Girls Shilling Tech

Let's post pretty girls shilling technology in adverts.

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Or not.

Protip OP: To start a thread like this, you have to dump images until someone else who happens to have any of what you're looking for also posts some



Washing machine MILF is pretty good.

From front to back.
4 > 0 > 3 > 5 > 1 > 2

This is pretty fucking sad, even by you autistic permavirgins' standards

pls, Asko, pre-90s Miele or go home.

Pics related, a Asko-built Gaggenau in all stainless and one of the last good Mieles before the brand became greedy kikes and started cost cutting.

It's already 2017, this is the reason why I should be the BO so I can bring equality to this disgusting place.

Asians are not attractive ever. If you blur your eyes, sure, they look like people; they have light skin after all. But they're never the real thing.

I get what you mean, but they seem to still embrace femininity as opposed to feminism. Some of them can be pretty, and combined with a demure personality and petite physique, I can see the appeal.

That said, race mixing is verboten. Leave the pretty Japanese to their men.


Come on. Real girls should look like these.

i don't think that is a real lobster.

Dear Holla Forums,

Please stop posting gym dykes, nobody finds women with killer guns attractive. I know they're the top of the fitness industry, but the fitness industry is driven by HGH: testosterone or sex change hormones by another name.

Now I'm telling you this because I can guarantee you now that at least the first and third of the women you posted are rocking little baby dicks under their shorts.

Take it from me: if you manage to hook up they're going to insist on spending at least 10 minutes running this half inch of clit up and down your tightly clenched ass crack while jerking you off and grunting "take it you fucking slut".



You meant /fit/, right? Also, the 3rd one isn't that bad.

Fucking numale feminist bullshit. I personally like women that don't inject testosterone.


Allah forbid.




If they look like men to you, go fix your eyes.

Luckily, there's no Allah who can forbid it for me.

Who said they are non-feminine?

Guns? WHAT?
What do you mean? They are not trannies

I don't see it as a problem though.

I'd post that LG one where they decided to use naked models with body paint but I don't want to get banned

I hate korean facial features

Dont you wear body paint ;^)

Jesus christ.

Just spoiler it you newfag

It's plastic surgery

Glorious Nippon master race

You won't be banned faggot. See

How come losers get so triggered by Koreans? Are there Korean gangs taking lunch money from betas in the US or something?



Yes I was saving to buy a body pillow then got mugged by the local korean gang. Took me three years to work up the courage to leave my mother's basement too.

Step it up, worse-/g/

Why don't we have good ads anymore?




best year ever


go fuck a drop bear, reginald

So do they; it's why platic surgery is so universal there

I swear /fit/ is gay. I posted normal women in one of their topics and they couldn't believe someone who worked out would find non ripped women, women that don't like psudeomen, attractive.


Nice ass

user put your glasses on

nice meme girls don't use computers or technology

EXID Up&Down recut as a commercial for LG.

/fit/izen here. It's no secret we are gay but only for other swole men.


Is that a T22? If so that's cool, there's one next to me waiting to be reinstalled with Puppy Linux.

user that's not even RMS, it's gimped



Yeah. /fit/ has really gone downhill. Between the gayfags and the namefags, there isn't much going on there, and whenever I try to get people to go take it back, nobody wants to. Its like they don't even lift.

They take anavar in pill form. Its one of the mildest steroids. It still makes their clits get huge.