Is communism good or a mistake?

Is communism good or a mistake?


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Under communism you can finally wave obesity goodbye you fat American pig-dogs.

tbh, if your ideology has a high enough killstreak to get tactical nukes, I'm not a fan of it.

That's why I stick with national socialism.

regulated capitalism is the best



yes, it's not like almost all the perpetual motion experiments have been run by jews

it was shit and deliberate.

Communism is inevitable and it will be the greatest system to redistribute wealth among those who create it the workers.

Communism is good, if you know how to deal with it.
The problem with ideologies that people don't tend to understand them, so they don't know when to apply which one.

To simplify this for you, lets talk about a single idea instead of ideology:
You are a woodcarver and you already have a desk.
You need a chair now.
You have an idea how a chair and a desk look like.
You start carving, but you only use the idea of a desk.
You end up with 2 desks.

Was the idea of the desk a mistake? Or did you just apply it wrong?

What was that 10 steps of Islam again?



communism is the way of the future and an inevitability

haha no i wouldn't be working the fields or in a factory, i'd be a party member after the initial revolution, that'd be my job haha

will you be sharing your bedroom with the new somali diversity inspector?

communism is great, on communes, where all the participants consent

but it's immoral to force it on people, which causes it to not work

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What about incentivised capitalism?

Provide subsidies and tax cuts to small businesses and tax hikes to larger ones. Maybe make employee salaries tax deductible as well. Make it in the best interest of employers to pay higher wages to more people but not to become so large as to out compete any small startups.

a free market provides all the necessary incentives. your idea would punish growing one's company, even though a big company is better in many cases due to economies of scale.

what are you trying to say?

How many fucking times does it need to be tried, and how many people have to die before retarded leftists realise that socialism doesn't work?

holy shit I'm dying. saved.

it doesn't work even if participants consent

Tell that to sweatshop workers.
It's not hard for a large company to put its factories in low income areas where those desperate for work will do so in horrid conditions in order to put food on the table.
Horseshit. They'll just ship the finished product to wealthy(er) areas where people have the disposable income to buy this garbage at a much lower price than it would be to produce locally where wages are more competitive.

Of course there's a balance. The tax hikes should be small enough to the point where growing one's business would be more profitable than not. But they should increase exponentially so that we don't have "too big to fail" companies on our hands.

Here is where things become a bit more fuzzy. Yes, with larger companies comes lower cost. And these companies can hire many people (which may lend itself even better to wages being tax deductible). But you lose competition this way. The prospect of negotiating wages goes out the window as there's fewer companies hiring. And the companies can then go on to mark up their prices as no competition can viably take its customers away. And on top of this, it also makes the prospect of one becoming wealthy themselves through their own merits a pipe dream. If you have valuable skills, you are relegated to working for a large company at a non competitive wage and praying you can climb the ladder.

I'm not sure I understand your argument. are you saying in a free market there isn't an incentive to work in a sweatshop?

there are plenty of communes that work just fine

Good for idolizing morons who are too lazy to work. But little they know in communist countries you work 10 times.

Idiots like you don't understand people or the outside world at all.
Mature already.

Uh, yeah they actually don't give a flying fuck how many people it's killed. I'd love to actually see someone from Holla Forums tell someone who actually fucking LIVED through communism how good it is. He'd probably beat him up for saying something like that. Because that's the thing, Holla Forums doesn't actually care about other people it's always me, me, me. Nor do they show any empathy for others, their ideology is proof enough of that. They lack any empathy/sympathy for them whatsoever. They just do not care, as long as the end justifies the means. Something so cruel and heartless does not deserve anyone's time.

working in a sweatshop is better than starving to death, in all the countries with sweatshops it's a privilege to work in one.

Capitalism starves 100 million people to death every 5 years.


If then it is controlled by the talented white people instead of the evil jews then it might be different then I would be wrong so who knows. I think the stratocracy will work much better than communism

sell the desk and buy 2 chairs

Why not buy the axe and tools so he can cut the tree for more tree to two chairs.

make the two chairs*

there is none and he'll never produce it

you seem to misunderstand me.

feel free to elaborate

And yeah, I'm pretty sure you just pulled that statistic out of your arse.

nah…not in the mood for a long-winded argument. take care

You mean thanks to technology which would have been developed under socialism as well.


yeah, just look at all the amazing technologies the Soviet Union developed during it's 70+ year existence

oh wait

Marxism is retarded
The true path is Stalinism

I can't help but always end up amazed by how ignorant people can be. I think the most famous Soviet invention would be an artificial satellite, have you ever heard about it, dumbhead?

one thing in 70 years. whoop-de-doo.

You realize that the US was working on artificial satellites at the same time, right? Just because the soviets got theirs in space first doesn't mean it's exclusively a socialist invention.

So only bad things happen because of capitalism and only good things happen because of communism.

A mistake. An intentional evil created and spread by kikes.

It's a formula for failure only the truly gullible are communist.

I said it's the most famous, not sole invention. Can you at least read the dedicated Wikipedia page?

Even if we discard a satellite because it's not "exclusively a socialist invention", there still plenty of Soviet inventions, my fellow anti-communists. And it's not a socialist invention, it's Soviet invention or Russian if you'd like.

What? I never said that, I think you mistook me for someone else. But nonetheless, he never said that "if anyone starves, it's capitalism's fault", you just attribute to him a false statement and then refute it, I can't remember how it's called in English but I'm totally sure it's one of most popular demagogic methods.

but you claimed that somehow the satellite was a good thing somehow

So? Are you implying that satellite is a bad thing?

It's god tier ideology, but stupid rednecks don't understand this.

it's a meme, and so is socialism in general.


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Why? What specifically about it is god tier ideology?

if they haven't been raised properly

Communism is gay lel.

