Cucking stories

Ryder Cruz
Ryder Cruz

>having a rough day after a weekend of extensive drinking
decide to blow off my Saturday
dude weed lmao, the works
so high I’m on a different plane of existence
play some vidya with roommate number 1
roommate number 2 brings grill back home
7/10, highschooler
he’s pretty much a pedo
anywhore, roommate number 2 forgets he has a gig with his group
bails on his booty-call and leaves her here for fuck knows why
have 0 interest in the girl, whole vibe is awkward because we’re both high except the girl
I have no interest in underage cunny
most basic highschooler you can imagine
vegan, dyed hair, can’t string a sentence without at least 3 “like”s
me and roomie 1 texting each other and laughing at the odd situation
roommate number 2 asks me if he should cuck roommate number 1
Decide to take shower to give him time and space
high showers are great
Exit shower, go into living room
no one there
mfw convinced my roommate to cuck my other roommate
So anons, do you have any experience cucking friends/family/co-workers etc?
inb4 spammed by cuck porn

Jaxson Wood
Jaxson Wood

did you listen to them fucking?

Josiah Gomez
Josiah Gomez

story makes no sense
you high stupid fuck

Jason Myers
Jason Myers

OP was gassed for this post.

Jeremiah Parker
Jeremiah Parker

I heard moans coming from his room so yeah

what doesn't make sense?

Brody Hughes
Brody Hughes

This, I'm pretty sure the roommates switched halfway through.

Camden Wilson
Camden Wilson

I don't think what either of you did really qualifies as cucking.

Nicholas Russell
Nicholas Russell

How about we come to OP's house and fuck him in the ass?

Eli Richardson
Eli Richardson

There's two roomates. Roomate number 1 is the guy I was smoking with. Roomate number 2 is the guy that left his bootycall at our place

implying you wouldn't be bottom

Elijah Davis
Elijah Davis

Either you're a fucking retard or roommate 2 "cucked" roommate 1 by fucking the girl he bought.

Landon White
Landon White

How? Roomate number 1 fucked the girl roomate number 2 was supposed to fuck but left her at the apartment for some reason

Easton Martinez
Easton Martinez

be 8chan
want to cuck /leftypol/
put them on the same list as /furry/
restore their board last
Keks were had

James Taylor
James Taylor

Read your OP again and come see me after class.

Jaxson Long
Jaxson Long

I believe this qualifies as being dad-dicked.

Nicholas Cooper
Nicholas Cooper

mfw I realize I mixed up the roomates midway through the greentext

Isaac Turner
Isaac Turner

honestly ive seen alot worse stories posted here, 6.5/10

Adrian James
Adrian James

You do realize we have Id's here, samefag?

Landon Moore
Landon Moore

we have Id's here

who am i accused of being?

Aiden Smith
Aiden Smith

Seems like mods set your ip to a mode where you can't see id's, faggot

Brody Nguyen
Brody Nguyen

Wew lad, i r8 this bait 4.5/10

Ian Turner
Ian Turner

It's pretty long so bear with me guys. Also I don't know if this is actually a cuck story or me just fucking and eventually stealing some guy's girlfriend.

be me, 13 in 8th grade
new school year with lots of new faces (a local middle school closed and their students came to my school)
immediately hit it off with most of the guys and a few girls
one girl I never talked to because I was a shy sob
I've had girlfriends before and had already lost my virginity a year ago to an older lady
idk what it was about this girl but I just couldn't speak to her and avoided her like the black plague the first day
she was smart and quiet and extremely beautiful with her hair out of her face but no one really noticed that but me
she sat at a desk directly across the room from me but wasn't facing me
the entire first day the class spent it learning each other's names
even though I was half paying attention, I heard her soft voice say her name
"my name is J and I hope to have a lot of fun this year"
it was the first time I ever felt that way about someone I just met, I was definitely in love with her
anyway, the day finished and we went home and moved on to the next one
second day at school, we got assigned seats
I swear to god that somehow J and I were assigned to sit next to each other
she was so quiet and extremely diligent, qualities of a woman who is worthy
we had a group assignment about a story we were reading and it was the first time I actually talked to her
since I'm a funny guy, all I did was make her laugh and we almost didn't complete the assignment but last minute man saved the day

Robert Cruz
Robert Cruz


Carson Anderson
Carson Anderson

Thought it was pruned but I'm back

It's a kinda slow build up but the payoff is massive trust me

in my school, we had "special" classes (art, gym and spanish)
they treated art and spanish as actual classes but treated gym like a privilege
anyway, me and J are paired up in almost every class and we become friends
we obviously both had crushes on each other but we were both too shy to act on it so we just remained friends for the time being
it was the middle of November and I had recently got into a fight with one of the new guys from the other school in my class
I got suspended for two days and he was expelled
when I came back, I noticed we had a new kid
me being the guy that I am, I tried to befriend him and got him to join my group of friends
the new kid, T, was seated next to J and I had my seat moved across the room
idk if the teacher knew we liked each other or what, but the timing of the move was very strange
as time went on, I noticed that T and J were getting really close
a week later I find out that they've been dating and her took her virginity
at first I didn't mind because it's not the end of the world but T started acting differently towards me and J changed as well
T started trying to bully and humiliate me in front of the class quite a bit, in front of J especially
he even turned my so called friends against me
everyday he came to school, which wasn't much btw, he'd torture me
he'd spend hours calling me names and taking my things, all while telling the whole class (really just me though) that he boxes
I guess he did that to put fear in me if we ever did fight but I'm not a pussy

