Ungoogled Chromium

Redpill me if you can.
Are there any reasons not to use Ungoogled Chromium? (github.com/Eloston/ungoogled-chromium)

Seems to work faster than Firefox, supports most important extensions like "uBlock Origin" & "HTTPS Everywhere". Installing extensions is somewhat cumbersome business, but afaik the author is working on it.

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Yes there's a reason: Firefox is better.


Well with any program you use you have to rely on the author to consistently tweak and update it to make sure it's stable and secure; the problem with using forks (in this case it's like a fork of a fork of a fork) is that there's only like one guy working on it. Eventually you'll end up with another Pale Moon, a shitty obsolete browser that you have to abandon because your extensions and addons don't work for it anymore.

I don't know if that would be the case with this but that's what I'd think would happen.

Also ungoogled chromium looks like the same thing as iridium and inox. Like the exact same fucking thing. Like why.

Also this


Oh god the memory leaks, Jesus. If you are in the boat of "I have enough ram and programs should use all of it" than I don't see a reason not to use ungoogled Chromium or Chromium in general.
Tho the GPU process leaks are kind of infuriating.

It uses the Iridium and Inox patches and adds extra ones. It's all in the README.

Isn't Firefox the same?

But palemoon isn't obsolete
Sure it's not 100% compliant with the latest javascript standard, but it can render 99% of the web and if you see "please upate your browser" somewhere, that's because the site doesn't recognize the user agent (which can be spoofed any time)
As for extensions, it's the other way around: most firefox addons will stop working on firefox while they will still be supported by pale moon (e.g. downthemall)

I do agree that a fork of a fork like ungoogled-chrome will have a hard time keeping up, but you could've used a better analogy

Into the trash it goes


Are there any practical reasons that's a problem for you, or are you just an ultra-freetard who avoids both proprietary and copylefted software?


Kill yourself

I'm using DTA right now on FF?

good for you, then wait till firefox will support nothing but webextensions
downthemall can't work using only the webextensions api because they are too limited, see downthemall.net/re-downthemall-and-webextensions-or-why-why-i-am-done-with-mozilla/ for the specific case of dta

Is it even needed? There's curl for that.

wget would be more suitable. curl is just for sending requests. Just curl would be like saving pages the regular way, you need something smarter or you need to add other things.

for pages there's "save as…" menu item. it can save page with images.



You can't escape Google. I don't trust it.

FurryFucks lags whenever I load the catalog view.

follow this thread for updates lists.gnu.org/archive/html/libreplanet-discuss/2017-01/msg00009.html


What is Firefox better than?

Top tier reading comprehension right there. says that the one reason not use ungoogled chromium is that Firefox is better than it.

Well the fact that you have to un-anything it to begin with means that the code might have overlooked security flaws when it comes to what you are un-something-ing it for.

Then I repeat, what is Firefox better than?

It's just bloatware (slow as fuck) and eats more RAM than the default Chrome spyware


To explain this you need a history lesson:

Firefox was originally designed to replace the Mozilla browser, which was considered unacceptably bloated at the time: it used 30MB of RAM and came as a 20MB download.
Firefox got that down to 4MB by breaking almost all extensions and removing the built in calendar, e-mail, IRC client, along with removing support for an entire free image format for the sake of 50kB.

So to answer your question: Firefox is better than at least half of the browsers it competes against: Netscape 7, IE6, Konqueror 3 and Opera 7.

With a little work, someday it might reachieve feature parity with Opera, and gain the ability to scroll at more than 10fps that Konqueror has had since the early 2000s.

You mean "what is Firefox better at".
It uses less RAM actually

That's some weapons-grade irony.

on my machine it scrolls at 60 fps (unless it's being actively bothered by some ass-monkey JS code that went into endless loop and uses 100% CPU)
what do I do wrong?

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