Weaponizing tech thread

For legally defensible situations
Good times


that line made me kek
I have nothing else to add but wish I did

Lol that reminds me of something we did during my EE study:

I'm pretty sure he felt that one as he jumped and dropped it very quickly. Didn't throw shit at us after that.
At that point the student-assistant told us that while it was funny, we should probably stop throwing things.

Later we heard someone in the lab next to us with the same assignment got kicked out of the lab for turning on his (basic, low power and completely harmless) circuit without supervision, thus breaking the lab's safety regulations. I think we were very lucky to get away with this.

I whipped a guy with a coaxial cable once. Apparently it really hurts.
I imagine you could use one of those butane soldering irons as a shitty hot knife. it's a bit low-tech but the ol' spicy capacitor is too obvious and you can't assault someone with a programming language.


What about Brainfuck?

Your uni sucks.
We get 24 hour unsupervised access to the lab.
Its not uncommon for people to be in there at 4 in the morning trying to meet project deadlines.

You fucking retard. Just 12V DC can kill you if you maintain it long enough across the chest. The reason you didn't kill them with fucking 80v is because you didn't use capacitors large enough to supply current for more than millisecond. You should be thanking god you didn't have access to a large electrolytic capacitor at the time.


I enjoyed your stories anons

You almost would have been charged with murder, even small caps can kill you.


Now I cant wait to start Mechatronics pls no bully classes.


pls no I don't have time to catch up on electroboom videos

I am going to do Mechatronics next year at uni.
Why would someone bully you for it?
Should I change to another engineering speciality?

Javascript says otherwise

I've never seen anybody bullied for it.You have to do a bunch of physical stuff in addition to electrical stuff, and eventually you need to take control systems courses and that shit is crazy. Pic related.

The control systems stuff is some of the most interesting stuff I've done. So many uses for it too, although when you get into the more advanced stuff shit starts getting crazy. Only other stuff that I found equally interesting/hard was neural networks/genetic algorithms, but I'm probably just retarded wrt them.

I think one of the coolest things I learned in control systems was the mathematical parallels between electrical models and physical models, how the differential equations for mechanical systems with a spring is basically the same thing as the ones for electrical circuits with inductors.

the only issue with it is that 400 volts aren't enough to penetrate clothing, so you need to use sharp nails for the electrode or something

user, I don't think 45 volts can breakdown skin
unless you penetrated his skin with the nails

It is fucking cool, isn't it? How the universe is all tied together n shiet

So fucking glad I'm not on cuckchan where I'd be legitimately worried about that.

There was a flat-earther shitting up /sci/ here for awhile. He's gone now, though.

I don't know, it doesn't seem all that impressive to me. Since really what happens behind the scenes is that you are connecting a bunch of simple equations together. Finding an equivalence between different physic branches is just about finding the correct isomorphism given the formulas. The impressive thing could be that they follow very simple mathematical concepts, that's why you can connect them together so easily.

feel kinda bad about it, but they were such bullshit... every project or homework i had a friend do them for me, he was good at it and seemed to enjoy it.

'A scholar is always made alone, and sober. Studies can be pursued to good purpose only by yourself.' -John Adams, 2nd President of the United States of America

Here this one is good. Start by building your own power supply and then use it to run all of the other shit you build.

I really like that quote. Thanks user.


I lost it at *coil whine*