For-profit website owners are the spawn of Satan

For-profit website owners are the spawn of Satan.

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Leeches that benefit from content made by hard working content producers but can't even be bothered seeing a banner at the top are the cancer we could do without

>>>Holla Forums

The internet with ads is completely unbearable.

I used to be extremely autistic about blocking ads using not only browser plugins, but privoxy proxy to filter ads and other bullshit before it ever made it to my browser.

Just recently it was revealed that ads on mainstream news websites were infecting people reading their horseshit news, I believe. A simple virus would be just a slight inconvenience for me warranting a format + reinstall, but not blocking ads is like going to the doctor and licking all the door handles like a retard.

There has to be a better way of monetizing your shit than ads, maybe sponsor slots, selling some shit on your site, water filters, I don't fucking know ads are shit and a delivery vehicle for digital AIDS

Forgot to add, the most this will do is cause a normalfag to close your website and a lvl. 58 autist like myself to inject javascript or css using a proxy to make the warning not appear.

Studying ads, having a better idea of how people is selling and what, and sometimes actually find useful/interesting things PLUS supporting the way of the free internet is a good compromise. The only annoying bits are youtube ads and popups.

We both know what would happen if you made it a paywall you cheeky little shit

Why can't we at least go back to the era of text or static image ads? Those were 10x more tolerable.


You mean, how to kill your viewership in 1 easy step.

No one's gonna fork out $1 to subscribe to every website they visit. Least of all for a one-time visit from a search result, which is akin to paying for a month of HBO to watch a single movie.

Moreover, your subscriptions can be used to harvest reliable data on your interests and preferences, and further erode online privacy, so forget it.

here you go fam, get that monkeyscript extension, then use this:

soon they'll have anti-anti-anti-adblock and when they do i'll be ready with anti-anti-anti-anti-adblock. a bleeding edge digital frontier!! a digital arms race!!

Why would you want to see this? Are you mentally ill? Anyway, it works perfectly with ublock and umatrix.

hahahahahahhhaa what the fuck op??

Personally I don't mind banner ads long as they don't vibrate, flash or make noise/expand if you mouse over them, and are not for obvious scams ('spank the dancing monkey 10 times to win a free* Xbox!' etc.). I didn't block ads until they started putting 2-minute ads in front of 15-second youtube vids. Browser runs faster now that I block 'em.

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(You) (You)
For-profit websites are what killed the web.

It's leftypol again shilling, seems anti-consumerism threads attract them like fish. They can't realize that one can be more or less liberal economically, while still opposing consumerist culture. After all, in a true capitalism, everyone would try to minimize their losses (assuming uniform distribution of information and rationality), so of course consumerism wouldn't have a reason to exist.


how much consumerthink do you need to have injected into you to think this when there isn't one commerical site in existence that provides quality info/content

Read the post he was responding to. If you don't agree with him given that information then you don't belong on this board and should go back to >>>Holla Forums.

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I never block ads. I block JavaScript, default deny cookies and only explicitly allow external resources.

I'd be happy to support any site by viewing their ads, if they can wrap their head around presenting them to me.


Holla Forums is dead

end yourself

Is there much reason to use uMatrix over Request Policy? I tried uMatrix but I hate the visual coloured boxes approach, Request Policy is much neater and less cluttered.

uMatrix is extremely simple to use if you can read the boxes, it takes 1 click to enable/disable anything. It can handle different kinds of content and sites and subdomains much more efficiently than any other plugin, and effortlessly create customized settings for each individual website from that single box UI.

Aside from the slight learning curve required to understand the boxes, it's nothing short of genius IMO.

Capitalist Piggie, we can do with out you. Go suck cocks over at Holla Forums, then KYS.

Capitalist Piggie, go suck cocks over at Holla Forums.
Then KYS.

Do people actually believe this? Or is /leftycringe/ just shoehorning their shit in places they shouldn't again?

Free Software shouldn't correlate 1:1 with any particular political ideology. Free Software is its own ideology that can just as easily be applied to Classical Liberalism, which itself is right-leaning

RMS has previously stated that he fantasized about Emma Goldman, an anarchist Jew who was deported from the USA in the early 1900s. RMS is an atheist but had Jewish heritage. Therefore, the philosophy of Holla Forums being directly influenced by the RMS and the FSF, many of whose fouders and board members are also atheist Jews, and who also happened to author SICP, one can conclude that Socialist/Marxist/Communist sympathies run deep. The FSF also employees "former" leftist activists that advocate for encryption to further "social justice", which is rooted in Cultural-Marxism. However, Freedom 0 states that the ideals of the FSF apply just as easily to National Socialism as they do to Communism. Although the FSF takes an international approach, one might also develop free software for nationalistic purposes, as was done by Brazil kicking out Microsoft and even the Russians trying to get away from American spyware operating systems. The Chinese government developed their own GNU/Linux distro.

From this one should conclude that free software is for everyone, but especially for you user. It was made so that you can be yourself, because no matter what you personally believe. We believe that extracting wealth thru exploitative licensing agreements is primitive and that sharing source code openly is vital to humanity's progress. My favorite politician right now is Rodrigo Duterte, so obviously a Holla Forumsies' politics can lean RWDS and still advocate free software, there being no inherit conflict thanks to Freedom 0.

