New Inter Kaby Lake CPU's benched


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6800k master race


get on my level peasant

It only cost me $260.

my 6800k cost ~$400
and i will always have 2 more cores than u :^)

Should have waited, they're on sale for $330.

i know, i'm impatient as fuck


I hit the 60s with a Noctua NH-D15 and factory clocked 6700k when running AVR benches like prime95. Would you need liquid nitrogen to do the same with a 7700k ultra and not have it hit the throttle?

err AVX

This just makes me more excited for Zen

That $300m cultural enrichment investment is really paying off, huh?

That's why my next machine will likely be all AMD.

Good I wonder what flops means

Why are your benchmarks so bloated?
Can you make a simple benchmark please?

amd comfy cores edition here we come, can't wait!

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just post em

the original or this one?
I guess both make no sense if not for those three words you can chant

Is that chipboard? I'm interested in getting a cameo 3 but would want to cut chipboard with it often.


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Okay, but if you ever want a resized (downsized anyway) image, it's a very simple process (as long as the aspect ratio is the same, which it is here - 16:9) Simply open the image in Paint or other basic image modification program - click "Image" on the menu -> resize/stretch/skew -> switch to pixels and make sure the keep aspect ratio box is checked -> enter the size you want and voila. Remeber to Save as, not simply save if you don't want to lose the original image.

Seek help, go out and do things to occupy your time, find new goals in life. It can be anything, from "hey I like bread. Let's fucking buy bread" to "I'm going back to school to get my degree blah blah".

I made a shitty gaming YouTube channel. It's nothing special and I'm not trying to be the next Markiplier or whatever, but making videos gives me a goal and it's fun to play games and edit my videos.

Just focus on doing things that make you happy as much as possible.

I guess real life isn't animu after all...

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