Jackson Lewis
Jackson Lewis

Final stretch guys just hang on for a bit longer

one day, in late January, I was collecting textbooks from the class to put on a shelf placed behind J's new seat (still not by me)
as I was putting the last of the books away, my cock scraped against J's cheek
when I went back to my seat, I saw her talking to the other girls next to her and staring at me
the rest of the day was full of her grinding against me and trying to grab my dick
T wasn't there that day, thankfully and because of that she went all out
in my school, we had to form a single file line in order of tallest and shortest
J was the tallest girl there that day and I was in the middle of the pack with her in front of me
as we're in line, she starts pressing her ass on me
I tried my best to be a good guy but I just had to grab her waist and ass
she gasped and moved closer, we were practically fucking at this point
our classroom was a few floors above the lunchroom and we had to stay in formation the entire time
during our trips to lunch, we'd have periodic stops in-between the trip
before we even made it to the lunchroom, I'd been secretly kissing on J's neck
after the whole line fiasco finished and we were dismissed for the day because it was a half day and lunch was the last thing scheduled for us
as I'm leaving out, J says to me "so when will you let me suck it?" and walks off
I stood there in awe, in utter disbelief of her demeanor
to see her go from a quiet, modest virgin girl to a full blown slut, floored me
I took that as a sign that she still had a thing for me and planned out my attack on both her pussy walls and her pussy boyfriend

Alexander Young
Alexander Young


Isaiah Thompson
Isaiah Thompson

Last one guys. Thanks for reading if you did and I hope you enjoyed it

the next Monday, T came to school and followed his usual routine: start off quiet then gradually get louder and more aggressive with me
I powered through it like I usually do and just let nature run its course
the day ends uneventful and the next one comes
surprise surprise T isn't at school again but J is
we spent the entire day talking about what could've been between us and if we still had a chance
I got bold and asked her if I could come to her house
she complied and told me to follow her after school
ff to school ending and us waiting at her bus stop
I knew what was going to happen after we got off the bus so I decided to go get some condoms
luckily there was a gas station just around the corner, so I went there and bought the necessities
I made it back before the bus had come and talked to J a bit more until it did
the bus arrived, we rode it for about 20 or so minutes then got off a few blocks from her house
I went in the house, I went in her balls deep and I left after a while (no details because we have people here who scream CP)
the trip back home I was extremely happy with myself since I accomplished something so big
I made it back to my house and went straight to my bedroom
the whole time I'm fighting back the urge to fap but eventually fall asleep
I woke up the next morning at 7:40ish, took a shower, got dressed and walked to school
school time starts and T and J are there already (I'm usually late as fuck)
don't know if she or someone else told T but he seems super hostile from the start, immediately cracking jokes about me the moment I entered the room
I just let his torture go on for another week before I hear J broke up with him
he seems a bit depressed and let's up on me for a while
the entire time he's sulking, I'm doing happy dances in my mind
about 3-4 days after they broke up, J comes to me and we start dating
ff a month it's March now and T still hasn't suspected me and J
he bullies me every now and again but it wasn't as severe as when he first got with J
so it's April and the school is preparing us (the graduating class) for a trip to the white house
the drive from Illinois to Washington DC wasn't that long, especially since me, J, one of my friends and his gf were together the whole ride
we alternated which couple would use the seats in the very back to either make out or get blowjobs
us 4 were in a group for every tour and we were always fucking with each other during free time in the rec room in our hotel
the trip ended after two weeks, we headed home and I got one more bus bj from my friend's gf while him and J were sleeping (I'm a scumbag I know)
T somehow found out about us after we came back from our trip to Washington DC and he wanted revenge
I hate fighting but if I have to, I will
he tried everything under the sun to either break me and J up or pick a fight with me before the school year ended
I got so lucky with the timing that we graduated before we actually fought and I'm thankful for that
I never heard from T again after middle school even though his cousin is one of my best friends

Anyway, me and J dated for 2 more years before I had to break up with her because I was moving. I actually still have feelings for her 7 years later
And that is my story

Jordan Martin
Jordan Martin

lost my virginity
Stopped reading right there.

Gavin Miller
Gavin Miller

Have you not lost yours yet? It's really easy especially if you're a bit overweight, women like fat guys more than fit ones

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