Every month, about a million peers share known child abuse material on Ares, BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella...

Every month, about a million peers share known child abuse material on Ares, BitTorrent, eDonkey and Gnutella. Arrested BitTorrent offenders also had the highest rate of contact offenses against a child (21%)

Why aren't we shutting these P2P networks down?


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1) Because you can't shut down decentralized networks

2) It's where 98% of CP arrests come from. Why take down their largest source of pedos?

If you tell me who you're working for I might be able to answer your question.


Pedoshits are retarded


Either shitty bait or someone who isn't familiar with the board yet, but I'll contribute.

Bittorrent is designed to be resilient, not to be private. It is at the same time hard to take down a torrent, because the only part of a torrent that's centralized doesn't contain the actual (potentially illegal) content, and easy to spot people who are downloading it, because it's peer-to-peer without any anonymizing routing.

The vast majority of Bittorrent's use is not for child abuse material, and getting rid of the whole network is extremely hard.

Pro-copyright lobbyists like to use activism against child porn as a gateway into shutting down completely unrelated filesharing, like this thread seems to be doing.
torrentfreak.com/”child-pornography-is-great”-anti-pirates-say-100429/ (archive.fo/yzv7g)

Most CP taskforces are built around P2P investigations.

All police do is click buttons.


Why do law enforcement make a big deal about pedophiles going "dark" when millions are openly sharing CP on bittorent, twitter, facebook and tumblr?

Because it's not really about that. They are as happy as pedos to use children to get what they want. In their case, it's about control over the population.

Offenders who use anonymity tools have way more material than those on traditional Internet platforms. Perceived anonymity emboldens offenders to commit more egregious offenses.

I dare someone to download that Bittorrent infohash, or at least look it up


All a pedo has to do to stay anonymous is route traffic through a good VPN. The only agency with enough resources to track that is the NSA, and they could care less about pedos unless they are high profile and blackmailable

The how come the dankweb seems to have been nuked of pedos unless you look for it in some seedy IRC, meanwhile CP is being spammed openly on clearnet chinese cartoon boards?


If you're talking about them downloading more, I'll buy that. If you're talking about a pattern of escalating criminal behavior, that meme was debunked a long time ago.



It hasn't been. It's really fucking easy to find too. And not in any IRC. I don't look at the shit, but it's right there on the uncensored hidden wiki for anyone to get if they want to.

Everything it links to is dead though.

Not everything

Fuck that.

i ain't clicking that shit nigger

you're going to prison

because P2P isn't illegal and 99% of people who use it dont fucking use it for child porn!

Its also used for corporations & companies to transfer large files.

Who are you working for op?

Hope you enjoy being part of the botnet.

7 percent of search on P2P networks are for child porn.

7% searches =/= users.

P2P is going to be important in the future for even running websites.

NCMEC reported that PhotoDNA on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Tumblr generated over 500,000 automated CP reports in 2015.

Do you want to shutdown Facebook and Tumblr too?

I usually don't use DuckDuckGo, not because of the "botnet", but because they display unsanitized favicons.

Including unsanitized favicons in their search results has lead to 2 sec-critical bugs in firefox



I've reported another that is actively being exploited. It doesn't require visiting the malicious site, just searching for it on DuckDuckGo.


P2P websites are a joke. IPFS is a meme.

Do you also visit elementary schools and chastise the kids for not doing anything important with their lives?

Not even a pedo, I was just curious. Searched for the fist hash.

What am I looking at here? Are you the one who took the screenshot? Probably not since it is from 2015

What does that even mean? People who buy cars have the highest rates of hitting pedestrians with cars, but that doesn't mean buying a car should be illegal.

It means if you arrest someone for downloading CP over torrents, 20% of the time, you'll save a chld from further contact abuse.

I don't have any direct information to offer (especially tech-side), but I could create - or better still, advise or assist in creating - a series of diagnostic profiling criterion of psycho-sexual threat, based on cultural, medical, sociological, associative, and developmental factors.

I say that it would be better if I were to advise or assist in creation, because I am woe-fully over-matched for the task by many.

My early assumptions of child sex abusers were not all that far off, and my work and contact with them has been fruitful.

looks like an ICAC website for tracking people sharing files of interest.

How? The same way you stop ISIS from executing people if you arrested the people who watched their videos?

I think we should make footage of 9/11 illegal to prevent further office worker abuse. 3,000 deaths is a much bigger concern than a 15 year old flashing her tits on webcam.

