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What are some programming languages easier than Python?

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Please pull a trigger. There is a sticky that you obviously couldn`t/ can`t be arsed to see.
Also I know by responding I have eaten your bait, however if this crap isn't appossed it will become the new norm.

Oh, okay.

Lua is simpler and its syntax in more English and less colons. Also whitespace isn't a part of Lua's its syntax. lua.org/pil/contents.html use that to learn Lua. Also, what makes you want an easier language and what makes python too hard? Maybe you just need better learning material if you are struggling because python is pretty easy, albeit strange in some ways.

Old BASIC dialect, like the ones that came with 8-bit computers, and BASICA/GW-BASIC that came with IBM PC and clones.
Those are really the easiest to get started with, because everything is direct (no bullshit fancy ivory tower constructs) and the language is limited to only the basics (heh). If you needed more, you just coded up a machine language subroutine, which was a really nice way to learn the computer in-depth. Not like today, where you're living insie a walled garden all the time, with a nanny OS that slaps you down if you stray from the "safe" path. How can anyone have fun in this CIA NIGGER prison is a mystery to me.

Python isn't really "easy", just forgiving.

Pretty much every programming language gives you the same tools to do your job. just learn about them and you'll be able to learn pretty much anything.
Start off with the idea of assignment, and different types of data. If you want you can look into how it's stored in binary or whatever but unless you're learning C that isn't important.
Move on to conditions. If something is true then do x, otherwise y. That sort of thing.
From there move on to loops. For every value in this sequence of numbers do x. While y is true do x. This is how you get the computer to do lots of work.
Then there's data structures. Arrays, linked lists and other such things. Programs are transformations of data, and you need to store that data conveniently

Once you can do all that go back to Python, or try another language. It'll all click. Until then google all that stuff until you're satisfied.
Also there are two websites that quickly go through code in a convenient way. Look up learnxinyminutes and rosetta code. Once you see enough code things start to make sense, and those sites have lots of code in different programming languages.

Commodore BASIC is so easy its legitimately fun to use. Granted BASIC isn't terribly useful, but its such a fucking joy to program with. We need to bring classic BASIC back because it would make for a fantastic rudimentary scripting language

It's potentially as useful as any other language. Some BASIC dialects are very limited out of the box, but in many cases you can make libraries or whatever. Here's a popular game where the tools were made in GFA BASIC:
Thalion's game Amberstar also used same language for game editor, etc.

Try C++.
We studied it in university, even the weakest students became able to write something in it.
A good start is "C++ in 21 days" book.

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C++ is odd in that it's actually pretty easy to pick up, but it's definitely a Bell curve when it comes to increasingly advanced topics and APIs, moreso than other languages.

I home this is bait. C++ is one of the worst choices for a beginner, it's nearly impossible to explain to a beginner how anything but the simplest stuff actually works and, and anything that actually uses C++ (read "templates") and not just "C with classes" will produce errors that can be hardly understood by a beginner.

C is small and relatively simple, so it's not that hard to know and understand pretty much the whole language. Much better if you intend on actually learning programming. Also UNIX-like OSes are great IDEs.

They actually teach at universities, unrelated with cs, as their programming course. I have no idea why, probably so as to look good on a resume.

Other than that it extremely stupid to use a multi paradigm language for your first one.

OP can you refer to the problems you have with python. As in what is the exact thing you have difficulty with.

We need to know what your problem with Python is before we can help you further. Python is easy in the sense that it does a lot of "book-keeping" for you, i.e. automatic memory management and dynamic typing.

If the sheer size of the language is the problem I'd say go for C. C doesn't do the bookkeeping for you, but the language is fairly small and so it's easy to learn it. The lack of bookkeeping however means that it won't protect your from your own mistakes. But maybe that suits you better, I don't know.

Python is already as easy as it gets. It's easier than giving instructions to a human. What exactly is your problem?

You do not know what an IDE is, right?

I think that after you learn the very basics of programming, just how it works, it isn't about it being easy. It's about if it's worth it to go deep into that language, and about your actual skills and thinking, are you smart enough to make what you want to make.

kek, it's like you want him to fail

I meant it more in a metaphorical sense, than strict description. If you go by the literal meaning of the abbreviation, UNIX-like OSes with standard set of tools fit it pretty well, even though they're not IDEs in the usual sense.

C is a simple language. It's also a stupid language that will do what you tell it to do. In some ways that's actually better because it makes you think about what you are doing. C++ on the other hand has grown so big that it really isn't suitable for beginners.

That's how you get kids unable to use anything with manual memory management or "What? I have to make a hash table myself? How do I do that?".

Learn bash shell scripting.
If you aren't familiar with the CLI, you'll want to be.
All the resources & documentation you could want:

If you like video, search jewtube.

I wouldn't call C a stupid language. Probably just a naive language. A stupid language will take what you tell it to do and filter it through a bunch of things trying to work out what you want to do, then do that, completely missing the mark on what you told it to do. A naive language will just do what you tell it because it doesn't know better.

But yeah, C++ is definitely a pain in the ass for beginners. Using a std::list with only a class declaration will result in about a dozen error messages through a variety of standard library header files, and failing to close a namespace will result in >10k lines of errors. Or, if you're like me, you'll include gl3w.h and get errors going into a custom installed LLVM header when they try to include windows.h. Fuck Windows.

You mean, assembler, C and C++?
Or some other languages too? (where are they?)

Pascal is probably a better choice than C, since it's less error-prone.
If you really want to start at low-level, then assembly language is the best choice, but avoid x86 or other complicated architecture. 6502, 8080, and other old stuff is much better to start with.

I think the errors can be useful in teaching that computers are really naive, and they just do what the instructions you give tell it to do. Starting with a high level language, and then branching into both low level to show all the stuff that the language does for you, and very high level to show that very smart people have solved many of the problems you're likely to run into.

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