Robot Thread

Lets have a Holla Forums robot thread.

So how are you neets robots and hikikomoris holding up??.

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I want a gf

I want a sexbot

i know how you feel user.


I want a loli sexbot.

i know that feel bro.

What do you do about the pit of loneliness?

i know that feel bro.>>7198021

I cope by masturbating and focesing on other things like watching anime and playing video games.

Meant for -


I have those things too but over the past few months I've become unimaginably bored and unmotivated to do any of those things I used to enjoy.

Do you sleep all day like me?/.

I sleep as long as I can before I'm forced to make myself food out of hunger. Then I just sit in front of my computer not really doing anything and the day manages to go by.

This is my life in a nutshell as well.

I wish there were state sponsored singles meets ;_;

I think you mean neets lol.


We all do user.

I-I have a gf
In another country
I'll meet her later this year, for the third time. I'm working out 6 days a week because i want to be in my best shape ever before that happens.
I still have no hope for the future.

She's taking the sperm of foreign men into her womb daily while you're not there. Congrats on being a cuckold.

I'm sorry you had bad experiences with girls.
I really am. Hope you find someone that teaches you how to love again.

Just cheer up faggots. Being happy isn't that hard

I don't

She is doing the same shit with beta men from other countries. You fell for her trick

No experience =/= bad experience

It honestly looks like we are going to marry tbh.
It has been a magic time since i've met her, on Holla Forums, so you know she's just as bad with people, kek.
Screencap this post, i will deliver in 6 to 11 years, if Holla Forums is still around by then.

What's keeping you from trying?

I don't really understand why cucks think you can't understand 3DPD via study.


Get out of our thread normalfag.

Tell me more please.

Do you not want a gf?? or are you gay?? because faggots cant be robots /r9k/ said so.

I don't know how to communicate with cute girls.

I have a algebra quiz today for Uni. Wish me luck anons

I've lived with 9 women under the same roof so I know what they're all about. Honestly, I'm kinda turned off from finding a gf as of now because all the drama it will bring upon me. If I get a gf, she has to be deaf and blind

nah, I more of an 2D /ara/ dude, myself

nah, I more of an 2D /ara/ dude, myself

Why won't that flag fuck off, I'm not even a flip flop lol

fucking Holla Forums

Oh 2D is nice.

I could give you advice if you want some, I'm fairly experienced.
If so, i'll need to know two things:
If any other guy wants the same advice, feel free to ask. I've been in this position before so i can empathize with all of you.


not even talking about the drama.

not all the time, but 3D ara is used goods, that are ugly

I know that, but when I take it off it comes back on. I think I have to clear my cache

What do you mean by this?
Normal/thin weight, cute face, wants to keep me company. 6/10 face at least

What do you mean by this?
Normal/thin weight, cute face, wants to keep me company. 6/10 face at least

but i don't want to be a burger

If you were to give yourself a score from one to ten, would it match the "score" of girl you want to obtain?

Aside from my social anxiety being a negative, yes.

Too bad that the government is going to ban them before they're even out of the gate.

I play VN's to sate my need for human interaction.

without them, I probably would've killed myself already

Did you try speaking to girls?
If a girl likes you she's not gonna mind your awkwardness.

No. I have no idea how to start a conversation or to keep one going.

Do you have discord or kik?
We can practice without any pressure.

How is she going to like him if he's acting awkward? First conversation works on make or break basis, if he can't make her like him in first conversation because he's awkward then he's done. Looks are not all sometimes.

Do you look good? Cause i do, and you're very wrong.
To put it in perspective, my cousin mingled a spanish girl on his trip to London, and they didn't even speak the same language.
They danced a bit, went into a room, and done.

I feel like this site is populated mostly by children.

No that is Cuckchan were mostly adults here we just act like children to be edgy.

is it because don't want to deal with 3DPD, or they are sad because they don't have a 3DPD that "loves" them


I am operating within acceptable parameters. Diagnostics register no significant aberrations.

Doing better than I have been in years.

Recently got out of a pseudo-blackmail situation so now I can spend more of my neetbux on myself.

I've been really slumming it for years and it was a big relief to be able to go shopping like a human being again.

What happened?

I'm living, trying not to fall in love with my internet friends for the thousandth time.
I'll give college another try in September(not of my own will, but still), we'll see how it goes. Any other neets who lift here?