Did you not read the study in OP? 21% of people raided for downloading CP on BitTorrent admitted to contact offenses.

If 21% of people who watched ISIS videos had cut someone's heads off on camera at some point then yes arresting people who watched ISIS videos would be an objectively good thing to do, you retarded child molester.

cocaine.ninja deleted the PDF, what a shit host

Abstract: We provide detailed measurement of the illegal trade in child exploitation material (CEM, also known as child
pornography) from mid-2011 through 2014 on five popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks. We characterize several
observations: counts of peers trafficking in CEM; the proportion of arrested traffickers that were identified during the investiga-
tion as committing contact sexual offenses against children; trends in the trafficking of sexual images of sadistic acts and infants
or toddlers; the relationship between such content and contact offenders; and survival rates of CEM. In the 5 P2P networks
we examined, we estimate there were recently about 840,000 unique installations per month of P2P programs sharing CEM
worldwide. We estimate that about 3 in 10,000 Internet users worldwide were sharing CEM in a given month; rates vary per
country. We found an overall month-to-month decline in trafficking of CEM during our study. By surveying law enforcement we
determined that 9.5% of persons arrested for P2P-based CEM trafficking on the studied networks were identified during the
investigation as having sexually offended against children offline. Rates per network varied, ranging from 8% of arrests for
CEM trafficking on Gnutella to 21% on BitTorrent. Within BitTorrent, where law enforcement applied their own measure of
content severity, the rate of contact offenses among peers sharing the most-severe CEM (29%) was higher than those sharing
the least-severe CEM (15%). Although the persistence of CEM on the networks varied, it generally survived for long periods of
time; e.g., BitTorrent CEM had a survival rate near 100%

They can search for offenders by torrent weight, 9 being "Worst of the Worst" (toddlers, sadism, torture, etc)

I can buy that it's 1/5th, and I'll tell you why, because you're already taking a big risk with CP in the first place, so you may as well go all the way if you think they can get away with it. Naturally I'd imagine that this idea is cemented in those who were caught online, while they got away with it IRL.


So basically, if they ever admitted to chatting with a minor online, they were considered a 'contact offender'

Hello pedophile, are you a contact offender?

BitTorrent case study


Hello, FBI, this is only my hypothesis. What would happen if porn in general became illegal and it would totally annihilate your life if you were caught possessing it, do you think porn would be more or less appealing than rape?

>Whoever, using the mail or any facility or means of interstate or foreign commerce, or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, knowingly initiates the transmission of the name, address, telephone number, social security number, or electronic mail address of another individual, knowing that such other individual has not attained the age of 16 years, with the intent to entice, encourage, offer, or solicit any person to engage in any sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.

Enticement laws go state by state but they all fall along that line: deliberate intent to entice or solicit sexual contact with someone that they know is a minor. There's nothing unclear about this, there never is, but that doesn't stop pedophiles from presenting the idea that someone could accidentally break a law like this as their main and usually only defense.

In all your time on image boards, you've never told a girl of questionable age to show you her tits?


Do you understand what this word means?

Sage because retarded legal slapfights don't need to be on the front page

good taste

im pretty sure most of them get redpilled and realize that pedophilia is natural and does no harm, but go tell that to the jewified female-ruled society we live in.

I'll fucking do it, Jeff

Because you have no idea what P2P means, clearly.

descentralized internet FUCKING WHEN

Because law enforcement agencies need them to be fat and ready to be used whenever arrest rates are low for the month.

They also need retards to think they're safe using 'anonymous' shit like tor

human farm. but the cattle is the prison system, and the feed is us.

Are there any distributed web alternatives that support dynamic/web 2.0 content like forums or imageboards and aren't shit like ZeroNet?

It's not dynamic/web 2.0, but Sone and FMS

kik, snapchat and whatsapp are used by millions of retards a day to trade CP.

What are you gonna do about it?

PhotoDNA should be everywhere. And the main reason why apps shouldn't be 100% end-to-end encrypted.

And not just for child abuse material.


obvious bait, but people actually believe this.

When used properly, Tor is anonymous. Retard.

Being this fucking retarded. I thought poltards also hated pedos.

Never make hasty generalizations, never make generalizations period.

Burn it all.

what's wrong with ZeroNet again?