Read the free book "Free Software, Free Society" by Richard Stallman to learn more.

RMS is just another Berkeley-California (yeah ,I know he's from MIT) leftist faggot

"Hacker-Culture" and the "Open Culture Movement" came from two distinct cultures

1.) The Left-Wing College culture that included Berkeley types and people like RMS

2.) The Right-Leaning "Hobbyist" culture that gave birth to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and moving farther down the line metal-heads like John Carmack and John Romero who hang out on early BBS boards

The hobbyists took to open hardware and favored the x86 IBM PC clones but mainly used MS-DOS and later Windows

The Berkeley guys focused on free software

I consider both to be apart of the open culture movement in some form or another. Overall I consider it to be closer to Classical Liberalism than anything else

Now go fuck yourself you namefaggot

None of leaders of the FSF promote communist or Marxist ideology. The ideology of the FSF is to promote a world where users are permitted to run, modify and share their software. This isn't communist or Marxist.

your narrative is moronic:
1. The "College Culture" you mention was mostly a revolving door public private partnership with Bell Labs, that was creating telecommunications infrastructure with the aid of the US government. RMS started the FSF because he wanted to fix a printer driver and some shitcunt on the other side of the country wouldn't give him the damn source code his faculty had paid for.

2. Your chosen RWDS leaders Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were both California Liberals. As we speak Bill Gates is giving a malaria and aids drugs to niglets. Bill Gates in particular was openly hostile to the hobbyist culture that was happily swapping his software on pirate floppies and laughing at him.

honestly the baton of "free speech hero" seems to get tossed across the house every changing of the guard.

partisan politics are a joke.

Your point being?
Something left of being a nazi doesn't make them a fucking commie

Real talk.

What a faggot

Yeah it's not like proprietary software is not the spawn of evil and unethical as fuck bro. You want to own your code? Too bad, we wontvstop shitposting and nagging until you give us the source code.

You can own your own code. However, as soon as you start encouraging users to use your proprietary software, you are causing an immoral dilemma for the users. There are two ethical solutions for those who distribute proprietary software 1) distribute the source code together with the binary and also the right to redistribute the software or 2) stop distributing the proprietary software

We are not asking for a handout. All we're asking is that if you distribute a binary program, then the source code should also accompany the binary program.

Or just release source code only for academic use and government institutions that require it.

Closed source is there to protect the integrity of the original software. Shit like the google app store is the perfect example of why Open Sores fails in practice. Where VLC and other open sores projects are repackaged with ads and released under different trademark. Because you're not directly profiting from selling the software that shit is allowed by the GPL licence.

Your idealistic nature always fails to grasp the ingenuity of human nature to fuck over each other.

Also that's one of the reasons driver support is shit linux. Manufacturers know that as soon as they release their firmware a bajillion of chinese knock offs are going to flood the market and tarnish the reputation of the brand. It's an extremely bad business decision that will jeopardise the future of companies.

The only reason companies like Rad Hat and Google get away with open sourcing their products is that their code is too complex for freetards and hackers to decipher outside of a few basic modifications.

If you believe that I'm advocating for open source software, you are sorely confused which makes that a strawman argument.

Unfortunately for them, people will switch almost immediately to the botnet-free original once they find out. Like it's happening with uBlock Origin and that Adblock Pro rip-off.

It's not just banners though. Its popups, autoplay videos, random shit as you're scrolling.

You feetards are easy to spot

you'r a stallman argument kid

Fuck off, its botnet.

first post best post

I sometimes get this "stop using ad blocker" when using Links or other browser like that. But it's too dangerous now to use Firefox or other big browser like that. Everyone, even the FBI, is now hacking you constantly.


enjoy having your data sent to informaction then fam

watch out for the b8 master

seems pretty obvious that they want your adblocker disable to track you. it's pretty contradictory to say we don't serve ads and care about you using an adblocker. just looking at the site looks like a how-to on killing white males


Can linuxfags get these viruses? Or is it only retards that browse in su or run Wangblows that catch them?

I'm writing a site now and we're talking about ads. I don't own the business so in the end it's the owner who decides, but I've got heavy say, it's a small start up.

I obviously think ads are a fucking joke. The site provides a pretty cool service, or it will eventually when I finish the fucking thing, but the idea is constantly floated

"how about an ad here, or there, ads on the left side, the right side, above and below content".

I fight against it as much as I can, but sites have to make money. I'm not writing this for some non-profit/charity/scam.

I've managed to keep blanket ad-sense ads off the site. If ads are to be there the idea is self-hosted ad's, like 8ch does. Ad-sense blanket ads pay shit anyway, I don't know why sites add them.

I don't know what the stats are, but a good 75% of the internet probably blocks ads, and the 25% that are dumb enough to still have them show, you could have 500k views a month and make $10.

I don't know what the trade off is, luckily our business plan here isn't 100% ad based, if it was, fuck it wouldn't work at all. What's the alternative, a paywall? It better be some damn good content.

whatever virus it's pushing has to be written for linux right off the bat, exploiting something there. These are 0-days. Trying to secure userland out of the box in linux is a pain in the ass, but linux still gets the security through obscurity bonus, less and less though.

Privacy and security are two different things though. Running code and pulling your ip when you've got it setup for Tor are two different things.