Girl problems. Basically my blackmailer found a goldmine and no longer needed to leech off of me anymore, and all it took to break free was for me to man up a little.

Just got back into lifting haven't lifted in 2 years but now doing it again.



What is lifting for you? I feel like it's my only hope for now, I've been doing it for quite a while(2 years I think) but with lots of breaks and haven't been as serious as I should've. It's my last hope of becoming attractive and getting someone to like me, that's all I want. I'm autistic, have a weird face with weird hair, bad posture, etc. Every time I look myself I feel like shit, sometimes I feel like it's all hopeless. But my lifts are going up, and I'll start cutting soon, so there's no reason to stop now.

I just do it to stay in decent shape.


I fell in love with a Jewish AT, now my friends on the Internet think I am a traitor.

Jewish QT :/

you are.

No I am not, love is love

yes you are. you belong in an oven, next to her.

If people continue to be mean to me I will recant my revionism writings and videos.
It will be a bigger catastrophe than the Eric Hunt fiasco.

I am the son of a Kraut and a Jew and you need to kill yourself ASAP.

I thought it was a robot thread, I don't feel welcomed :/

Your not a robot anymore now your just a traitor.

I'll never understand why people make women the center of their everything. I have never - in all seriousness - wanted a gf, and my virginity is not something that bothers me in the least. It's not ideological, I'm not a MGTOW or some such – I've just never really cared.


Not how that works.
It should be noted that I've been a feral hikki since I was about twelve years old, so I have effectively no experience with women, negative or otherwise.

So are you a hermit?

Just wait until you have feral females emotioning about their precious babies and throwing responsibility to any man who will listen.

But they will suck your dick if you give them the right things

I have no social contact beyond my immediate family. None. I still wouldn't consider myself lonely, I just can't stand the stagnation and emptiness of this lifestyle anymore.


So just to tell you guys, I am converting to Judaism, it will take time but I am even willing to get circumcised.
Wish me luck my only friends.

How 2 remove oneitis?

Good luck and Shalom brother, you've made a good decision.


ok user i'm gonna share what i have because everyone deserves a cute girl at least once. I am bad/mediocre at writing advice stuff so if anything i say is confusing i'll try to rephrase it.

Nearly every 'cute' (within personal taste) girl i've met came under three categories, sometimes mixed, which are:

super friendly (40%)
super shy (40%)
super bitchy (20%)

i include percentage because this is just a general sum of the people i know/have met

now this may be different from person to person, but generally a lot of cute girls are lovely and love making friends with anyone, you just gotta show to her you're a chill person, someone who just enjoys hanging out and talking about whatever.

if you want to be a person like that, you have to be someone she can emotionally depend on and open up to. this is easier than you think, you just need to get her to tell you about herself, start off with general questions to establish some common ground (music, film, vidya, etc) and just try to keep going into deeper conversation about stuff. a thing i sometimes do is play 20 questions over snapchat or whatever since i can have all the details stored somewhere secure incase i need to remember a birthday/allergy/etc (which is considered 'sweet' by most girls, they like to know you give a shit)

once you're both talking say almost daily for a while, ask her to go do something, go to your local city and explore, go shopping, go exploring, chill out in the woods and get high, whatever you can think of (within reasonable limits)

keep doing this for a bit, have her warm up to you, start delving into relationship stuff if she lets you. if she doesn't want to talk about it she either doesn't like you, is talking to someone else she wants to hook up with, or has some fucked up past event that makes her uneasy about relationships (which can be exploited for your benefit if you are responsible about it) if she does talk about it, just start dropping hints every now and again, don't overdo it, like don't mention it every 5 minutes "oh i wonder if you and i" this and "i'm not like other guys, i'll treat you right" and all this shit because she's heard it before and she's bored of it. just think of it as trying to feed a wild animal, like a squirrel or a deer. that adorable forest creature crosses paths with lots of people every day, and those people want to feed it from their hand too. you have to show the critter that all you want is for it to trust you enough to feed it. show her she can trust you enough to want you.

also if you're struggling to find qt's because you may or may not go outside a lot, i recommend social/dating apps where you can meet people around you. i used to think people would shun me for using them but my experience with them has been pretty good. par the one psycho i met that fit the age old 'you look nothing like your picture' portrait perfectly

if you can, go to community gatherings/events and meet people that way, wherever your community center is or a town hall or whatever should have event info and shit. you can just meet people by hanging out with any friends you already have, just get in touch and be like "are you going out this weekend? i'd like to come" or however you want to say it. one of the cutest girls i met was introduced to me through a friend one night when we were looking for a place that sold water so we could use my travel bowl to smoke and it was a really fun night, anything can happen user, unexpected things, just go out there and look for it

Catholic or Islam is the way to go.


