn't have helped though. Psychological damage is a predictable consequence of spending the first 10 years of your life doing something (it can be anything) and the next 20 being told that what you did was immoral and evil and harmful. It's basically the nocebo effect coupled with social alienation.

Girl is hypersexualised by nigger culture, is this what pedos jack it to?

You definitely should.


moar or sauce please

There, jerk off.


Get 'em, Cleetus

daily reminder

She's a very open nigger fucker lol.

Who is she? I've seen her face once or twice, but never seen a name.

Kayln from Dance Moms. She posts pics of her ass in between posts of her with her buck on her Instagram page.


I can't find shit about her date of birth, how old is she?


Probably 14 or 15 in the pic that was posted.

She's from Georgia, AOC is 16 there which is probably why she's very forward about her niggerlove.

That's too bad because it would be hard to tell my dick no if I had that in front of me.



Same. She needs to be punished for her degeneracy but at the same time who wouldn't tap that.

The whole thing


Fuck, I need to go jerk off again now.

Off you go! Weeee!

Caps like these remind me that it's a very good thing I never had a little sister.

Times were easier when. Teen chat rooms were around , met some ladies, but was younger in 20s then now I'd be scared to be v/ . aoc is 16 in UK so you never know..

Yea, that kinda seems gross when you think about it being you and your little sister. But good thing I had an older sister to practice on

Little sisters are great, tho… oh so compliant!


fucking normie

I really enjoyed this. The idea of a superpower that makes panties hit the floor isn't anything new, but I liked the uncontrollable aspect when combined with the protagonist's conflicting emotions. His reluctance and reference to it as a "curse" keeps it from being creepy, but his willingness to enjoy it make him seem relatable. The zoning aspect of the power also makes it seem more like something that is connected to the protagonist, rather than just a story contrivance, and I liked that.

I definitely wouldn't mind reading more.



Are you a hacker?

Found the source of the story. It's a collection of "Erotic Mind Control" stories.


Maybe. When I was a kid I usually found myself jacking my black cock to poppa's Playboy. But I never really realised I was horny. Kids don't start to realise they're horny until they're 11. That's when the REAL fantasies kick in. Dumbfuck.

You are a stupid nigger degenerate so you automatically have no argument and are very much wrong.

When I was a young black toddler, I used to have a big imagination. I used fantasize myself walking on the edge of a giant spoon, and the other boys in my grade stretching penis and wrappin it around me and throwing me off the damn spoon. Sometimes I'd be under the blanket and imagine a boy ontop of me. Those were the only gay fantasies I had. Then I grew up. YEs, that's right, I'm fucking serious, you can grow out've being fucking gay. And now I only like young pussy. Young white sugar. Sweetness. 11. Best.


Look at these 2 niggers. Approving eachother. As a white man, I say 11 is best. And that's fucking final, black man/


I'm fucking serious. How come I don't have gay fantasies anymore. I don't miss em. Just tell me

Your in denial of your own sexuality stop hating yourself gay nigger lover or maybe your bi-sexual.

I knew you'd flip the "you're in denial, gay man" card. The truth is, kids haven't fully comprehended their sexuality. The honest and raw thought of having a gay fantasy disgusts me now.

Because females aren't as interesting as males, and your immature mind latched on to other males because it was what you were more interested in. Once your puberty kicked in, your body told your brain that females were more desirable because of their bodies and you auto corrected yourself.

Sexuality isn't a choice though.


And that's why he stopped thinking about other males and started thinking about females.

Its called experimenting faggot you were experimenting with your sexuality.

Females are not only attractive during puberty and adulthood you autistic faggot.

Give me a picture of an attractive child then

There's more than one way to be attracted to someone, but sexual attraction doesn't kick in until your body starts to gear toward it.

There are tons of famous child models, my good man

Pic related

Damn. Some children are just lucky I guess

I think you've fundamentally misunderstood me.

I meant "children don't start to be sexually attracted to people until their bodies start to want sex" not "children aren't attractive to others until they hit puberty"

Like Lera pic related.

Yes, they're certainly fun to look at. But no one here would ever do anything to em. (They're not THAT attractive, right?)

Dumbass i was sexually attracted to older adults and the young girls of my own age when i was 7 and yes i knew what sex was.

Is this the thread where we get banned for posting child models?

Is this faggot serious?? peak attraction is prepubescence- into puberty so 5-14 for me.

More pictures to prove me wrong


Then that's when your body started to adapt for puberty.

This isn't a hard concept.