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Yeah basically, their attempt at counter memes is just terrible and cringy.

Communism is the abusive husband while communists are the retarded house wife.


That is a retarded example. As a hobbyist carpenter who sells his creations for side money fucking bourgeoisie scum! you need to plan and develop blueprints before creating. I didn't know how to make a garden bench but I developed the idea in my mind and saw where the parts would fit and if I'd attach them with nails, screws or wood glue. It came out pretty well and I made $150 from it.

There is no reason a communist country cannot be a democracy or a republic. But every time someone tries to get a country toward communism, rich people get butthurt about muh taxes and start using violent means, which means the only countries that continue down this road are ones with violent revolutions, which lead to military goons taking power, meaning dictatorships.

Most of the west is full of socialist ideas, while not outright communist, but they work because they didn't require violent revolutions to get there, and thus it isn't military goons taking power and keeping power through force.

why didn't you just look up instructions online?

This was during the times when YouTube wasn't what it is now. If you want blueprints or learn finer woodworking skills, you had to buy a book or go to the library. I opted to study benches in my park and church. It was better this way because it made you think.

Now everything is easy. I make furniture from wood pallets from watching Youtube and sell it to hipsters from Craigslist. If they want me to paint it, I charge more. I make around an extra thousand a month doing this.

You about Libertarian Socialism? I will say. You can fuck lolis, use drugs, buy all weapons and must live in equality. You can work on any job, though make CP or selling drugs. Absolutly legal piraty and you must killing all bourgeoisie.


I say about real jobs. Real jobs these are make anything or selling.

So no entertainment anymore then? No more internet sites that need people employed to run them? No more porn that has some demand even though it is just a whore opening her legs?

No more coordinating and accounting jobs that manage resources and human activity so people don't do the same job at the wrong, same, time, or use up too much resources and time?

Also I thought you said we "work any job"?

Yes. It is entirely about controlling the population like ants with no need to go anywhere in life. You literally just work a little and exist until you die.



So no different to now then

You are promoting a now without any entertainment and other forms of jobs dumbass.

Tell you what, why don't socialists just go to prison? You have the ultimate communist and socialist system there off the taxpayer's teet?

No, people can actually change their wealth class right now you useless faggot.


I'm saying there is no incentive in the free market to give your workers non shit conditions.

Neither have to happen.



yes there is. if you don't give them good enough conditions, a competing company can offer them and steal all your workers.

well obviously you didn't read my previous post:

with larger companies comes less competition.

less, but not none, and new competitors can always arise unless there's a government putting up barriers to entry.

actually, let me put it a better way:
the large company who treats its employees like shit can make its product cheaper than the competition.
so no matter how competitive the wages are, you wont last long when you can't out compete in terms of profitability.

they can't make shit if they lose their workers to other companies

Seen from a few people who lived in Yugoslavia that said it was lovely before Capitalism took power. And others who said they stuck around in the USSR till it ended and hate Gorbachev with a passion

you're using the wrong ball. Use soviet not ancom


lets see if you can spot your own cognitive dissonance here:

But if you have a surplus of your product you can continue to sell at low enough prices to run your competition to the ground.

And there aren't an infinite number of jobs out there.the unemployed will be stuck in the shit job whether he likes it or not.

no cognitive dissonance. "in many cases" is not always, and even in those cases a badly managed big company can lose to a smaller one that's managed well.

companies don't keep huge stockpiles of stuff because it doesn't make any sense. warehouse space is expensive.

in a completely free market there are, as long as human wants are infinite

going outside now, might be back in a few hours

why don't you ask the people of Venezuela?

Let's take a real world example:
Andrew Carnegie used to sell steel at a loss in certain areas for the expressed purpose of driving out competition. It wasn't until after the competition would leave the area that he would raise his prices again in these areas.

But they do often have multiple factories. unless all go under at once they will always have the capacity to run down any newcomers.

Not really, no. A worker isn't very useful if he doesn't have a machine to work with. Until the company chooses to invest in a new machine, they have no reason to invest in a new worker.

I don't know.

Rockefeller oil used aggressive price cutting tactics. If such horrible "monopolies" are so bad, why did the price of oil drop dramatically because of Rockefeller oil, why did the price of oil never rise even when they had the "monopoly", and why were they gradually losing market share even with its aggressive undercutting? There is no evidence to substantiate your wild theories of how monopolies work in the free-market. And in fact, industrialists like Carnegie and Rockefeller did enormous good for society, it's only left-wing shills who demonise them and blow all of the bad things wildly out of proportion. The real monopoly is the government itself, along with all those created through government regulation and control of the economy.

Only good answer tbh. It's a complex subject that is more reliant on the opinions of those involved than anything.

name 1 country, where communism succeeded and how do u define "failure" of capitalism?


have u got anything to back this up?
have u got anything to back up communism doing the opposite?

Just ask the creator

Let me take you at your word for a minute:
even if these monopolies were great and did literally nothing wrong. that still doesn't address my #1 complaint:

You can't differ between socialism and communism? Which level of retardation is this?

But they weren't never true monopolies, they were companies that had a very large market share, and the only way they maintained that market share for any length of time was by from aggressive, "predatory" competition; this would imply that they wouldn't only undercut their competitors' prices, but to outbid their competitors' wages. And no company can maintain a large market share forever; the reasons that any company is able to achieve this in the first place is invariable due to some exceptional circumstance, and once they have that it's impossible to maintain: diseconomy of scale takes effect, competition pops up and isn't able to be suppressed entirely, old techniques and equipment becomes obsolescent and competitors develop new ones, the market shifts, et cetera.

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Anything communism is absolute faggotry by kikes.


You could always go to prison and live out your socialist/communist fantasies.