I feel empty but I have a little hope so it's not over for me yet.

No, you don't understand. If you had a vagina, but you were otherwise exactly the same, your life would be vastly better. You would be good with people, because people's first reaction to you would be one of compassion and interest rather than disdain and fear. Even mean, ugly, fat, generally disgusting NEET girls have guys ask them out, and all they have to do is say yes, rejecting any they don't feel are up to their standards. Because even the lowest girl still has standards, and those standards will not bite her in the ass, because more guys will always come along.

Men are second class citizens in our society. Being the most unappealing woman still gets you better treatment than the biggest chad. The only solution to this is robowaifus. Pull a large section of betas off the market and women won't have as much attention validating their ego. As it becomes more normalized, more and more men will turn to robots, and the more they do, the more women will actually have to "compete" for men. Of course all that really means is treating men like people, instead of treating men like hated servant untermenshen like they do now, but it will still be an improvement. The only question is if it will be too late by then. Because by that point, many men will have already realized that robots are not just an acceptable replacement, but that they are actually better than 3DPD.

That's good to hear user.

If I die, it would be like losing an empty purse. Fuck I wish I was strongwilled enough to end my existence. All I have to do is to hope that one day some crazy fucker stabs me in gut or run over me with a fucking fat truck on greenlight.

I'm doing alright with funds, staying as comfy as I can. I burn for a passion, something to fill these endless hours of my life besides the hollow victories of vidya, fapping and shitposting.

I'm limited by funds, everyone says I just have to get out there and try things, but that's far too expensive. Having a social life is expensive. Going places is expensive. There's very little that can be done for the same amount of money as sitting here shitposting and playing vidya. Unemployment is a fucking joke in burgerland, I ran the numbers on it when I was first on it a couple months back. It's more expensive to collect it then to just continue to pay my half of the rent out of my savings. They're not interested in finding you a career or whatever fucking normie speak is for a job you'll grow in. They're interested in shoving you in some warehouse shithole job so you'll leave them alone.

I never asked to be a burden, and I wish I could stop fucking up.


You are not a robot get out of this thread normalfag.

learning music can be cheap, same with learning a language.
tearing apart lawn equipment idiots throw out can be interesting but, that isn't for everybody.

How do I learn a language with no one to practice with?

interbutts + mic

neither of us said anything

dunno how to get around this whole "life is purposeless" roadblock

right there with you, have a well paying job and guaranteed work, stable life for the most part
i just don't see why i should do it though, can't seem to find my own reason to keep on going.

Do you have anything you really enjoy?doing?

Damn that's sad user.

you know what's sadder?
i'm crying right now too
he gave me a hug and told me good night while looking into my eyes solemnly, i don't think I've seen sadness that deep in person before

My parents are concerned with my apparent lack of emotions, and are concerned that I'm either depressed or have something important on my mind. The thing is that I feel pretty content with life, and nothing is really bothering me.

Well I tried looking into Communism for a solution to my work-cycle related maladies. I love how it actually addresses daily concerns for workers and proposes solutions. I found ways to reconcile my religious beliefs with it and read up on plenty of its' theory.

But, there's something that I can't accept, and I bring all this up here because it pertains to us robots. Communism, or maybe just our current Communists, is/are too sexually debased and degenerate. They demand Egalitarianism between the sexes and I believe I could potentially accept this demand if "egalitarianism" in this context could include an equal social enforcement of monogamy, but Communists seem so hell-bent on that civilization-destroying sexual liberation business. I can't compromise on this issue, and if Communism is unable to, I'll have to go back to Holla Forums and Fascism and all the loftiness and ignorance of daily struggles that this entails. I hate being indecisive, and I just wanted to share my thoughts because I figured somebody might reply with something useful.


Islam= reported
Catholic fag here.


I know that feel

You will end in the same chamber as the Jews, traitor.

