Google Removes “Fake News” That Black People “Commit More Crimes”

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Look, I hate Google as much as any non-retard does, but if you are going to post the right-wing equivalent to Gawker as a source, I'm just gonna laugh at you.

The source was The Guardian you butthurt shitskin

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Soruce sasy the removed search suggestions of black and islamic people being bad, not that they removed search results.

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Jesus user, cover your shame.


I called you a shitskin, not black

Since google isn't just delivering what the user asks for but actively removing certain content doesn't that mean they are responsible for the content?

Also, how is niggers committing more crimes news? Everyone knows it's true even though the White statistics are inflated because of "white" spics.

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I still get this in the first result
Some evidence as to why they would do it, if they did truly censor their shit.

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should have never abandoned the Googles meme. I loved taking a big steaming shit on (((their))) brand

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This is the future.

Could've predicted this shit months ago.

When did InfoWars become so based?

why am I not surprised


While I can see why people are worried, part of me thinks they're removing stuff like this

(follow the link, you'll see how they got the number and why it's laughable)
Or the infowars article with the millions of undocumented immigrants voting. (their source was a tweet. a tweet).

For all we know, the article could be removing links not based on what the articles say, but how shitty the website is. And sites like infowars often post really stupid shit.

OP proves Holla Forums is more cancer than technology

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Good argument

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except that pizzagate is horseshit

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
Don't visit it then, retard.

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