I'm not trying to be a pedo or anything, but the only time a kid is attractive would be with a banana in their mouth, looking at you. Your post clearly proves me right. It just adds more. If was a professional photographer, I'd stick a banana in my girl's mouth

You're fucking retarded you know that fucking nigger degenerate prepubescent kids are not asexual.

Mara's beauty still makes me click on pics that i have seen a thousand times before.

Mara is love
Mara is life
Mara is

I knew it you are a closeted gay nigger if you dont like lolis your a faggot.


Holy fuck.
Fucking shit this has got to be one of the best Cummings of of this year.
At times like this I wish I wasn't a faggot.

Sigh, fucking faggot. I bet you style yourself as one too. I wish people were more cooler on this site

G-rated pictures only

Nah I'm very conservative on my look and I don't have a lisp or anything like that.
Some people don't even notice it.
Although some people do.
I wish I experienced pussy like that guy of green text if I had that experience I would be straighter that the gravity of a black hole.

Yeah, they're ok. Every other faggot on here would think they're goddesses probably, but they're ok. Sigh. Any stuff like the posts below?

Like I said, I'm not a pedo

Reasonable enough.


Damn, the blonde chick with the anchor shirt's really hot, but probably only from that angle. All of these chicks probably fine from these angles and that's it, you know what I mean?


Never thought she was cute
Her forehead is too big and she has ugly feet

Is she the same person as this?

Person below is wrong, she's great


yes. it is her

I'm late to the thread but look at this youtube.com/watch?v=5Q6pDGNQw3I We're doing gods work!


Pedophiles are the most human people we could get


Pick one

My favorite set of Hanna F.


ok whiteboi

Are Russian girls the hottest?

Haha yeah of cause. She couldn't handle the red pills.

I want a cutie Russian girlfriend

WHAT would you do to her ;)

Go and meet one then. The World Cup is being hosted in Russia next year and Putin will be relaxing visa requirements.

I still don't think I'm a pedo, I think this girl in particular is just nice. Picture of her kneeling's the best one. Like damn some photos can be fucking great and she's really hot. Sometimes the pictures where you have to imagine can be the best ones. Like, imagining what videogame she's playing. And how open she would be.(to play Smash on Nintendo of course)

What the fuck. Freak.

Baguette Pam Pom is a Queen, is she not?

does this not get boring after a while
like can you not go collect stamps or something

Stamps with Lolis on them, you mean?

No, you sick freak.

Was it Pimenova who did that photoshoot with some guy, including a photo where he was pretending to spank her over his knee?

I'm not Googling "pimenova spank" for you

I wasn't asking you to. I couldn't recall if it was her or another model.

Google could recall

No, it doesn't and they're unlikely to reveal anything remotely interesting in that area.

Fine. Bing.

that sounds nice yeah do it
lolis don't count anyway imo


The only user with a good taste in this thread


Don't be cruel. It's not his fault little girls make him drool in public.

I was just saying she's not the cutest in the thread. Hope you're not being a smartass

Who? Me? Rin? A smartass? I'm insulted!


Sweet little girl



I know what this thread needs. Anyone have any goatse?



This post survived few days. Nice.

LOOK at that 13-yo Loli Polanski nailed, will you? I mean… can you BLAME him at all? No wai! She's fucking drop dead gorgeous!








get the fuck out

Those hairy arms



wtf? wheres the goatse???!??


Indeed she is! I'd share a baguette with her every morning.

That bullcrap came later, it was late spring 15.

Only a spergy autist pedo would know that date…

He's a man with an attraction. You should salute him like this fine young woman down in the post below.

well that escalated quickly

meh, never did hardcore porn because "her boyfriend didn't allow her" , smoked and now has horrid implants and looks like a 40 year old druggie. What a waste.;
step up your game


What's in the package?

they should not be able to have what they naturally have and naturally van do?
are you defying nature lmao
if a girl posts a picture of herself naked online, who do you think gets into trouble, NOPE NOT HER BECAUSE SHE IS PURE AND INNOCENT

naturally they are sluts
healthy balanced view of their sexuality? what do you mean?

why though

that's fake news

Why does this clip trigger so many people, for so many different reasons?

Why would it? I'm serious.

They are just acting as they have been programmed to. Expressing immediate, strong opposition to anything remotely outside the PC parameters of what is 'appropriate' for children.

Why woud it be innappropriate? She's cooking cookies and dancing, that's it!

They're called "blyn"

"Blyn" is the Ukrainan for "Baguette". Hence Baguette Pam Pom.


