I want to commit suicide. There is nothing more for me

I want to commit suicide. There is nothing more for me.

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At least have some fun first. Become a power bottom and let fags fuck you bareback til you die of Aids

No. I'm not gay.

Wow. You have tried everything? How old are you, 400 years?

cool. what method? when? will you leave a note? do you want our help with the note? can you please live stream it? good luck on the other side, hopefully it's as shitty as this one, so you'll really regret it then lol

No. I just don't enjoy anything. I just live like a junkie. I try to fix it but its not that easy.

so what the hell do you want us do
you nothing other than little whore searching for attention i wish you really kys as soon as you can


Get professional help. You'll thank me later.


Why not just waste away getting high and drunk as hell, jerking off to fucked up pornography and playing dank ass old video games?

i'd rather you kill yourself, than become a fake, drugged up numb faggot, op. no really, kill yourself.

talking alone can help. nobody forces you take drugs. even then, taking drugs is better than stupid suicide or wasting life in depression if you are unable to get back up otherwise.

i'd suggest talking to a really close friend. that's it. anything else is either temporary or bullshit

go clean your room

Its kinda depressing you know

Faggot. If you wanted to die, you would just do it. You wouldn't make a fucking thread about it on a cantonese guava juice forum.

Kill yourself or don't.

What drugs are you using?

Seek help user, nothing is really bullshit if it helps.


Matey you've got yourself in a bad place.

Take this user's advice, You won't regret it.

this. Jordan Peterson's talks might just be able to help you

this tbh


Do a flip


Isn't that what half of Holla Forums already does?

Being a contrarian pessimist doesn't make you smart, you're telling someone to end their life instead of seeking help. How does that resolve his issues? Why can't the therapist help him, why are you convinced that he'll be manipulated in some way? Do you know every therapist in existence?

If you do have nothing to live for, than you have nothing to loose. Rob a bank, go skydiving, buy an expensive car

Do it you attention faggot. Stop cry, get your shit together and == Just do it == ! Make the proofs too.

use bold next time