All your content is tied to your zeronet id across the whole of the network and they have filesize limitations. Not to mention it's just bittorrent so it has the same problems and limitations as it does. That being said bittorrent is currently top dog imo when it comes to mainstream p2p, there are things better than it but not widespread or finished yet.

I'm expecting ipfs to take the place of zeronet when it's finished, zeronet was a good project for its time and is still alright to use now but I fell like that won't last much longer.

fucking facist Islam is religion of peace.

It's a nice source of easy convictions for when they're getting low on arrest quota for the month.

Sort of like tor for the alphabets.

Around ten or fifteen years ago, you could easily find CP on filesharing IRC channels (where you could establish a P2P connection to other users to share files). I guess the internet was a more innocent place back then, because I never heard of anyone being arrested because of that.

Le Leejun nevar forgotz!

Exaclty. You can see the peers' IPs from where you are downloading your files. Then again, pedos aren't exactly the brightest.

"Yardbird" would disagree with you. Even if a VPN says they don't "keep logs", that's probably a lie. Remember, no VPN admin is going to jail to protect your privacy. Specially if CP is involved.

Last time I fired up Tor browser for onion browsing, I managed to find some CP (mixed up with normal porn) very easily through an onion search engine.

That would be nice.

Most Holla Forumsacks are christfags, though. Matthew 18:6

The Bible is clear: tie a millstone up on pedos' necks and throw them into the sea.

Where is MikeeUSA when you need him?

This is why I'd probably be a Muslim if I thought I'd get the perks. They know how to treat women properly. Unfortunately nobody is going to pay a White guy to fly to their country and rape their children while giving them NEETbux. Sandniggers truly need to check their privilege.


but aren't a lot of p2p networks psuedoanonymous? I could be wrong about this.
Also, I don't think the "all posts being tied to your zero id" is necessarily true, looking at sites like zeroboard. I think 0chan also tried to change that part

It's irrelevant, just because some are does not mean it's the only way to do it nor does it mean it's good either. Especially not if you care about anonymity, Zeronet is focused on persistence, not anonymity so it makes sense that they do this, however it is a disadvantage when compared to alternatives that can do the same while giving you more privacy.

Your own image says otherwise.
which is also linked to other things on other sites.

Take into account I'm not saying Zeronet is bad, I'm just saying it's not anonymous and has some limitations. Some people care about that and it's important they know.

Doesn't keep logs doesn't mean "won't log on a narrow basis in response to a valid law enforcement warrant".

It means they don't proactively log.


It's nice to see that screenshot of my post still going around.

Go search your zeronet folder like what was said in the picture this user posted: , it's how zeronet was designed. Just because the zero site doesn't display a username doesn't mean it isn't happening under the hood.

Because because

More evidence that christfag are subhuman

If anything we should say it's anonymous because it's pee too pee.

We do. As you should know, raping kids is degenerate. Some of us tolerate discreet faggots, but very few think there's space for pedos outside the oven.


Microsoft doesn't even seem to use PhotoDNA on their Bing Image Search results/database.

1) stick head in gas oven.
2) turn on gas.
3) Congratulations for helping Make America Great Again!

I don't think zeroboard stores posts with ZeroID's like other sites do. It seems to store them like pic related...
when I search for the hashes in the "sender", it doesn't give me anything for other sites.
Also, read the third bullet point.
I mean your still not completely anonymous on 0chan, but at least your posts can't be tied to your zeroid. I can see why people wouldn't like it though, since it's like having an ID on all boards which stays the same, but from what I understand it's only for that site. It's essentially like a public forum instead of a chan.

Sorry to keep shilling for ZeroNet, but I want to know if I'm at least anonymous on that board since I'd be more likely to post on 0chan if it wasn't tied to all posts on other sites.

pic didn't upload

Also your argument is hugely flawed. It's the act of beheading that is illegal, not watching someone do it. If 21% of the people watching ISIS videos were to behead someone, they would be arrested for beheading, not watching footage of it happening.

They define "contact" as messaging a "child" which was never a child but someone working for the law. Like the tv show To Catch a Predator.

Rape? In my country we call it sex. If some German were to do in the USA what he could do back home, he would get several decades in prison for "rape". Why are you a retard who believes that having sex with someone under 18 is rape? Have you never masturbated or seen a naked woman until your 18th birthday?


Thanks for the high quality post.

