How do I get over my irrational fear of clowns?

How do I get over my irrational fear of clowns?

Have them fuck you in the ass so you develop a fetish for ass-fucking

Then you will come to love them and see them in a wonderful light. Maybe even think of them as your Daddy

i have no idea user


Stop watching clown videos.




How do I get over my irrational fear of spiders?

Unless you live in Australia, then you have nothing to fear.

I was waiting outside a Restaurant with my girlfriend waiting for my table to be called when from down the road i hear "eeee oooo eere ooo eee ooo" it was a clown in a beat up yellow Volkswagen hanging out the window with a cigar in her mouth tearing ass down the street and making siren sounds, then without slowing down she drove over the cement median to do a uturn her car was packed to the brim with trash and had the words "aunt tillies clown services" on the side. She then fled off back down the road where she came from still making siren sounds.

You dont get over your gear of clowns OP, they exist for a reasob

Tara's dad did nothing wrong. Except not lose weight seeing as his daughter was willing enough to fit 12 inch vibes up her ass at eight without effort, and she still became a whore, with nudes to boot.

read SMBC

What is that?

Take a hike, Pedokike!

Anymore backstory on Tara? Links?

tara was cute tbh

Yeah I get that, but ?

My friends & I had just left a late night movie. We were hungry so we stopped by a dennys as it was 2 am nothing else was open. As we walked in we noticed a table full of balloons a sad crying little girl and a angry clown just making balloon after balloon and setting them on the table

We sat at our table and for the hour we were there the clown disnnot stop making a single balloon

"Squeak squeeak squeak" silent sob …

Clowns are not normal people op
Keep your reasonable fear

it's a webcomic

why didn't you save the girl?

I guess we Figured it belonged to the clown
Or someone hired a clown to babysit their child while they went out drinking


Become a Juggalo.

I don't fear clowns, so fuck you.

Simple, kill one.

marry one and have a baby clown with him. they say a mother's love will overcome all. maybe that's your ticket.

Yes, this is good solid balanced wisdom.


Sauce and moar


is this from CP?

Nah, I don't think so kid

Look at all those cumstains on her doona cover… what a slut!

Is that the amazing atheist?

didn't she try to kill herself after being raped or something?


Speaking of clowns, where can I get some more Bart vids

buy The Simpsons Official Season Boxsets

Haha she did not! I had her KiK back in the day when she used it.
She became a hardcore christian! And hates sex and boys now.

sorry to ruin your fantasy!

Don't watch Clownhouse. Unless you want to see the bare bottom of a young boy.

What? Are you gay?

You sound like a hyper faggot.

Watch clown porn. cum and laugh.