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Halp Holla Forums, how can I create a a linux bzimage file which is larger than the one im basing it off of? I have the .img file for a Cisco Virtual Wireless LAN Controller and I want to install VMware Tools on it. I've managed to extract and reinject a cpio of the initramfs to it, and it works fine as long as it is smaller than the original, and I pad it with null bytes to make it the same size the original file. It however does not work if the cpio of the new initramfs is larger than the original. What do I have to edit to make this work? Pic related.

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I don't really understand what's your problem. Care to rephrase or give more details?

Is there any place that has good documentation of the file format of these image files.

In my pic, you see the part at the bottom which says initramfs? I want to make this bigger to include more stuff. I have made it smaller successfully, so long as I pad the gzip file with null bytes to make it the same size as the original. But it doesnt work if the gzip file isnt the same size as the original.

Find a bigger original file and inject it all into that.

Because this is a retarded and they dont exist. VMware Tools pretty much doubles the size of the vWLC image

If I understand this right you are shit out of luck. Because K3 is hardcoded.

Unless of course you manage to modify K3 in the firmware.

The russian translation is uselss and wrong for the current version as there is a footer for the file at the top of the pic. Anyways you tards, i'm looking for a description of the file format. i've already determined all the offsets, and previously said i got this to work with smaller files like he did with enabling root. the file size is stored somewhere there, and i dont want to go through the entire fucking kernel source code to figure out where

and no shit is it hard coded, i've already stated that it is. i want to know at what offset it would be hard coded at so i can change it.

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See the OP, since it only works if it is a exact since, you should be able to infer that the value is hard coded if you're not a tard.

exact size

Is this what you were looking for?
Literally wikipedia

you're welcome, bitch

wikipedia doesnt have a description of the file format

i said previously i want documention, not sifting through source code or make scripts

My only foray into making my own initramfs is manually copying the files I needed into a LFS directory structure (busybox, udevd, dmcrypt and dependent so libs), writing a simple 100-line init script and then specifying the root path for CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE in my .config file before building the kernel.

Modifying an existing bzImage is out of my scope.

Why don't just rebuild the kernel from source for your LAN controller and copy the necessary files from the pre-existing cpio into your new initramfs?

Because the source code isnt easily available? Its a commercial product which costs a lot and I dont legitimately own.

I'm not even sure what version it is. And the initramfs contains proprietary products. And I generally avoid using linux so fuck if I know how to do this if it is more involved that ./configure; ./make. It would probably take me a similar amount of time to sift through the Makefiles/source code to figure out of the offsets as it would to figure out how to properly build this from source even assuming I could get the source code from Cisco.

Googling Cisco Linux Source Code returns really only a single relevant result in the first few pages to a 13 year old forum post on Cisco's site of someone asking for the code and never getting a response from Cisco.

They've been sued before over GNU GPL license violations, and supposedly had a "Free Software Director" appointed to fix this, but i cant find any info on who this person is.

My Cisco Virtual Wireless LAN Controller, Prime Infrastructure and Adaptive Security Appliance all run Linux but on the downloads page, there is no source available for any of it. And since I dont pay them thousands of dollars a year for a support contract, I really cant do much to harass them about it.


As I said I rarely use linux

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They refuse to provide it if you dont pay them thousands of dollars a year for a support contract. Further more the pajeets working there are so retarded that they think vWLC or Prime Infrastructure are hardware products.>Because the source code isnt easily available?

If it uses gzip compression then why is it called a bzImage and not a gzImage?

bz has nothing to do with bzip, the b stands for big



Slowly getting somewhere

Jesus christ, Cisco has so many H1Bs they had to get other companies to give them even more

Keep pushing here please.

Your work here gets the Stallman Seal of Approval.

I hate H1Bs so fucking much. Why do companies even hire them? They can't do shit. Their "security team engineers" dont even know what the fuck source code is, and just provide me links to download the binaries.

It seems as if the rank and file of Cisco is purely H1Bs, and when they run out of visas they just open an office in India.

apparently it is too much to ask of them to maintain a FTP repository, and will take two business weeks to figure out where the source is

14 days later...
Good luck though, Cisco jumped the shark a while ago.