-because nobody here is a l33t h4x0r
-because nobody here gives a fuck about enforcing meme laws
-because bittorrent is a protocol for transferring files, not a child abuse protocolaaa
inb4 17 year old posted nudes of herself. I really dont think people are trading pictures of raping babies and kids on bittorrent

this is cancer if this is a real interface. police should have nothing to do with the web. you don't get to arrest people because of what string occurred within a packet from their network, that's not how any sane country works

done. Nothing spectacular. That single peer from washington though.


Because P2P is a buzzword for the Internet. The Internet is supposed to be decentralized you fucking retard.

thats pretty lame. i have a few movies that have shit like that, they're even available on Amazon Videos

P2P has more definitions than that


Where does this meme come from? 98% of people arrested for child porn have images of kids.

Citation needed. I bet 85% of CP are just people in middle school or high school sending nudes to their boyfriend/girlfriend

Says the troll who probably has 100 gigs of hardcore toddler CP.

Kind of what my p2p client looked like when I was 13. I was searching "13 yo ptsc" all over the net and DC hubs. I didn't even know what yo or ptsc meant (im not english), i just figured I can jerk off if i search for those.

I guess it is more like 95%. And law enforcement probably keeps a list of family households where teens are living. We could say mass surveillance keeps your kids from child porn raids.

as a thought experiment, how to get people arrested for CP, any ideas?

high priority targets: active on multiple p2p networks. sadistic images, toddlers. large number of files of interest, IP in NCMEC database. (week or two of sharing should be enough)

upload to websites with photodna from targets IP, manually make NCMEC reports (NCMEC keeps reporters IP)

send CP from targets email to photodna email servers

All of this combined will make the IP the highest priority.

Make it stick:


Why would you do that to somebody?

As long as you don't get caught the worst that can happen is that you have a precedent for why laws like this are stupid.

I don't think an anonymous tip would cause problems with encryption. Police would need to start an investigation on their own.

acquire target's usb drive, plant cp on it in poorly hidden folder with appropriate back-dating/journaled file system hacks, return, report. don't forget gloves while handling it.
if target has cd drive, do same with a cd-r. afaik windows doesn't log specific cd insertions like it does usb drives so you don't have to use target's.
take photo of target using computer, shop cp on screen.
if you are related to target and you feel he treated you unfairly on an inheritance, make up a story about how you saw it on his computer one day.

if you are fbi/leo and "just know" someone is guilty of something, it's an easy conviction
if you are cia and someone is exercising too much free speech it's a nice, non-wet way to shut them down while still sending a message
if your neighbor's dog is barking all the time

the future is here




You can be arrested for allowing certain combinations of electromagnetic particles to react with your ocular nerves.

Do not look at or store this image (even in your cache) unless you want the RIAA to come to your house.

They're damn good honeypots. They can bust pedos as well as they can bust some college student downloading "Foo Fighters Discography FLAC Torrent". Just take a list of the IP addresses and slap them with charges for downloading CP and watch as their ISPs hand over every bit of info.

CP is illegal and stigmatized because it give the zog an easy way to blackmail and control politicians.

The notion that freedom of speech covers everything but CP is rather ridiculous. The arguments to keep certain pixels prohibited don't have much merit. Sure prohibit producing, buying and selling. Lock anyone up who is discovered to rape children and throw away the key. Images of murder, adult rape, animal abuse are not illegal, I just don't see why this tiny subset of filth is prohibited when everything else is allowed.

that's how dumb you sound OP

being a pedophile is not a requirement for being a politician though

If you want to go far and climb the ranks you are required to give the zog enough dirt to bury you first.

Trump isn't a pedophile and look at his position now? he's about to be president!

He was close friends with Epstine, flew on his kiddy rape jet and even commented in the media (before the news broke) about Epstine liking his girls young. So at the absolute bare minimum he was complacent with it.

Knowing someone likes dicking kids isn't illegal so they don't have dirt on him which according to you they need or else he couldn't have climbed to where he is now.

Why do you think the zog was fighting against him so god dammed hard? They fear him because they cant control him.

That was before epstein was a known kiddy diddler and his comments are as always being taken out of context. Since then he's distanced himself.

Because the ones trading kiddie porn usually aren't the ones raping kids. If they had kids to rape, why would they need the porn?

Put it another way, if Podesta had 8-year-olds delivered right to his pizza basement, why would he bother getting on limewire and downloading shitty ukrainian molestation taperips?

This is happening over the internet. We must shut down the internet.
This is being done from computers. We must outlaw computers.
This is being done by humans. We must exterminate all humans.

Finally something I can agree with.