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I'm bi and I fucking hate my own kind/the lgbt community. I don't hate them for what they are BUT, I certainly hate them for their mentality on the world:
>transgenders taking hormones/mutilations and generally not giving a fuck about the consequences or being so braindead/ignorant to think because it's done by a doctor must mean it's safe (utter fucking bullshit)
If you don't quit what you're doing I'm going to rape you and skin you alive. I fucking hate your guts and would gladly piss on your grave, you mentally ill retards. AND of course they also fit into every other category/leftist doctrine there is. Their autism knows no bounds and they will blindly march off a cliff if their herd told them to. This is exactly why I've (lately) been thinking that getting a woman is top priority (unless maybe I can find a guy that is none of this, which is pretty much impossible), but it should be done in the shadows like it should be, not to make people uncomfortable/to be disturbing to people. All I have to say is that the day of the rope is coming and I'll be blending in like a chameleon once when shit hits the fan. IN FACT, I'll be one of them getting the ropes ready.

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t. mentally ill retard exactly as op described.

Sorry honey, but you'll never have a relationship with that attitude. I'm not saying you should parade down the street in a dog collar, leather harness and rainbow feather boa, but you shouldn't be ashamed of your partner and act like your relationship is deserving of ridicule and must be kept in the shadows because it might offend rednecks and boomers with one foot in the grave.

Stop listening to pol. President Clinton rounding up and personally executing everyone who voted for Trump is much more likely to happen than pol's wet dream.

Good, continue your autism. Because the more you do, the more you fuel the flames and the more my hatred for you grows.

Were you not listening? Tbqh, I don't think I really care about getting a relationship settling down etc. I'd rather see you and your kind burn.

What was I not hearing?

Get over the self hate. It isn't healthy.

Ok Mr Strawman. Well, I'll tell you one thing, I definitely hate you leftist niggers who think just because one political spectrum seems to support you more than the other MUST mean it's the correct one. No, it is not. And you are frankly proving to me once again how autistic you are. You are no more than sheep.

its like complaining u hate other ppl, while still being human

What's stopping you from hanging yourself today? And no, I haven't brought politics into this. I just don't understand why you feel the need to go out of your way to prove that you're not "one of us", when most of us are nothing like the cherry picked street fair images posted on here.

If you are bi, you are practically gay; assuming you don't lie, a majority of women will be turned off by your bisexuality and the women who aren't won't even get fucked by people with no standards.

What's stopping you from not understanding what I'm saying to you today? Is it autism user? Golly, I think it is.
Yes you actually did… do I really have to quote you???

Well I'm not "one of you", as that is no more than you trying to pigeon hole me with you just because we have the same/similar sexual orientation. Just because it says "lgbt" community doesn't mean I fit in with it. Do you think… for example, that BLM is supported by all black people, just because it has "black" in it? Sorry, but that just isn't how it works kiddo.
Yeah fucking right, you are always the ones making le trump hate threads/lmoaII NAHZIS R DUM threads that always seem to fill the catalog. Frankly, I don't believe you even in the slightest.

That's probably the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Some women are into men that like men. And even if said woman was disgusted by it, I don't have to disclose the fact that I'm bi. How would a conversation like that even happen anyway? You mental gymnast.

Also, no standards =/= sexuality. For example, if someone said they liked scat porn or bestiality THEN you'd be able to say said person has no standards. More mental gymnastics from the people I personally rejected.

Every gay person is like this?

NO, but an overwhelming majority do it/support it. Name when "big name" gay that doesn't support it… I'll wait.

I'm gay tbh and I have to say, op is absolutely correct on most of his assertions. Just look at the way the lgbt community treated islam. They acted as if they were an ally to them. Because clearly throwing gays off of rooftops is clearly ally like behavior. That's the funny thing to, it took some of the lgbt community this fucking long just to realize that they are not our friends. Most of the lgbt community I'd argue, still think that muslims aren't even a problem. Which must come down to meaning that they are one of the most brainwashed groups on the entire face of the earth.


Its better if you all die tbh.

Agree tbh

This is why gays must go on the DOTR. They fall for Jewish tricks and honor their rainbow flag.


Keep telling yourself that. Also, islam is a religion of peace. Allah Akbar.

I've always wondered why that is. Now I'm starting to realize why trannies always say that if you like traps/shemales you are straight. It's because it all panders to their own mental illnesses. Everyone but the lgbt community (and white knighting sjws) don't delude themselves and pretend like people aren't attracted to traps because they have dicks. They think that some superficial bs could possibly make them the opposite sex. It does not take a genius to realize this is simply not the case.
That's exactly why in
they hate bisexuals so much. That and the fact that gays think that bis actually have a fucking choice to be bisexual (or muh "you could never understand how I feel" victim complex garbage"). Trannies do not like bis because they want actual straight people attracted to them, they actually believe that they could possibly be a suitable replacement for a woman.

Also, I'm straight btw and want everyone to know just how Orwellian in "logic" this is. I want to understand their doctrines so I can attack them and pick them apart.