They got sued by the FSF before and lost over their Linksys division. I also emailed about compliance and finally got a response back at the start when I was first dealing with TAC, and them demanding I have a service contract.

technically they settled, by making a contribution to the FSF and appointing someone to manage this

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Thanks to I found this, OP check it out:
There is contact info in there for that free software office at Linksys, maybe they could shortcut you to the right place in Cisco. It's pretty old though.

After several days Cisco finally was able to figure out what email address is responsible for source code requests. see

mfw I was just going off the last pic where it seemed like they didn't know what you were talking about

bumping to keep this alive for when cisco eventually responds

still no response


Maybe they are too busy finding a loo in which to poo.

The pajeet from before asked me if I ever got a response. Still no, technically they have till just after christmas.


did pajeet come through?

still not yet

Aparently my request requires a "specialized team" who has a "very large amount of requests", which I can only assume are the developers in pajeetland, and they would rather work on the product that fulfill GPL requests.

Translation: this problem actually requires thought and English language proficiency, so we need to call the one Western guy in our company but he's on holiday right now because Christmas/New Years.

Also Cisco is basically in year-end shut down right now too so don't expect any help from anybody until next week.

Maybe giving a tipoff would speed things up?

ill give them some more time. before im a dick about it, as the other user said, it is the holidays, even if pajeet isnt christian.

In other news after standing up this wireless LAN controller, I found out how much interference in the 2.4ghz band there is.


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i also have pic related. VMware desperately wants to get in touch with Adolf Hitler and wonders why keep ons ignoring the emails for their sales reps.

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Still nothing. I'm going to file a complaint soon if pajeet cant manage to stop shitting in the street long enough to send me the sauce code

go complain to Linus or whatever fag came up with it, not me


Now it seems like the people responsible for Cisco's open source requests are just ignoring my emails. I'll give it a couple more days before I filed a complaint with the FSF and Linux Kernel people.


im committed at this point to getting the source from Cisco

So does anyone have any good resources to report GPL violations to? I still have nothing from these kikes.

fucking do it, let these cunts taste the hate

One last email. I can only assume it will be ignored too.

So besides the FSF and Linux Foundation Open Compliance Program, can any of you fags think of anyone else to complain to?

The Pajeet from before just told me to contact Julio's team lead which should have been included in the initial email. But of course it wasnt.

You should also email RMS about it. He'll probably tell you to contact the FSF, but if he knows about your complaint, he might be able to throw his considerable weight behind it.

still nothing

I doubt you gonna any source code from this company. They certainly really have bad track record in doing business, and possibly reeks with corruption in corporate level. Last time, they were a big supporter of hillary clinton campaign. I've also read an article about the them that they even have history on working with NSA providing backdoor for their product. I'm not making this things up, you can read it more over the wiki.

From the snowden leaks the NSA had backdoor they could load in to ASAs which use Linux and is one of the products I requested the source code to. Do you really think it is beyond their capability to write their own backdoor for Linux?

Go post your fucking source or stfu.

I sent an email to their general counsel. If we're not making progress by next week, complaints to the FSF and Linux Foundation will commence.

Well that was quick

Soon says the layer


Well contrary to the kikes assertion that it would happen "hopefully as soon as tomorrow" it didnt. Personally I hope I get to BTFO him with complaints to the two foundations and Cisco gets sued again.

I hope they don't reconsider whether to use OSS in the future if that does happen.

Well I got something today. Surprisingly it was in a google drive link rather than something hosted on But it was not nearly near complete. Even though in my initial email to Julio I told him that it the request was for 3 products, he is now claiming that my request was for a single product. I'm getting some where... albeit at a glacial pace. I guess i'll give them a little more time, and send another obnoxious email to their legal jews next week if they dont send it this week.

lol they wont. Both the ASA and vWLC are product lines they acquired when they bought out other companies. There is so much legacy code there that I dont see them doing a complete re-do of it all. If they wanted to write something from scratch they probably wouldn't have bought out those companies in the first place, or would have done so in the past decade.

It looks like Cisco Legal is now monitoring all my communications with them.


The eternal Pajeet strikes again. I do find it funny that he previously blamed Christmas and New Years on the delay when only 2.3% of India is Christian. Something makes me think it isn't a holiday that most offices are closed for over there. And according to wikipedia Indian New Years day isnt on Jan 1st:'s_days

mfw this thread

Still true, though.