This can't be good

this can't be good

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Yeesh. Is that a leak of some kind or is it biological?

it just appeared there. it seems to have just "bursted" out of the capacitors, it solidified and it looks like the ghost in the ghostbusters logo.

doubt it


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the computer using that PSU doesn't even boot, as soon as you turn it on it shuts itself off, so i thought the caps had bursted out, but says its ok. i can't figure the problem out

gotta be honest, the last time i opened a PSU that didn't boot like that, the leaked stuff was brown.

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That stuff didn't leak from the caps, it's just some shitty glue against vibrations. Proper electronics use flexible silicone while Chinese crap uses rock-hard glue shit.

Besides, caps don't just leak from the sides, the grooves on the top will be the first to break when the caps bursts.


I heard it's some sort of heat sink. It's used allot in TV power supplies so I assume it would be used on desktop ones too

Its a shock absorber like others have said. High voltage electrical devices tend to create oscillating magnetic fields that vibrate them

thats glue that's not a leak.

it's silastic u dip

It's over for you fam.

yeah, figured by the other 10 posts telling me so. thanks Holla Forums, now i know

its a chinese generic PSU, i built a shitty pc for my mum to browse facebook and play windows mahjong in but it stopped working (shuts off as soon as you press the power button). all i can figure is that its a faulty PSU because everything else in the mobo is fine, no shorts going on or any blown caps, and i've had this problem before with yet another chinese generic PSU, 'cept this one had brown stuff around the big caps when it stopped working.

I find it better to just spend that little extra money and get a supply with Japanese caps, this way you don't have to keep taking time out to fix shit. Cheap PSUs can cause all kinds of random issues; the best being dirty power, the worst being killing other components.

OP the inside of capacitors doesn't look like that. It looks like nasty black sludge, and with caps that big there would be a nice loud pop and a bunch of debris.

You would think that, but every electrolytic cap I have blown up has been a case-base separation. I have never seen one burst where the groves in the top are.

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changed the PSU, checked and made sure there were no shorts, quadruple checked the caps in the motherboard, made sure all the PSU connectors were in place, and still no go. the computer won't turn on for more than a second.

think its time to give up, bite the bullet, and take it to a repair store

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pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to lick your paws
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