Those are not leftists, they are just edgy rebellious liberals. Want to see actual leftists who have read Marx, Lenin et al? Dig through the online communities and literature. You'll find that socialism and communism is alive and well.

Fuck off, Holla Forums and don't come back until you have something useful to say.

I don't, w-what ever. Guess I'm just a failed normie.

Fuck off you autistic faggot this whole place is basically Holla Forums : the website now.

You call me autistic and it's you who sperged about TEH EBIL JUICE. Free speech, nigger. now again, have you anything of use to say other than shouting about dominance and other crap like that.

I am an alcoholic with liver problems.
For the duration of last 3 or 4 years I was on a downward spiral. Less books, less creativity, less sobriety, less social interaction. Now I am sick and boring individual who spends all his time either working or drinking (sometimes both), mourning my existence and wasted years. At least I won't need to kill myself, haha.

Back to reddit you blue pilled faggot.

The state of the future is ultra libertarian and only exists in the form of a strong, brutal military that protects the freedom and rights of its glorious, pure people and the juristriction, which wont be the bloated, Jewish money making machine we have today.
No "world revolution", just freedom and progress as humanity masters more and more of science secrets and slowly forgets that your pathetic little ideology even existed as we colonize the universe :=)

And I am not a NatSOCIALIST cuck, fascists will land in the same mass grave as you.

I'm not the guy you're replying to faggot, fuck off back to plebbit if you're going to bitch about the superior culture you attempt to infiltrate. News flag retard there's a nazi theme everywhere.

All you do is bitch about Jews and degeneracy, how very fucking superior. And there's only a "nazi theme" because you and yours can't keep your autism to yourselves.

you aren't reading enough books.

Nazis weren't socialist you idiot, corporations and private property still existed.

Now fuck off


Read, nigger, read.



I'm telling you to read a Wikipedia article, think you can handle that?

What's your excuse for not having an autistic gf yet, anons?

nope. i'm a drooling retard and i still shit myself whenever i get a glimpse at what i believe is sleep.

Because I myself am an autistic and can't be trusted to be within earshot of a woman without mountains of spaghetti happening.

As in this whole website, autismo.

I'm trying to hold up. Might move out to live with some mexican to start working in my old job which consisted on shoveling asphalt but I have no other choice, I need to drink. And beer isn't cutting it no more and I have no other funds to properly drink myself to death.

L8 reply m8

Move onto spirits, it's more expensive but it gets the job done faster.

Poor user, why can't you just be yourself?
Holy shit, they're all like this. Good god, woman.

You remember what they say, user. Men are from mars, women are from Venus.

No, meant the pamphlets – they're all these caps of our conversations that she printed and cutout. Some of this shit looks like it's from over three years ago. I'm not sure whether I should feel charmed or pants-of -shit spooked.

I think she's trying to be cute, but I think you should communicate that it's just making you uncomfortable.

both. Fuck her passionately, but at arms length

Actual 'tism though. I'm of the belief that she's always giving things like these because they allow her to express things that she simply can't manage face to face. I could never.

She wanted to keep her clothes on the first time, I'm not even kidding.

aside from the fact that I desperately want to die, not too bad.

So you basically want communism because you're lazy and don't want to work?

Good to hear user.

Idk what to add I can't provide this. Why was I even born if I will fail?

Why is that you will fail, user?

Bad Genetics and upbringing
No women would ever find me attractivw. I love my brother, he means the best, but he does not understand that I have no chance

I was feeling shitty but honestly that made me feel a little bit better.
Really shitty, i'm that way as well, do you know why that is?

No, tell me

Couldn't tell you, was just asking if you knew why.
Personally, it's because i'm afraid of repercussions, i'd rather stagnate then give myself the opportunity to fuck up, i'm aware it's pathetic.

I know this feel all too well.

same man, it's not good,

You can never be lonely, when your cheek gets stuck to your cumstained pillow.

I wanna suck robot dick

you make crazy sound cute

Of course it's cute, in a way. It's just also kinda cringy at the same time. I effectively have to strong-arm her into any sort of physical intimacy.


Krauser-San is that you?

no, this is Holla Forums nobody lifts weights here you faggot.

When we have successfully developed a loyal Loli Catgirl, I will investigate this further.


the answer to every fucking loser on this thread is start working out