Is it possible to build a bridge between planets?

Is it possible to build a bridge between planets?

No. Those things keep moving around, it's very annoying.

What if it was made out of something literally indestructible and held 'em together

I expect they'd be torn apart and/or fall into the sun.

Then they'd crash into eaxhother. Then again if the bridge is indestructible then of course the planets would stay in place, no other outcome is possible

It is possible in theory, if you find right planetary pair that has same orbital duration and have rotation time just right that they are always facing same side of each-other and you need to have some theoretical strong lightweight material to build bridge with.
But in reality we are not able to do it with current technology or any technology that we can envision today.

I'm calling it now, we'll invent teleportation before we link two planets with normal, nonidentical orbits

I want the NASA spherecucks to leave.



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They would have to be tidally locked with no rotation. Otherwise, the teather would just wind up around them like tape on spools.

Foundations would probably just tear out of the ground.

The planets just keep on moving and the hinges of the bridge get torn off, so now you have a floating space bridge in the middle of space, connecting nothingness and nothing, or in the best case a reusable space elevator. This is, of course, assuming Earth isn't actually an infinite plane with unlimited land and resources, and that the jewish overlords have been hiding this information from us just so they can keep us as cattle.
Remember, in 100 years they'll "accidentally" discover a new continent


If your stupidity was a physical substance, we could pile it all the way to pluto and have enough left over to have it reclassified as a planet.

Did you forget about this?


Friendly reminder that >>>/sci/ still exists

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Yes, it's also possible to stick your dick in the sun.
I don't think any of the 2 are ever happening though


the sun is literally billions of years old lad
that's grannycon at least

there is no such thing as an industructible material. Even strange matter has a tensile strength.

What if the bridge was flexible like rope so it could go with the flow?

It would be extremely painful.

in the sun's timescale the sun is younger than the rest of the suns.

Even it worked without tearing at all, what's the point? It'd be much more useful and cheaper to just send spessshits

No because the bridge is already built and in place.

So you could drive instead of fly?

Enjoy flying into the stars when you hit a ditch along with taking literal years to get anywhere, you fucking retard.

You need two bodies that orbit their star on the very same orbit, and they need to be very close to the star to provide tidal locking. Odds of two planets sharing the same orbit are zero, but there are two lagrange points east and west off the planet where asteroids cluster.

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Just use a fucking rocket.

smh but its posts like these that make me think the flat-earthers might be on to something.

How comfy is that tinfoil hat, user?

There would be gas stations and repair shops along the way, idiot. Why would you possibly fly in the infinite void of nothingness if you had a comfy road to drive on?

That cannot exist in theory.

Yes it can.

Well there you go. Let's just go out and build space roadways now because you said it's possible.

That's more like it.

If the bridge was built in a tight corkscrew and you drove fast enough, you wouldn't need artificial gravity.

Now that's the kind of thinking we need

That's not even a real picture of Earth from orbit, it's CG. At least use a real picture of Earth from orbit to troll.

though to be fair, a lonely restaurant in the middle of the empty nothingness seems comfy as fuck. Imagining a cozy /tg/ or Holla Forumsidya gaem about driving a car on a space road seems overly comfy. Too bad it'd be extremely hard to balance the cozyness and fun

That CGI looks like it's made somewhere around 2009

I wonder how gorgeous the earth looks like right now. Last I checked there's auroras everywhere.

Does anyone remember this sun before it got coated with kilometers of flame?

The sun is naturally covered in flames. The reason the sun looks like that is because of limitations of human photography at the age when that picture was taken. These days, we have various processing techniques that illustrate the form of the sun surface flames and that's what everyone uses to illustrate photos of the sun in this age.

I've got an idea. Why don't you take a telescope and check it out for yourself. Be sure to use both eyes so the XYLITOL MIND CONTROL(tm) can't trick you.
Stare long and deep into the sun for hours on end, tomorrow. Then report back here with your findings.

Sadly they stopped airing DISH Earth it seems. It was pretty cool to see the Earth from the satellite beaming me the signal that shows me the view from the camera on the satellite.

space isn't real

bridges aren't real

Tor bridge?

Suspension bridge.


You go build a bridge between moving objects. I'll sit back and laugh at your pathetic attempts.

Actually, Pluto and its moon Charon are good candidates for this. Charon's orbit is nearly circular (it varies by only a few Km on opposite points of its orbit) and both worlds are tidally-locked to each other (they show the same face to each other at all times).

Granted, just getting a flyby probe there is a major undertaking. But maybe a few centuries down the road when we're in space-elevator technology territory, the Pluto system us where we'd try it first.

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