This thread lasted for a while. It deserves it.
Please. Will share rare kuruminhas if you deliver it.

why is this still a thing

Yeah, no ones even posting any more lolis. Are those the only ones that fucking exist?

Can I get soruse of this music please

tread got ruined by anons like and

Sounds like it's Lolifest time!


Do shota traps count?




i went to that "new" librechan and omg
there is tons of borderline shit there. like honestly…

a few pics have cunny showing (like slips and see-thru panties) and there are tons of loli nipples. not saying i dont like it im just saying i dont know how they can think that new site will stay up

It just went down, just then!


lol they've quite literally sexualised this "girl" just to reinforce the idea of its femininity.

what really gears me is that they still think they're in the moral right of all this.

Topless lolis aren't illegal.


No they aren't but topless lolis that are modeling are definitely illegal

If you see 3 pictures of a girl in shirt & underwear then she is stripping in the 4th pic and in the 5th pic she doesn't have a shirt you can guess where the other pics in the set lead to…

It counts as cp

Depends if the photographer is an important enough jew.

gays not welcome


This is why all the alternate imageboards have failed, its either some faggot thats no runs the place no different than anywhere else so its dead on arrival or its some pedo thats the admin and he cares more about his CP stash than actually running an imageboard so he lets everyone post whatever they want until the whole site gets shut down.



You all make me sick.









I support pedos when they're not posting boys



the one posting boys is hex


die tripfag







If you're going to delete pics, why not delete the thread? :3



no u

delete urself

We don't need to delete the thread.

Everyone was behaving themselves until Mossad showed up.

rly now?


The vicious cycle repeats again, dysnomia allows a pedo thread but doesn't moderate it at all and now that someone has inevitably posted CP I bet he'll delete the whole thread and ban everyone again and say pedo threads aren't allowed just like last time.

So how to remove the spam then?

Hey at least you have a good memory. I don't browse these threads, they're shit. I only browse good threads.


Well then at least you finally managed to get someone to do it for free that actually does their job instead of banning everyone before they've even done anything.

make me mod so i can help delete all the gay stuff, i browerse these type of treads all the time

yea and no spam either


sounds good 2 me


it will die and that's good
means more posters here


in the real world with real people ; )


before they turn evil, and they care about your income level, your job description, your fashion sense, the vehicle you drive, your taste in music, your height, your abs, the style of your hair, the shoes you wear, how social you are, how you get along with family, whether or not you look good in a hat, how lifted your truck is, how many tattoos you have, how many vacations a year you take, where you like to go on vacation, and on and on and on and on….

Take it from someone who used to date nothing but teens in his 20's: Women in their 20's and 30's are fucking spitefully evil.


you reap what you sow

little girls are nothing like you describe

read what i wrote again.


This disgusts me



If my 12-yo daughter bought round one of these gorgeous boys for a sleepover, I'd have to ask her to close her door at night, to drown out the noise.

Pepsi is the cuck cola. Coca-cola still uses coca leaf extract in its formula.

Nice meme. Clearly though, you don't even practice what you preach. That being the case:

No they don't you tard

eagerly awaiting pre-written response

Point being?

This is a pedo bread.

Ha, nigs gonna nog.

Wow, you're amazing! Must be nice to have the world figured. Plus, knowing what's in the hearts and minds of every single person on the planet. How do you manage that?

So, I'm only allowed to post things you find entertaining? You are the one trying to force a viewpoint. Impulsive behavior indeed.

And never will be again. So, what's more degenerate? The pedo or the Google warrior who thinks posts on an imageboard has any effect whatsoever, despite decades of evidence to the contrary.


Never thought that I would need to download a shitload of gore and then spam these threads until they reach post limit in order to force you subhumans to stop posting this crap. I'm starting from tomorrow.

get a life

You won't be the first and you wouldn't be the last.
My favorite butthurt moralfag memory from this board is when one got triggered so bad he manually spammed goatse for 4 hours straight.
Just the fact that a moralfag got so triggered that they'd be willing to stare at a mans prolapsed anus for 4 hours straight just to spite someone they don't like on the internet makes me crack a smile every time I think of it.

Can this really be called the 'Daily Pedo Thread' if we've had the same thread for a week?

tfw you missed all the good bits

new loli thread and shitpost

Yea, but it's on 4chan.

Its even worse than I thought.

Well if dysnomia would come to his senses he'd just make this one cyclical so all the moralfags could just hide the thread and never worry about getting triggered again like it was back in the good ol' days.
But knowing that this isn't the good ol' days anymore and how much of a flip flopping faggot dysnomia is I know its just a matter of time until he decides to fuck us over again.

makes sense to me.