What an asshole


Bisexual is only transitional.
It depends but every bisexual ends up being a full faggot within a certain amount of time.
Because men are better than women.
Homosexual relationships between men last the longest.
So give in to homosexuality
Also for all the shit that you say well homosexuality has been trending for quite some time since 2009 at least
Before that faggots were looked upon as a bad thing
Still there is a lot of hatred
Transgenders damn they are kinda fucked up in the head but there is nothing better than a woman with a penis
When you declare to be a faggot out to the public your chances of getting into relevant positions will be greatly diminished and not to mention that the people will not trust you as much as if you where heterosexual


You are either a gay yourself (trying to subjugate me) from being a nazi by cliche bullshit or you're a christ cuck led by and written by jews. I do however believe there are Dietie(s). I mean, does the left actualy expect me to believe the universe was created from nothing? If you're honestly telling me god saying "I created everyone in my image", then why wouldn't I be?? God created everything according to you let that sink in for a moment. And god no, I do not think I'm special just because of this. Nor do I think my abnormalities are special in anyway. I just had to get this off my chest.

Interesting theory, too bad it can be proven wrong by looking at bis well into their fifties. And no faggot, it's not one of those instances where I "maybe" attracted to females because I absolutely am. I honestly would want to start a family with a woman if I could find one over just a guy. I definitely would want to have sex with a twink/trap someday, but having children and a wife would make me feel like I have purpose in my life. I hope that doesn't sound too shallow tbh.

please answer honestly: do you have autism?

Oh man you are an even bigger faggot than I thought.
Having a wife and kids is the closest way to experience hell on earth other than being at war or incarcerated.
Damn man.
Having a long standing gay relationship is neat.

shut up faggot

They should be gassed for that.
Also for being faggots, but mostly for waving a flag that's not pride in their nation.

I want to ride your cock Daddy.


Not an argument. And honestly, if you think I'm somehow trying to subvert cuckianity (which has already been subverted by by jews), you'd be dead wrong. Marage is supposed to be used mainly for one thing: responsible procreation. And people wonder why the birth rate world wide is fucked. It's because a few things really.
1. Pornography (people are no longer going out and trying to mate)
2. Feminism/mgtow
3. Gay mirage
4. White guilt
In fact, I deleted all my porn off my computer recently (about 15 gigs of it) and feel I made the right decision.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I would make it clear I'd be doing it just for sex. I am not an asshole and would not try to lead somone on.

OP you shouldn't hate your fellow fags so violently just because they are annoying retards. Lots of people are annoying retards.
The only way this will ever happen will be in a free for all with many, many ropes for many different groups.

this is was about you being a special snowflake in the faggot community. i believe this is yet another technique to get attention pointed at you. even in a blizzard, you are the most unique. congrats. i hope you spiral into depression faster than you empty that chamber into your brain.

Force me to moshe. Btw that hate will end up eating you alive christcuck. And am I really wrong about the things I say?

you're not necessarily wrong, but you're not staying in your lane. i called you a snowflake faggot, and you made a spiel about God, marriage, and leftists. what the fuck man? you're not mentally stable. end of conversation.

How about you stop sucking 3 metric tons of cock each day, get lifting, become an ubermench, and have 7 children with your waifu.

sage for ot but

Is that image haberman? The fuck who did the dinner dates shit?

habermann! yes that's him.


Give this cuckservitive a medal. Also, it's kind of hard to gauge someones motives when you come at me with that lowest denominator crap (which is fluent in the cuckservitive community).

Can you faggets please..please start killing each other, people keep saying there's going to be a war but it never happens. Libtards & cucksvers, commie cucks, loltarins need to Fuckn die.

Milo? I don't really keep up to on literally whos At any rate, I'd say it's probably a minority of loud fags.

Pffftt. Not even his kike loving ass. He's also stated that he wanted to run through a muslim sector of (the uk?) with a rainbow flag in hand. As hilarious as that would be, it's further proof that he wants to try to normalize homosexuality everywhere. I however, don't think it's normal that I have tendencies to like men and women, but I'm not going to act like I'm proud of it (how can you even be proud of something like this???)/am not going to hate myself because of it.

Its a good point.


Dude what the fuck, I don't even get how you're responding to my post, you seem to have read it wrong.
Get some reading comprehension.

What I was saying is that a majority of straight/non-lesbian women are disgusted by bisexuals. The ones who aren't disgusted by you aren't worth fucking.

That really is not tha much. I've seen people on here with far far more than that. Besides, most of it was porn i torrented in very high quality hd (which I'd say was about 10 gigs of it).

And I'm saying they don't have to know about it. Even if that was true, I doubt you could back that up with an actual pol.

No you just have no ability to think long term. It is over. The DOTR is coming for you faggots; either from triumphant jihadist, or a hardened angry remenant of western civilization that survived jihadis and kike degeneracy. You are now on borrowed time. Voting has consequences. Men want mulitple women and tons of children and it be great to have that state funded, but you dont see us making polygamy legal or other archaic laws to satisfy our baser instinct. You idiots voted for your noose.



Oh and lolis. You dont see men voting to legalize lolis even if Holla Forums would lose its shit and celebate.

That's my only problem with anyone. Keep your interests to yourself, dumb shit.

i know a gay guy a lot like you, you should meet up

What happened to this fuck by the way. I heard he became a complete faggot and walked away from METOKUR.